When Politics and Procurement Mix, The Effects Can Be Deadly

Important components of the pandemic response have bypassed essential rules and protocols, but the problems go beyond the current crisis.

ICE Deported a Woman Who Accused Guards of Sexual Assault While the Feds Were Still Investigating the Incident

The DHS and DOJ inspectors general are investigating allegations that ICE guards assaulted detainees in camera blind spots. DHS instructed ICE not to deport a key witness, then suddenly decided to allow it.

Postal Employees Skeptical as Top Officials Testify They Were 'Appalled' Over Mail Delays

Top brass from USPS headquarters say slowdown was caused by local officials misinterpreting Louis DeJoy's initiatives.

TSP Board Nominees Advance From Committee, But Vote on OPM Nominee Postponed

Senators in both parties last week expressed concerns about OPM director nominee John Gibbs’ fitness for the position in light of Twitter posts that were Islamophobic, anti-LGBT and endorsing debunked satanic conspiracy theories.

Gauge of U.S. Democracy Hits Its Lowest Score Yet

The latest survey results from the political science research project Bright Line Watch are in: U.S. democracy gets just 61 out of 100.

Calls for Investigations, Resignations Ramp Up Over Allegations of Political Interference at Federal Agencies

Democrats are probing potential improper political influence at several different agencies across government.

House Passes Bipartisan Bill to Boost Agencies’ Spending Transparency

Lawmakers of both parties resoundingly support measures to more clearly show the public how agencies spend taxpayer money.

OSHA’s ‘Minuscule’ Coronavirus Citations at Food Processing Plants Alarm Worker Safety Advocates

The Labor Secretary “is sending a message that pork shoulders and steaks are more important than the lives and lungs of working people,” said a former OSHA administrator.

Analysis: The Coming Crisis of Legitimacy

Whether Biden or Trump emerges as the winner, millions of Americans will likely believe that their candidate was robbed.

In Court, USPS Blames Mail Delays on 'Poor Judgment' by Local Supervisors

Top officials deflect criticism away from initiatives implemented by embattled Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

Innovation In Government: What the Transition Teams Should Understand

To get things done in the executive branch, it helps to have a solid plan.

Senate Fails to Pass Coronavirus Bill That Would Have Provided $10B to Postal Service

Negotiations appear stalled after Democrats block measure they say was too narrowly focused.

After Multiple Delays, OPM to Begin Fielding Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

The agency will ask all federal employees to respond to the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey across two six-week waves, meaning most results will not be available to agencies or for public viewing until 2021.

'Perfect Storm' Threatens 'Major Institutional Defeat' for the Census, Top Watchdog Says

The decennial count is ahead of schedule overall, but a condensed schedule and hiring shortfalls are creating significant risks.

Congressional Subcommittees Will Investigate Fort Hood's Leadership After a String of Deaths

"Where appropriate, we intend to seek justice on behalf of those in uniform," the subcommittee chairs said while announcing their probe of the Texas Army base.