Government Executive November 2000 Vol.32, No.13

Answering the call
An excerpt from the new Survivor's Guide for Presidential Nominees .

But can you manage?
A quiz for would-be appointees.

Meet the new Boss
Advice for career executives on dealing with new appointees.

Supply and demand
The Army has turned to the private sector to solve its logistical nightmare of scrapping an aging supply-chain computer system and designing a new one.

Bootstrap business
Leaders of blind and disabled groups who sell goods and services to federal agencies are struggling to adjust to the new federal procurement arena.

Science at the frontier
The National Science Foundation's push for a budget boost could help the United States pull ahead in the race for breakthroughs in research.

Insurance gap
The federal life insurance program may be the largest such program in the country, but it's falling behind more generous and flexible private sector plans.

Special Supplement: Digital Government
It's a slower emergence than Big Bang, but e-gov is developing new ways to interact with federal agencies.



Managing Technology: The privacy debate
Monitoring of Web site users has sparked calls for tougher privacy rules.

Personal Technology: Mobile Jam
The little Blackberry plugs users into e-mail without a phone jack; PopChart displays data on demand.

Management: The power of partnership
Expanding labor-management partnerships beyond the traditional issues.

Management: Turn your listners into leaders
To inspire your managers, forget the presentation; give a leadership talk instead.

Travel: New spending limits From per diem rates to city-pair fares, see how this travel year is shaping up.

Marketplace: Technology alone is not enough
Technology alone is not enough to ensure that contractors are achieving results.


Editor's Notebook: Change isn't in the air
Political World: Physician, heal thyself
The Last Word: Beyond survival

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