‘Space Force’ Shrinks in House Proposal

A bipartisan amendment would trim several generals from the new space-focused component.

Surprise Inspections Reveal Widespread Violations at Immigrant Detention Facilities

Poor conditions add to the expanding list of crises caused by the influx of migrants at the souther border.

Incoming and Outgoing Congressional Budget Office Chiefs Praise Staff for Independence

Agency’s culture is “fearless” in producing scores and not worrying about the political consequences, outgoing director Keith Hall says.

House Appropriators Propose 3.1% Civilian Pay Raise for 2020, Reject OPM-GSA Merger

Initial version of the general government spending bill ignores President Trump’s request for a pay freeze.

House Appropriators Take Aim at Some of the Pentagon’s Most Ambitious Tech Ideas

The new Congress is cold on many of the Pentagon’s most elaborate projects and plans.

Democrats Critical of President Trump's Supplemental Budget Request

Letter to House Speaker Pelosi seeks movement of funds for homeland security, moon launch.

The New Hunt for Moon Money

The Trump administration has asked Congress for more funding to meet a very ambitious deadline.

CBO: Space Force Could Cost $3B Up Front, $1.3B Annually

The new independent analysis comes as lawmakers weigh the creation of a new branch of the military.


House Budget Plan Preserves Feds’ Retirement Programs

If approved, the resolution would set up a fight with the Senate over whether to implement the Trump administration’s plans to cut federal employee pensions.

House Democrats Attack Interior’s 'Ill-Advised' Reorg Plan

Geological survey chief defends efficiencies that "make it easier to do business."

Trump's Top Budget Official Defends 2020 Pay Freeze to Congress

OMB chief pledges to work with agencies to develop performance and mission-based pay plans.

Trump Administration Outlines How the OPM-GSA Merger Would Work

The White House plans to move the portions it can transfer administratively this year, while retirement and health care offices will have to wait until 2020 and for legislation.

Science and Environmental Spending Make Conspicuous Targets in Trump Budget

Leader of key academic group says plan "would derail our nation’s science enterprise."