EPA’s Criminal Enforcement Numbers Are Dropping Under Pruitt

Advocacy group compares staff sizes against administrator’s personal security.

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Senate Intervenes on Behalf of IG After VA Questions the Watchdog's Authority

Senate votes 96-0 in favor of inspector general after VA's acting secretary told IG to pipe down.

Vacancy-Plagued Chemical Safety Board Gets Interim Chair

Citing family duties, Sutherland departs as staff of 40 shrinks to 32.


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On Politics Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross straightens his papers during a Senate Finance Committee hearing on tariffs on Wednesday.

Analysis: Corruption in the Trump Administration Is Spreading

While petty scandals like Scott Pruitt’s grab attention, there are more egregious and profitable conflicts of interest elsewhere in Washington.

Play of the Day: Melania Trump Visits The Border

She spoke to children and wore a jacket with a message.

Play of the Day: Where Can Kirstjen Nielsen Eat In Peace?

Mexican is out. So is Carl's Jr. Probably Hooters, too.

Play of the Day: Did The Flag Consent to That Hug?

President Donald Trump showed some affection toward Old Glory again.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., is one of four Democratic lawmakers calling for an investigation into VA's implementation of a law aimed at reforming the department.

Lawmakers Call for an Investigation Into Discipline at VA

Senators say VA is out of compliance with a 2017 law and enforcing it unfairly.

Federal Judge Consolidates Lawsuits on Workforce Executive Orders, Schedules Hearing

Federal employee unions will rescind motions for preliminary injunctions against the orders’ implementation in exchange for requests for summary judgment.

Sen. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., took the lead on the letter.

45 Senate Democrats Demand That Trump Rescind Workforce Executive Orders

Recent executive orders on firing, unions “undermine the foundations of our civil service system.”

Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., said he was pleased the subcommittee backed a "well-deserved" raise for federal civilians.

Senate Appropriators Ignore Trump's Proposed Pay Freeze, Back 1.9% Raise for Feds

The pay boost, approved by a Senate subcommittee, marks the first pushback in Congress to President Trump’s plan to freeze federal civilian employee pay in 2019.

Play of the Day: Defining the Word 'Cage'

A chain link fence isn't a cage. It's just a type of wall.

Play of the Day: President Trump is Making America Some New Friends… And Enemies

Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron are too hot to be Trump's friend, but Kim Jong-un is just right.