These Three Federal Employees Landed in Hot Water Over Hatch Act Violations

The Office of Special Counsel announced settlements over violations at the U.S. Postal Service, Veterans Affairs Department and U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency.

GovExec Daily: Congress is Finally Addressing Burn Pits

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss the Honoring our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act.

Biden Strengthens Cyber Coordination Between DHS and State, Local Government

The State and Local Government Cybersecurity Act improves collaboration between DHS and state and local governments by boosting the sharing of information and federal resources.

Coming Soon: More Regs and Bills to Help Modernize the Federal Workforce

Reforms will ease the process of everything from attracting new talent to processing retirement claims, says OPM Director Kiran Ahuja.

Second Thoughts on Retiring This Year

Inflation makes a would-be retiree feel like a deer in the headlights.

Joe Biden Has a New Vision for the National Flood Insurance Program

The administration's flood insurance reforms could improve transparency — and make some Americans more vulnerable.

Trump’s Dismissiveness of COVID Led to a ‘Lack of Action’ Across Federal Agencies, His Former Pandemic Response Leader Says

Deborah Birx details how she attempted to sidestep promotion of debunked science and potential political interference with scientific work.

The Afghanistan Watchdog Blasts State and USAID for ‘Sudden Refusal to Cooperate’ 

The agencies defended their handling of requests since October and said they’ve “regularly responded” to the office over the years.

A House Committee Votes to Boost the Defense Budget By $37B

The House Armed Service Committee’s topline is more than Biden’s budget request, but less than that of its Senate counterpart

Government Leadership and the Power of Mindfulness

By teaching themselves to move beyond impulsive reactions, executives can become more thoughtful—and more effective.

GovExec Daily: The People Behind the CPSC Memes

Courtney Bublé interviews the Consumer Product Safety Commission's Joseph Galbo about the agency's Twitter presence.

Biden Signs a Bill Creating a Federal Cybersecurity Rotational Program

Certain cyber and IT federal employees will be able to rotate to other agencies under a new law signed Tuesday.

Top GSA Buildings Official Talks About the Future of Federal Offices

“Right now, what I think the opportunity is is to have fewer buildings and better buildings,” the Public Buildings Service commissioner told lawmakers. 

Biden To Ban Most Land Mines, Undoing Trump’s Loosened Restrictions

Advocates applauded the move, but urged a ban on the weapons on the Korean peninsula.

Jan. 6 Committee Hearings Show What Went Right, not Just What Went Wrong

Coverage of the House Jan. 6 hearings focuses on what went wrong that led up to Trump supporters’ laying siege to the U.S. Capitol. A government scholar looks at what went right, both then and now.