Congressional Black Caucus Meets with Biden to Push for Police Accountability

Last year, at least 1,192 people were killed by law enforcement officers in the U.S., and 26% were Black people despite making up more than 13% of U.S. population

Coronavirus Roundup: The Emergencies Declared Due to COVID-19 Will be Ending

There’s a lot to keep track of. Here’s a list of this week’s news updates and stories you may have missed.

Tougher Cybersecurity Rules May Be More than a Year Away—But Don’t Wait to Get Ready

Contractors should prepare for independent checks on their data systems, and maybe more reporting requirements as well.

U.S. House Agrees on Something: Lawmakers Condemn ‘The Horrors of Socialism’

However, Democrats rebuked majority Republicans for spending time on “political stunt” and refusing to allow debate on Social Security, Medicare amendment

New Pentagon Rules Keep Many Military Court Records Secret

Despite a 2016 law requiring transparency, the Defense Department is limiting public access to court records in the military justice system. A recent ProPublica lawsuit appears to have spurred the new Pentagon guidance.

Building a Work Culture Where Everyone Can Succeed

Dr. Richard Orbé-Austin joins the podcast to discuss how everyone can take control of their work situations and improve their organization's culture.

Waiting For That First Retirement Check

A primer on processing, payments and patience for those looking forward to getting their benefits. 

Biden Instructs Agencies to Expand Some Forms of Paid, Unpaid Leave for Feds

A memo to agency heads urges them to support federal workers who need to take paid or unpaid leave for a family matter or to escape from domestic violence and other dangerous situations.

Lawmakers Want the Head of the National Drug Policy Office Back in the Cabinet 

A group of bipartisan, bicameral lawmakers is making this push ahead of President Biden’s State of the Union speech next week. 

Report: 14% of Young Adults Want to Work for Government

Young adults preferred businesses of any size to government or nonprofit work.

Biden and McCarthy Hold ‘Productive’ and ‘Frank’ Debt Limit Talks as Fiscal Cliffs Loom

“I thought this was a very productive conversation,” the Speaker of the House said.

The Federal Government Classifies Too Many Documents

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to talk about document management and Avril Haines's comments.

House Republicans Vote to Turn Back Time on Telework Policies

The SHOW UP Act would require federal agencies to revert to their telework policies prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A New Proposal Would Make Federal Jobs Harder to Obtain for Insurrectionists, Easier for Former Drug Users

Reforms to employee suitability and fitness screening would make the process faster and safer for agencies, OPM says.

Watchdogs to Congress: Keep the COVID-Era Data Center

The first hearing of the House Oversight and Accountability for the 118th Congress focused on pandemic money and fraud.

All TSP Portfolios Started Strong in 2023

Every fund in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program posted gains in January.

New Institute Will Study How the Defense Department Manages Itself

To “compete on a global stage,” DOD must get a handle on its management practices, Deputy Defense Secretary says.