Delayed Security Clearance Reforms Could Increase Costs for Agencies

Continuous evaluation could remain a pipe dream as cash-strapped agencies get no guidance from the top.

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As Trump Bragged About His Wine, It Was Sold at Shenandoah National Park

An environmental lawyer says the sale could pose a major conflict of interest.

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IG Cites Homeland Security for Abusing Its Power, Blocking Negative Report

One audit finds Trump administration violated court orders when enforcing its initial travel ban.

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Coaching Is About More Than Asking Questions

Goals are key to unlocking the talent around you.

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How Agility Is Driving Government Transformation

Government is notoriously bad at adapting to rapid advances in technology and the shifting expectations of citizens.

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The Reality New Managers Can’t Avoid

It’s hard work, but don’t over complicate it.

Recently retired IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

Retired IRS Chief Koskinen Warns Against Agency Budget Cuts

His only regret about the political targeting fracas is mismanaged communication.

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How to Improve Government Customer Experience

More agencies need to move beyond the basics.

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The Benefits of Small Talk Outweigh Your Fear of Being Awkward

By chatting with a stranger, you are being seen and acknowledged, and your connection to that one person may remind you of your universal connection to other people.

Ingmar Guandique, a documented MS-13 gang member, is escorted by ICE agents in May as he is deported to El Salvador.

Senate Rejects Trump's Request for Immigration Enforcement Hiring Spree

Spending measure would cut TSA screeners, but boost Border Patrol.

Senate Seeks Much Smaller Spending Cuts Than Trump and the House, at Some Agencies

Republicans approve some separation incentives but look to block others.

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'Ask For What You Want and Then Zip It:' Advice For Women Returning To Work After a Career Break

Contrary to popular perception, not all women want to come back part-time after a career break.