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GBC Infographic Library

The Government Business Council, Government Executive's research and analysis division, seeks to bring in-depth research and analysis to federal decision makers. In addition to reports and issue briefs, the Government Business Council regularly publishes infographics, a unique and refreshing way to deliver insightful and impactful research. Below is the complete library of infographics published by the Government Business Council.


Chief Learning Officers: Teaching the Government's Workforce

Federal agencies in the coming year will have to deal with ongoing budget cuts, a graying workforce, and potentially sequestration. Training will be a vital component in agency efforts to overcome these challenges. In the past decade, numerous agencies have created a Chief Learning Officer position or designation, giving that individual significant potential to ensure agency training efforts are of the highest quality and to advance the agency mission. The efforts and successes of these individuals will be central to the success of their agencies.

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The Lifecycle of Retirement

Under the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS), as long as a federal employee worked 20 to 30 years in government, their benefits were guaranteed, no matter the length of retirement. Since 1983, the federal government has been operating under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), which leaves much of the responsibility of retirement planning up to the individual. In this new infographic, the Government Business Council examines the current state of retirement planning and income security among federal employees.

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Cutting Costs: Inside the Effort to Improve the Efficiency of Federal Operations

The Government Business Council embarked upon a study to classify the federal government's major cost areas, identify challenges to improving efficiency and highlight success stories from across government. To do this, GBC sat down with federal efficiency experts to discuss the current state of government operations.

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Is Cloud the Way to Go?

Federal agencies are transitioning to "cloud computing," outsourcing their IT services, such as data storage and email, to a shared platform accessed remotely through the Internet. But is it a move in the right direction? In this infographic, the Government Business Council talks with federal cloud experts and reviews the data to answer: has cloud fulfilled its lofty promises for federal agencies?

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Government on the Go: Increasing Mobility and Implementing the Digital Government Strategy

The federal and defense workforce will be undergoing significant changes in the coming year in light of the Digital Government Strategy. Agencies have been tasked with making mobility a priority. The Government Business Council (GBC) partnered with Symantec to assess the current progress on implementing the Digital Government Strategy. As a result, our research has found several triumphs and challenges the federal IT community are currently facing. This infographic is a visual representation of our findings from a comprehensive survey and interviews with leaders who are implementing the Strategy.

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Your Agency's Information: There When You Need It?

Agencies are generating more and more information, but is it readily available when you need it? Can it be searched, indexed and shared across agency borders to fill FOIA requests and inform decision-making? Managers indicate that information management is essential or important to agency operations, but current information management systems receive a grade of “C” by federal managers.  This infographic, sponsored by OpenText, explores the current state of information management in the federal government.

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