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Maximum telework has "outlived its usefulness to protect federal employees," a group of Republicans says.

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Black interest in military service plummeted after the George Floyd protests. Can the Pentagon undo the damage?

Texas Troopers Create 'Steel Wall' of Patrol Vehicles in Del Rio as Feds Continue to Repatriate Haitians

Gov. Greg Abbott says the line of law enforcement and military vehicles is stopping migrants from crossing the Rio Grande into Del Rio, where the number of migrants camped under a bridge keeps dropping.

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Since the coronaviurs first began spreading around the globe, people have debated how effective masks are at preventing COVID-19. A year and a half in, what does the evidence show?

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Watchdog Still Reviewing Trump Administration's Handling of Some Ukraine Funds 

GAO found that the Trump team broke the law by withholding $214 million in Defense funds for policy reasons, but is still looking at another $168 million in State Department funds.

What Federal Employees Should Know About Their Pay If There Is a Shutdown at the End of This Month

Unlike previous closures, furloughed workers would be guaranteed retroactive compensation once government reopens.