Biden Proposes Major Spending Boost for Civilian Agencies in Fiscal 2022

The administration is requesting a 16% increase in non-defense discretionary funding to harness the government's power to solve multiple crises.

Space Force to Absorb USAF Command to Run Launches, Research

The Space and Missile Systems Center will become Space Systems Command.

Fauci Thanks US Health Workers for Sacrifices but Admits PPE Shortages Drove Up Death Toll

The head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases says health workers ‘have lived up to the oath they take’ but says shortages of protective gear have contributed to excess deaths.

This Quick Morning Task Sparks Leadership Vibes

A quick reflection in the morning can leave you feeling like a leader at work, say researchers. Here are the prompts they suggest.

GovExec Daily: The Issues With Vaccine Passports

Route Fifty's Bill Lucia joins the podcast to discuss the ways states are approaching vaccine verification.

The Biden Administration Is Recruiting Feds Across Government to Assist With COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign

The Homeland Security Department is using a provision of post-Hurricane Katrina law for just the second time ever for the initiative.

EPA Begins Rolling Back Trump-era Union Policies

The Environmental Protection Agency and the American Federation of Government Employees will revert in part to their previous 2007 contract, and the parties will begin negotiations on an entirely new contract later this year.

What Feds Should Know About Waivers, Non-Disclosure and Non-Disparagement Agreements

Most federal agencies have standard terms for resolving claims of discrimination, whistleblower retaliation, MSPB appeals, or other administrative claims.

EPA Administrator Instructs Staff to Prioritize Environmental Justice

The directive furthers several executive orders and memos from President Biden. 

Declutter Your Life, But Don’t Throw Away the Important Stuff

Don’t shred important records you may need when it comes time to retire.

Having an Old-fashioned Nervous Breakdown Might Be a Good Thing

Carrying on until you are depleted or you collapse is not the way to go.

The Air Force Is Making an App That Basically Does What a General Does

The nascent app aims to generate options, recommendations, and mission orders.

Raytheon Giving Employees Bonuses for Getting COVID-19 Vaccine

The company is not requiring employees to get the shots, but some facilities could be off-limits to the unvaccinated.

GovExec Daily: Telework, Productivity and the Defense Department

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss a DoD IG report on remote work during the pandemic.