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Government Innovation Series

In GBC’s recent survey of federal employees, we wanted to unpack the buzzword of ‘innovation’ for the federal government, discovering how it happens, what it looks like, and how it could be better. We’ve discussed the findings over several installments of our Innovation Series, now all in one place:

Agencies Aren’t Taking Concrete Steps to Promote Innovation
Government agencies need to innovate all the time in order to solve complex problems as they emerge around the world, but our report reveals that employees might not currently have the tools needed to make this happen.

Many Agencies Aren’t Collecting Data on New Initiatives
There are myriad reasons for government employees to innovate; our respondents told us that the prospects of reduced costs, expedited mission delivery, increased effectiveness, and a commitment to public service are their main drivers. Less clear, however, are the means by which agencies can support innovation. 

Collaboration Can Boost Creativity, But Agencies Aren’t Built For It Yet
We previously discussed the importance of collecting data, monitoring effectiveness, and setting goals for new initiatives. But these aren’t always the most visible features of an agency’s culture. In one of our most interesting findings, respondents say that lack of leadership support, a risk-averse culture, and lack of institutional support are the things that most hinder innovation in their agency.

You can also view the full report for the rest of our findings