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Building a Mission-Ready Team

June 21, 2018 To effectively perform their jobs, with the ultimate goal of improving customer satisfaction, OBM has developed the Employee Training and Development Program. The Program is designed to equip employees with exceptional knowledge, skills, and abilities. The organization believes that by strengthening their workforce, they foster a team environment and enhance the quality of their team’s performance, now and in the future, for the benefit of the organization and its customers. If their customers, fellow SSA employees, have a safe and healthy environment in which to work, they will be better able to serve the American public. This viewcast will explore the OBM Program and provide insights that other agencies may find useful as they strive to build a team that is mission-focused and well-prepared for the workforce challenges they face every day.

Leveraging AWS Machine Learning

June 14, 2018 Whether you’re a mission owner, data scientist or developer, adding Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence(AI) to your applications can improve decision-making, promote a culture of experimentation and help modernize operations and your workforce across the board. This webinar shows you what’s possible with ML and AI in the AWS Cloud, when you add the power of prediction, computer vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence to your applications, and begin building intelligent services.

Route Fifty Roadshow: Public Safety, Disrupted

June 14, 2018 In Los Angeles, CA, we’ll explore how first responders and emergency managers are harnessing the latest technology to speed response times, increase intelligence, and better prepare us for the next disaster. We will also look at new dynamics, from the growing cybersecurity threat to the privacy and ethics questions that we must address along with new technology.

GovExec LIVE: The Administration's Management Agenda

June 6, 2018 In March, the White House released its management agenda, which focuses on two main priorities for the federal government: improving the citizen experience and increasing trust in government. In order to achieve these goals, the Administration outlines three key tools for transformation: IT modernization, creating a 21st century workforce and increasing the role of data to improve accountability. On June 6, at the second installment in the GovExec LIVE event series, we’ll sit down with leaders from across the government to examine these three pillars, cross-agency priority goals, the management agenda as a whole and how these plans will impact federal agencies.

Think Gov 2018: Technology for a smarter government

May 24, 2018 What makes you think? How can technology help make government work smarter? It takes thinkers like you working together to understand how these next generation technologies will help us to modernize and secure our world—from ensuring mission readiness for the warfighter to building applications tailored to an individual citizen’s needs, there are boundless opportunities across all sectors of government and the military. Think Gov 2018 is a call for government leaders to learn what’s possible, make it relevant in your world, and find the right partner to make it happen. We believe that with the right tools, supported by the right experts, you can make the world safer and more productive and succeed in unexpected, transformative ways. Challenge yourself to think. Let’s think together.

Program Integrity: Ways to Prevent Fraud and Abuse in Government Programs

May 23, 2018 Program Integrity policies should be implemented to prevent unnecessary fraud, waste, and abuse in government agencies. Confirming program eligibility, monitoring changes that may impact eligibility, and addressing improper payments are three critical steps that can help taxpayers and the government save millions of dollars each year. A well-designed and properly implemented strategy for program integrity at both the federal and state agency level is crucial. Join us for our webcast where we discuss recent challenges regarding program integrity and specific areas where particular tools and best practices offer a great opportunity for improvement.

Route Fifty Tech Roadshow: Louisville

May 23, 2018 From user-centric websites to digital feedback tools, a city-wide open data mandate to high-speed internet services, Louisville is a national leader in harnessing technology to enhance citizen engagement. During this event we’ll explore the different ways Louisville connects and communicates with its citizens, and see how state and local governments across the country can use similar tools and tactics to engage their customers.

Future Ready Government

May 2, 2018 On May 2nd, explore technologies and services that help government agencies see around corners, strategically evolve, and get ahead of the curve. We’ll apply lessons from innovative, trailblazing leaders to help federal agencies embrace new technology and develop agile systems and transformational operating models fit for the rapidly changing world. The objective is clear: align solutions to the biggest challenges facing governments—now and in the future.

Limitless Government: Federal Tech Innovation in the Other Washington

April 26, 2018 Innovation in the federal sector isn't restricted to Washington, D.C. To find out what's going on beyond the beltway, Nextgov is headed to the other Washington for a day of West Coast public sector innovation and technology in Seattle. From smart buildings to smart cities to smart borders, we'll be talking to government experts about how they're using technology to improve the lives and safety of U.S. citizens.

Data Driven Government Series 1: Advance Mission Outcomes

April 26, 2018 At this event, IT leaders from government and industry will discuss the key factors that agencies must consider as they begin modernizing their IT environments, define and measure criteria for success, ease their migrations, and make operations more secure and effective.