FEMA Defends Actions Following Data Release Affecting 2.3 Million Disaster Victims

The agency said there’s no indication that survivor data has been misused.

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Report: State Governments Aren’t Doing Enough to Fix Recruitment Woes

The number of available state government jobs grew from 2013 to 2017, while applicants for those positions dropped.

DHS Invests $5.9 Million into Cyber Training Tool for Energy Sector


The project will expand a strategic decision-making and communication exercise tool developed for the finance sector to the energy sector.


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Key Federal Agency Doesn’t Have the Staff to Oversee $35B in 2017 Hurricane Recovery Money

Slow process has led to four states and territories devastated by hurricanes receiving virtually none of the funds Congress appropriated.

TSP Officials Confident Congress Will Act on Shutdown Relief Bill

Lawmakers are considering as many as five bills that would make it easier for federal employees to access their Thrift Savings Plan accounts during a government shutdown.

Watchdog: Fuzzy Communication Is Hindering Effort to Standardize Agency Data

Amid reorganization OMB lacks clarity on DATA Act, GAO finds.

HUD’s Inspection System Gets a Poor Grade in Congressional Watchdog’s Report

The Government Accountability Office’s findings mirror those of an investigation by The Southern Illinoisan and ProPublica, which documented numerous cases in which substandard housing complexes received passing — and even glowing — scores from HUD.

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If Performance Governs Pay, More Workers Take Antidepressants

Companies moving to a pay-for-performance process may lead to an increase the number of employees taking anxiety and depression medication, according to a new study.

  Layers of Concertina are added to existing barrier infrastructure along the U.S. - Mexico border near Nogales, Arizona in February.

If Trump’s Border Wall Becomes Reality, Here’s How He Could Easily Get Private Land for It

A law is supposed to protect property owners from lowball offers by the government when it takes land through eminent domain. But a letter shows how simple it is for officials to eviscerate what is already a pretty toothless law.

Excellence in Government Santa Clara County produced more patents than any other U.S. county in recent history.

Why Some Counties Are Powerhouses For Innovation

When it comes to innovation, Santa Clara County is way ahead of the rest of the U.S. Between 2000 and 2015, more than 140,000 patents were granted there – triple the number of the next-ranked county.

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Creating a 21st Century Federal Workforce

A dramatically different method of providing preference to veterans could lead to a radically simplified federal hiring process.

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., said the plan reduces overspending and sets realistic deficit-reduction goals.

Senate GOP Proposes Drastic Budget Cuts, Retirement Contribution Hikes in 2020 Budget

Non-defense agencies would see 9 percent reduction to spending levels.