Senators Unveil Bill to Ban Agencies from Spending at President’s Properties

Trump’s hotel profits prompt more legislation as court cases advance.

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Play of the Day: Trump's United Nations Speech

The president doubled down on a nickname for Kim Jong-un and stumbled over a few key words.

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Senators Want Heads to Roll After Postal Service Underestimates Delayed Mail by 2 Billion Pieces

Lawmakers cite report finding employees intentionally misrepresented statistics.

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Play of the Day: A Trump Twitter Tradeoff

Trevor Noah's staff made some GIFs for the president to use, assuming he can keep making deals.

Play of the Day: Colbert Knocks Trump at the Emmys

Stephen Colbert chided the awards for not honoring the president for his reality TV work.

Diplomats Cheer State Dept. Spending Bill That Rejects Trump Cuts

“Now is not the time for retreat,” says Foreign Service association.

This Is the Way Cassini Ends

As the spacecraft prepared to plunge into Saturn, the mission's longest-serving members remembered its years-long journey.

Play of the Day: Testing Out the Wall

After an on-again, off-again DACA deal, there are questions about the border.

Play of the Day: More From Hillary Clinton's Book

The former State Department chief has plenty of stories to tell.

Smoke rises from a chemical plant in Texas following Hurricane Harvey. The EPA office that deals with such hazards is slated for budget cuts.

Union: Proposed EPA Budget Cuts Would Hurt 'Bread and Butter' Services Like Disaster Response

Initiatives related to climate change or other hot button topics aren't the only ones on the chopping block, labor and environmental leaders warn.

Play of the Day: Reading the Storybook Version of 'What Happened'

With shades of A.A. Milne, Jimmy Kimmel has a version of Hillary Clinton's recently released book.

House Slated to Debate Air Traffic Control Privatization As Deadline Looms

Congress must reauthorize FAA by end of September, and the Senate may not be on board with wholesale changes.