One Year Later, NASA Still Doesn't Have a New Administrator

An interim director is steering the ship, but the delay between administrations is unprecedented.

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Even Short Government Shutdowns Impact Contractors


Prolonged funding lapse could have a significant impact on companies' cash flow and their employees' paychecks.

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Design a Long-Haul Drone And Win Up to $320,000


A National Institute of Standards and Technology contest wants the drone that can haul the most for the longest flight time.

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White House Says All Feds Should Expect to Return to Work Tuesday

Three-day shutdown only led to a half-day furlough for most non-excepted feds.


Massive Reduction in FBI Cyber Crime Takedowns Was Result of Definition Change

Stricter guidelines on what counts as a disruption or dismantlement led to a 10X reduction.


Agencies Become Anti-Social Amid Shutdown

The Transportation Security Agency will still answer weird travel questions on Twitter though.


How to Recycle Your Old Tech

Almost everything can be recycled. Even that mysterious cord that goes to nothing.


Edward Snowden Is Campaigning Against the World’s Largest Biometric ID Program

Aadhaar, India’s 12-digit unique identification number program that has been under fire for its security and privacy systems.

Nextgov enate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.

Russian Twitterbots Are Blaming the US Shutdown on Democrats

In the last 48 hours, Russia-linked Twitter accounts tweeted #schumershutdown more than any other hashtag.


Senate Sends Bill to Reopen Government to the House

Government shutdown expected to end just hours after agencies sent employees home.


A Shutdown Smorgasbord for Tired Techies

Amazon's turning to artificial intelligence to get rid of store lines while YouTube is still tuning its algorithms to flag objectionsable content.


What Happens to Astronauts During a Government Shutdown?

How NASA scales down to a skeleton crew when Congress misses a big budget deadline

Nextgov The U.S. Capitol Building as night falls in Washington, Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018 and Congress continues to negotiate during the second day of the federal government shutdown.

Shutdown Continues Into a Third Day

In the shutdown's shadow, Congress also renewed controversial internet spying powers.