Navy Enterprise Service Desk: Modernizing Navy Services With Advanced Cloud-Based AI

How the Navy Enterprise Service Desk Has Modernized Customer Service, Allowed Personnel to Remain Mission Focused

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As Navy personnel work both at sea and ashore to defend the nation, they require advanced capabilities and technologies to get the information and services they need, whenever and wherever they need them, so they can remain mission-focused in an ever-evolving battlespace. 

In a necessary effort to transform key systems and better support their user community, the Navy Program Executive Office for Digital and Enterprise Services, the Navy’s enterprise-wide technology acquisition arm, partnered with General Dynamics Information Technology, Inc (GDIT), a leading IT service management company, to create the U.S. Navy Enterprise Service Desk (NESD)

“This work is so important and foundational to the Navy’s overall modernization efforts,” said Travis Dawson, NESD program manager at GDIT. “We are thrilled to be a part of the Navy’s continued technological modernization in support of essential missions around the world and across its oceans.”

Leveraging Automation Technologies to Better Support Personnel 

The two organizations have evolved the Navy’s Tier 1 IT service desks from 90 human-centered, subject matter expert-based services desks to a single, powerful knowledge-based solution that leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics and natural language processing to create an adaptable solution. With each transaction, the system grows “smarter,” learning to better understand and anticipate the needs of customers the more it interacts with them. 

Hosted in a secure AWS GovCloud IL4 cloud environment — with plans to eventually expand to an IL6 environment to accommodate classified service desk and technology support up to the Secret level — the NESD provides centralized information technology services to thousands of Sailors, Marines, civilians, and their support systems across the globe. 

Secure automation and analytic technology speeds resolution by pinpointing information, allowing teams to predict and mitigate issues before they can ever become problematic. The technology solution also reduces costs for the Navy, optimizes service delivery and drive efficiencies, all while simplifying and optimizing the overall user experience.

Moreover, NESD features 24/7/365 technical troubleshooting, self-service, standardized tools, reporting and more. Later this year, the NESD program will also introduce Amelia, a virtual AI agent capable of resolving customers issues by searching the knowledge base, troubleshooting and creating without the involvement of a live representative. 

Creating a Lasting Impact 

According to Dawson, this initiative not only serves as a critically important step for the Navy to continue to accelerate its adoption of more efficient and effective IT support across the Navy Systems Commands, but is also pivotal in the branch’s efforts to infuse advanced industry technology into its operations. 

“The entire effort aligns with the Navy’s strategic goals around bringing its infrastructure to parity with industry best practices,” he said. “Driving capabilities and outcomes that deliver a competitive advantage; and enabling the Navy to “defend forward” with robust information protection and analysis capabilities.” 

Ultimately, this service desk transformation drives faster, more productive outcomes that will enable Sailors, Marines and civilians to get back to the mission. 

Learn more about GDIT’s work to create and launch the NESD.

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