IRS Privatization Program for Collecting Tax Debts Triples Profits in 2019

The new revenue is helping IRS hire, but critics warn program is targeting nation's most vulnerable taxpayers and lagging behind projections.

Congress Moves to Block OPM-GSA Merger

A provision in the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act would first require an independent study of the challenges facing the Office of Personnel Management.

Why When You Eat Might Be as Important as What You Eat

An NIH-funded study showed that participants who limited daily food intake to a 10-hour period lost on average 3 percent of their weight and about 3 percent of their abdominal fat.

Democratic Senators Urge Social Security to Restore Telework

Lawmakers ask the agency to reconsider its decision to end a 6-year-old pilot program, citing concerns about the burden it places on employees and productivity.

Viewpoint: If the Witnesses Could Exonerate Trump, Why Aren’t They Testifying?

Trump’s defenders suggest that White House aides could exculpate the president—but the evidence suggests otherwise.

Performance Data Has Value Only When It's Used

Government employees learn very early there is an unwritten job description that delimits what they are expected to do.

ACLU Files Suit To Stop Immigration Pilot Programs

The programs deny asylum seekers access to adequate counsel before key interviews with immigration officers, the lawsuit alleges.

Senate Committee Considers Trump’s Deregulation Crusader for Top Regulatory Role

At the same time, one of the administration's key initiatives to cut red tape is being challenged in court.

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Mixing Politics and Procurement Creates a Toxic Brew

If elected officials are allowed to influence government contracting decisions it won’t end well for the public.

Pentagon 'Start-up' Opens Its First Satellite Office

The Defense Digital Service gathers top talent to work on technological projects.

Postal Regulators Lay Out New Proposal to Enable Larger USPS Rate Hikes

Mailers say the new system could create uncertainty and drive customers away from the Postal Service.

EPA, Union Reopen Negotiations After Agency Implements Unilateral Contract

Although the agency has promised to bargain “in good faith” with AFGE officials, the contract that evicted labor representatives from agency office space and gutted telework will remain in effect.

Lawsuit Against Working During Shutdowns Presents a Potential Catch-22

A federal judge ruled it would be too disruptive to stop agencies from forcing employees to work without pay during a lapse in appropriations, but the Trump administration on Wednesday argued the case is now moot because government is open.

Feds Should Prepare Financially for Another Government Shutdown

Here are some ideas to help managers make sure employees are covered during a worst-case scenario.

Court Affirms Agencies Don't Have to Negotiate Over Performance Appraisals

Management can shift the number of appraisal levels without bargaining with unions, court says.