Unions Accuse Administration of Circumventing Court Order Through Bargaining

Employee groups say that despite a court ruling overturning Trump's workforce executive orders, the administration continues to push the provisions.

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Immigration Judges’ Union Leader Warns of 'Dark New Era'

Justice Department plan for case quotas and deadlines kicks in Oct. 1.

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Contract Expires for 200K Postal Workers, Negotiations Extended a Month

APWU says it will not agree to any more pay freezes or new tiers of lower-paid employees.

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Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker both signed letters to federal agencies asking about AI bias.

Senators Are Asking Whether Artificial Intelligence Could Violate U.S. Civil Rights Laws

Senators are pressuring government agencies to study bias in artificial intelligence.

Largest Federal Employee Union Files Contempt Motion Against VA

AFGE accuses the department of refusing to comply with a court ruling enjoining provisions of President Trump’s workforce executive orders.

Mick Mulvaney testifies on Capitol Hill in April.

Democratic Senator Questions Mulvaney’s Hatch Act Compliance

Warren sends offices of Government Ethics and the Special Counsel a letter on the acting consumer bureau director's speech to GOP donors.

Kim Jong Un Liked His Trump Summit So Much, He’s Calling For Another One

Kim Jong Un is likely aiming for economic concessions and a long-elusive peace treaty.

Soldiers from 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division and airmen from 5th Air Support Operations Squadron, along with observer-controllers, prepare for a Joint Air Attack Team exercise.

Army to Up-Armor Two More Brigades

An infantry unit will get Strykers, and a Stryker brigade will shift to tanks, part of the Pentagon's focus on great-power competition.

File photo of Todd Harrison, director of Defense Budget Analysis at the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank in Washington.

USAF’s Space Force Cost-Estimate Is Likely Too High: Analyst

Todd Harrison says $13 billion is a high-ball figure meant to shift the debate.

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A Lack of Confidence Isn't What’s Holding Back Working Women

Women are hesitant to talk up their accomplishments because they are often penalized when they do.

Play of the Day: Putin's Mind Games

According to a new book, the former KGB operative knows how to manipulate President Trump.

Trump Criticizes 'Ridiculous' Spending Deal As Shutdown Deadline Looms

Congress must pass a minibus spending bill by next weekend.