Esper Condemns ‘War Crimes’; Trump Orders 1,000 US Troops Out of Northern Syria

As Turkey strikes deeper into northern Syria, Trump says "let them" fight.

Defense Secretary: I Can't Put Forces Between Turks and Kurds

Esper explained why the U.S.-backed rebels will get no air cover or other help. But he couldn't explain why U.S. troops were moved after this particular Turkish threat to invade.

Anti-ISIS Operations In Syria Cease Amid Turkish Assault

“The SDF is clearly focused on the northern border to protect their forces,” a defense official said.

As Assault Begins, Trump Vows to Make Turkey Keep Its Word While Lawmakers Vow Punishment

The president said 'far more than sanctions' awaits Turkey if its assault taking over northern Syria is not 'as humane as possible.'

Syrian Decision Rekindles Fear of ISIS Prison Breaks

Pentagon and State Department officials have raised alarms for months about the makeshift prisons.

Analysis: The U.S. Gives Military Aid to Corrupt Countries All the Time

Military assistance deserves more scrutiny in many cases. Ukraine is nowhere near the most important.

New Tech Aims to Tell Pilots When Their Plane Has Been Hacked

Raytheon is pitching a product to detect cyber intrusions into aircraft, drones, and even missiles.

The Future of the Marines Is Smaller, More Robotic, More Naval

The new Commandant of the Marine Corps lays out a vision for high-tech force that will often operate like special forces.

Pentagon’s Top Lawyer to Review All Ukraine-Aid Documents

But a Defense spokesman still won’t say when the department was told about the aid freeze at the heart of the impeachment inquiry.

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The Army’s Next Attack Helicopter Could Look Like This

Bell’s new 360 Invictus is the latest entrant hoping to fill the Army’s vertical-lift gap — and it’s remote-controlled.

Trump's New Joint Chiefs Chair Is A Savvy Political Operator

The question is: how will Gen. Mark Milley work with the U.S. president?

Pentagon Caught In The Middle Of Trump's Ukraine Scandal

Some presidential allies want to hang the security-aid freeze on the Defense Department. There’s no evidence for that.

White House Used Classified System to Hide Trump’s Phone Call: Whistleblower

The IC employee wrote that the July 25 call to Ukraine was not the only time documents had been improperly hidden in codeword-level systems.

Trump Approves ‘Defensive’ Deployment to Middle East

The U.S. will increase air and missile defenses from Iran at the request of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Pentagon leaders said.

Air Force: Our New Tanker Should Be Ready for War in 3 or 4 Years

A few big problems, and about 500 smaller ones, have put the Boeing-made plane about five years behind schedule.

Viewpoint: Robert O'Brien Should Have to Face Senate Confirmation

Requiring congressional approval would be good for Trump, good for his choice for national-security adviser, and good for the country.

Trump Names Robert O’Brien His 4th National Security Advisor

A lawyer by trade, former Bush delegate at the UN, and campaign advisor to Mitt Romney and Scott Walker, O’Brien has been serving as special envoy for hostage affairs.