Viewpoint: Bill Barr Must Resign

The attorney general is working to destroy the integrity and independence of the Justice Department, in order to make Donald Trump a president who can operate above the law.

Trump's Federal Personnel Point Person to Step Down

Margaret Weichert will leave the White House after nearly three years of pushing an aggressive agenda.

Why Is John Kelly Speaking Out Now?

The former chief of staff is making the case that he spoke truth to power inside the White House. The trouble for him is how many Americans won’t be convinced.

The President’s Management Agenda: A Work in Progress Two Decades On

A look back at the creation of the first PMA and the lessons for leaders today.

The Gig Economy and BLS Surveys

Government does not understand this growing segment of the labor force, and that affects federal pay.

Trump’s Budget Seeks to Increase Funding for the Internal Revenue Service

Staff would grow by a net 1,700 positions from 2020 levels, if $400 million in “cap adjustments” to exceed spending levels in the 2019 budget agreement is included.

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When Bigger Is Better

Validating public policy outcomes is critical, but so is building on the evidence. A new study looks at what’s needed to expand successful programs.

Reduce Stress at Work and Prevent Burnout—a Psychologist Explains How

Tackling burnout is the responsibility of both organizations and their employees.

11 Major Agency Reforms in Trump's 2021 Budget

Some programs would be eliminated or reorganized, others would grow.

White House Budget Gives Election Agency More Funding, But Expert Says It's Not Enough

"A budget should be doubling down on funding [election-related] institutions," the observer argued. 

Civil Rights Groups Join Fight Against EEOC Official Time Proposal

A pair of nonprofit groups said plan to make the right to official time for union representatives subject to collective bargaining agreements lacks "adequate justification" and will harm federal workers.

Hundreds of County Jails Detained Immigrants for ICE

Between 1983 and 2013, the number of immigrants detained in rural county jails has increased.

Trump’s Fiscal 2021 Budget Seeks to ‘Resize’ the Bureaucracy

Among other things, the White House wants to rein in “improper end-of-year spending” by agencies.

How Would Your Agency Fare Under President Trump’s Fiscal 2021 Budget?

All but five major agencies would be slated to receive spending decreases, with many dropping by double-digit percentages.