The Town Hall Wall (Sidebar to "Reinvention Revolution")

The Town Hall Wall (Sidebar to "Reinvention Revolution")

May 1996


The Town Hall Wall (Sidebar to "Reinvention Revolution")

By James Thompson


ne feature of the reinvention conference was a huge "town hall wall" on which conference participants could post their thoughts. Some of the entries on the wall:

"Set the bar high. Pick out the tough ones. When you solve the hard ones, people will notice [and] support you."

"I am very concerned about what will happen to team members including myself who have had the opportunity to participate in and experience the thrill and responsibility of "empowerment." The feeling shared by all of us is that we will be forgotten by our agencies."

"If no one is questioning you about what you're doing, that means you're probably not doing what you should to create movement toward the changes needed."

"Don't reinvent the wheel; plagiarize and steal everything from best practice success stories. It's a testimony to their success-they'll love the publicity."

"What incentives do stakeholders in the status quo have to reinvent?"

"[My agency has] a truly committed assistant secretary, yet obstructionist SESers."

"Congress is indifferent about performance planning and measurement when making decisions about appropriations."

"Many political appointees just don't get it. They tend to make arbitrary change for unknown reasons."

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