Legacy to Modern to Future: Simplifying Federal Case Management Chaos

Government agencies are facing an unprecedented challenge when it comes to case management. In the information age, the ways of managing content and processes have been shifting from manual methods to digital workflows, and the pressure for government to modernize internal systems is mounting as they try to meet industry demands driven by private sector innovations. But as agency leaders evaluate digital options and try to drive change within their organizations, they often find themselves locked into outdated, monolithic systems and processes that were not designed for digital-age technologies, such as cloud and mobile.

These legacy systems can lead to scattered, siloed content housed in a variety of places within the agency, and disparate workflows that are inefficient and frustrating for employees. Most importantly, dispersed content and varying workflows hamper an agency’s ability to perform its mission efficiently.

To combat this challenge, agencies need a new holistic approach to case management – one that utilizes the current systems they have while also leveraging today’s most innovative technologies. Proactive agencies are turning to modern content services platforms (CSP), a solution that combines native content, process and case management capabilities into a single system.

CSP solutions capitalize on the latest technologies such as cloud, open source and automation while integrating with critical existing systems and applications, allowing agencies to modernize and implement new technologies without replacing the current infrastructure or losing other existing technology investments.

As a result, users and mission owners have complete end-to-end view of their cases, including their tasks, instructions and associated content – enabling them to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs by completing tasks and making decisions faster. Caseworkers are then able to focus on more strategic tasks – positioning agencies to better meet citizen expectations and achieve mission goals.

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