Accenture Technology Vision 2014: Every Business is a Digital Business

For federal executives, the next three years will be devoted to quickening their agencies’ pace in the race to go digital. Those who take control and move to become disruptors will emerge as the true, digital leaders.

Every year, Accenture’s Technology Vision provides a detailed view from which leaders in every industry can draw insight, inspiration and excitement about where digital technologies can take their organizations tomorrow. This year, the report identifies the six top trends shaping technology:

Digital-physical blur. As the line between the digital and physical continues to blur, a vast window of opportunity is opening for federal agencies. By leveraging and enhancing their physical assets, traditional agencies are looking at this opportunity as a way to create immersive real-world experiences for citizens.
From workforce to crowdsource. Cloud, social and collaboration technologies now allow agencies to tap into vast pools of resources across the world. Channeling these efforts to drive mission goals is a challenge, but the opportunity is enormous: it can give every agency access to an immense, agile workforce.
Data supply chain. To truly unlock the value of data, agencies must start treating it more as a supply chain, enabling it to flow easily and usefully through the entire organization—and eventually throughout each agency’s ecosystem of partners as well.
Harnessing hyperscale. Hardware plays a critical role in transforming agencies into digital businesses with access to unlimited computing power that can be turned on and off as needed.
The business of applications. As agencies push for greater IT agility, there is a sharp shift toward simpler, more modular and more custom apps.
Architecting resilience. IT must adopt a new mindset to ensure that systems are dynamic, accessible and continuous—not just designed to spec, but designed for resilience under failure and attack.

Now is the time to stop thinking about being disrupted by digital technology and to start becoming a disrupter. Learn more about this year’s emerging tech trends and the opportunities digital brings.

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