The New Shows What’s Possible For Government Tech After the Disaster

Expect to see more Silicon Valley–style site design in Washington, DC.

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Pentagon Wants More Money for Lasers To Defend Against Missiles, Drone Swarms

Directed-energy weapons are with a factor of two or three to being militarily useful, the Pentagon’s top scientist said.

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Pentagon Researchers Test 'Worst-Case Scenario' Attack on U.S. Power Grid


Over 100 people gathered off the tip of Long Island this month to roleplay a cyberattack that takes out the U.S. electric grid for weeks on end.

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Nextgov Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen

Kirstjen Nielsen’s Ugly Legacy at Homeland Security

Nielsen’s future will be decided “shortly."


How Wearables Could Help NIH Fight Cancer

The agency aims to better monitor and personalize treatments for chronic conditions using the health data the gadgets collect.


Survey: Most Employees Unaware of Travel Security Threats

A lot of employees are flouting common security measures while traveling.


Government Contractors Face New Data Breach Disclosure and Investigation Requirements

A planned rule would require contractors to save images of breached systems and allow agencies access.


Election Security Tested

Federal agencies raced to secure vulnerable systems in time for the 2018 midterms, but the job’s not done.


Miss Out on SEC’s $2.5 Billion IT Contract? Here’s a Second Chance.

The commission wants to add more small businesses to its massive ONE IT contract after announcing awards just last month.


DHS and Pentagon Memo Details Future Cyber Cooperation

The memorandum of understanding comes after the Defense Department prepared to help the Homeland Security Department repel Election Day cyberattacks.


DISA Plans to Award More Than $27.5B in IT Contracts Next Year

An analysis of contract opportunities announced at the Forecast to Industry gives an idea of how much one defense agency plans to spend on IT.


VA’s $16 Billion E-Health Record Overhaul is Already $350 Million Over Budget

Just six months into the project, VA’s most important modernization effort is getting more expensive.

Nextgov Autodesk's concept lander

NASA Collaborated With Autodesk To Design A New Interplanetary Lander

Figuring out a way to explore distant moons requires some creative thinking.