Government Inspired: Unlocking the Creative Potential of the Federal Workforce

How happy are federal employees at work? Check out GBC's research report to find out.

At a time when life seems to be imitating science fiction, it’s easy to see why “innovation” is one of the decade’s most ubiquitous buzzwords. But with all the hype, we sometimes lose sight of what it truly means to be innovative: possessing the creativity, drive, and fearlessness to point to something and say, “I can make that better.” This is the precise mentality we want for our government— so exactly how innovative is the federal workplace, and to what extent are employees encouraged to improve it? To answer these questions, Government Business Council and Eagle Hill undertook an in-depth research study on federal workplace culture.

Download this GBC Insight Report to learn:

  • How creatively stimulated federal employees feel
  • How receptive organizations are to employees' ideas
  • How organizations can improve their intake of employee feedback
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