‘Fort Liberty’: Army More Than Half Done Scrubbing Confederate Names from Its Bases

The new name for Fort Bragg is a compromise between airborne and Special Forces, one source said.

The Cure for What Ails the Government’s Security Clearance Process: Automation

Most, if not all, of the manual steps traditionally done by federal employees or contractors can now be done by modern technologies, writes one expert.

Senate Passes Debt Deal, Agency Spending Freeze Bill Headed to Biden's Desk

Bipartisan leaders pledge to pass fiscal 2024 funding bills to avoid a sequestration next year.

Federal Agencies Could Save $6B by Electrifying Their Fleets, Report Finds

President Biden has ordered agencies to take swift action to stop buying polluting vehicles.

TSP Portfolios Report a Mixed Bag of May Returns

Most of the funds in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings plan finished last month down, amid concerns that the United States could breach the debt limit.

Thousands of HUD Contractor Employees Need Better Whistleblower Protections, Watchdog Says

Inspector General Rae Oliver Davis warned of a possible “chilling effect” that could make the contractors hesitant to report wrongdoing.

So Many TSP Choices

When it comes time to start taking Thrift Savings Plan disbursements, you have options. Lots of options.

Satellite Data Could Boost Border Security, Disaster Response

Homeland Security relies on satellite imagery for its missions—and it wants more.

NASA Team’s Plan to Decode UFO Sightings Hinges on Better Data

The space agency is convening an independent panel to publish a report later this summer featuring best practices for data collection on unidentified anomalous phenomena.

House Passes Debt Deal That Would Freeze Agency Spending

The Senate has just a few days to act to avoid forcing federal workers to miss paychecks.

Possible Hold Up of FBI Headquarters Funding Slammed by Democrats

“Reasonable people can debate where the new FBI headquarters should be located, but there is no question that a new headquarters is desperately needed,” said Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va.

Budget and Tech Challenges Loom Over IRS's Direct File Pilot

The news of the forthcoming pilot was followed this week by a compromise debt ceiling bill that includes reallocating $20 billion of the funding the IRS got as part of the Inflation Reduction Act.

Agencies Launch an Initiative to Better Identify Minority-Owned Contractors

The joint effort between the Small Business Administration and the General Services Administration aims to make it easier for federal procurement officials to connect with small, disadvantaged businesses across sectors.

An Effort to Make It Easier for Feds to Bust Their Own Union is Blocked by the FLRA

The American Federation of Government Employees applauded the decision, but with a FLRA-mandated union election scheduled for next month, the fight is far from over.

Postal Union Expects a ‘Smooth Transition,’ But Notes Possible Bumps In the Road for the New Health Benefit Program

Employees, retirees and family members are expected to shift to the Postal Service Health Benefits Plan by Jan. 1, 2025.

It’s Time to Act on the Workforce Portion of the President’s Management Agenda

Despite human capital reforms being referenced in recent management agendas, not much has actually changed.