FTC votes to streamline investigations into AI products

In a 3-0 vote, the Federal Trade Commission approved a resolution that will let agency staff issue certain demands when investigating artificial intelligence-based services and products for potential market violations.

White House finalizes rule requiring states to target vehicle pollution

The controversial requirement will almost certainly meet resistance from Republicans both in states and Congress, who question the legal basis for the new rules.

Ahead of busy Thanksgiving travel, improvements to air transportation touted

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg highlighted a low airline cancellation rate, airport upgrades and the hiring of more air traffic controllers. He also cautioned that funding squabbles in Congress could hurt progress.

Stefanik calls for fraud officer to protect veterans from scam in new bill

The New York congresswoman partnered with House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs Chairman Mike Bost, R-Ill., to sponsor new legislation that would create an officer to help warn veterans about potential scam and identity theft schemes. 

Porter reintroduces a bill that would form a natural disaster safety board

The California congresswoman redrafted a bill with Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., to establish an agency to help investigate and mitigate the effects of natural disasters in the U.S.

Federal buildings’ deferred maintenance costs are soaring, GAO says, here’s how agencies can help

The cost of delayed repairs to federal facilities swelled 58% between fiscal 2017 and 2022, and the watchdog said that agencies can be doing more to inform about the backlog. 

USPS looks to raise rates for packages, too

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy continues an aggressive pricing strategy despite concerns over volume losses.

9 times the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers miscalculated badly at the expense of taxpayers and wildlife

The agency has a history of diving into big construction projects that exceed projected costs, fall short on projected benefits and, in some cases, create new problems that engineers hadn’t bargained for.

Biden’s cyber director nominee clears Senate committee

As Biden’s pick for national cyber director — Harry Coker — makes his way through the Senate, the current acting director nears her last day.

VA hopeful boosted staffing can help reduce rising veteran suicides

With the number of veteran suicides climbing in 2021, the department continues to deploy resources and recruit mental health professionals to help provide care.

Congress averts shutdown after Senate approves two-tiered CR

President Biden is expected to sign the measure to keep agencies funded past Friday.

Labor Department calls on states to reevaluate unemployment benefit accessibility

Access to unemployment has been declining and differs drastically across demographic groups. The Labor Department is urging states and territories to do something about it in new guidance.

VA officials reassigned following a House Committee's investigation into harassment allegations

Members of the office tasked with investigating harassment claims have been transferred following an investigation by the House Veterans Affairs Committee into sexual misconduct claims within that office. 

USPS loses $6.5B in FY2023 and says another year in the red is coming

The losses come despite postal management initially projecting it would break even for the year.

Customer satisfaction with the federal government jumps, again

Citizen satisfaction increased almost 3% in 2023, according to the latest data from the American Customer Satisfaction Index.