Insider Insights: The Future of Firepower

The firepower dominance once held by the United States has quickly waned. Russian and Chinese developments in artillery and munitions have now closed the gap and renewed concerns about the potential effect of enemy ordinance on U.S. combat operations.  In response to this challenge, the U.S. Army has made long-range precision fires (LRPF) one of the six priorities outlined in its most recent modernization strategy. To shed light on the significance of LRPF, we asked GovExec defense experts for their thoughts on some key questions. 

Download this report to learn more about: 

  • The Army's current LRPF efforts
  • How LRPF efforts might be a game-changer for future conflict
  • How LRPF could provide a strategic advantage amid a conflict in the Indo-Pacific
  • Which LRPF effort is the most important for future conflict


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