Former Defense Secretary Mattis Is Returning to General Dynamics Board

The retired general had been a member of the defense contractor’s board until he became defense secretary in January 2017.

With China, Russia in Mind, Pentagon Adding Stealthy Cruise Missiles

Lockheed Martin is building a new factory to accommodate the military’s demand.

Iran Has Hundreds of Naval Mines. U.S. Navy Minesweepers Find Old Dishwashers and Car Parts.

As tensions heat up in the Persian Gulf, the Navy’s minesweeping fleet may once again be called into action, but its sailors say the ships are too old and broken to do the job. “We are essentially the ships that the Navy forgot.”

One Theme Unites 2020 Dems: Rein in President’s War Powers

Many voted to repeal the old AUMFs; Buttigieg proposes a 3-year sunset.

The Promise Presidential Candidates Never Make Good On

Most Democrats want to end the war in Afghanistan, but the next president will have to weigh the trade-off between a responsibility to the American public and what the U.S. owes a country it invaded and promised to rebuild.

Hyten Poised For Confirmation Despite Sexual Assault Claims

His accuser, who took a front-row seat at his confirmation hearing, says the Air Force four-star is lying to Congress.

Dan Coats Spoke Truth to Trump. Now He’s Out.

The director of national intelligence won plaudits for plainly laying out the intelligence community’s assessments on issues ranging from Iran to Russia, putting him at odds with the president.

When Trump Threatens Google, Here’s What He Doesn’t Get

Days after the Treasury Secretary cleared the U.S. tech giant of national security concerns, the president was rage-tweeting again.

Gen. Hyten to Get His Senate Confirmation Hearing

His previously uncontroversial nomination to be vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs was thrown into question after a former subordinate accused him of sexual assault.

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Boeing: $85B Competition to Build New ICBMs Favors Northrop Grumman

The company says it will sit out if the U.S. Air Force does not change the bidding parameters.

The U.S. Air Force Has Withheld $360M — and Counting — For Boeing’s Tanker Woes

That’s about one-fifth of the total bill for the 13 aircraft delivered so far.

Has Lockheed Replaced Boeing as Trump’s Favorite Defense Firm?

The U.S. president and Lockheed’s CEO have been cheering each other on, while Boeing's chief has kept a lower profile.

How AI Will Help Radar Detect Tiny Drones 3 Kilometers Away

Small drones are becoming a big problem. Here’s how next-generation neural networking techniques could help.

Esper Confirmed As Defense Secretary, Despite Opposition from Some 2020 Dems

The 90-8 vote ends the longest period in history that the Defense Department has gone without a confirmed leader at the helm.

Trump Says U.S. Troops Shouldn’t Be ‘Policemen’ in Afghanistan. So Why Are They There?

In a puzzling Oval Office press conference, the commander-in-chief throws his purported strategy into doubt.

The U.S.’s Toxic Agent Orange Legacy

Washington has admitted to the long-lasting effects of dioxin use in Vietnam, but has largely sidestepped the issue in neighboring Cambodia and Laos.

Did the U.S. Invent Lyme Disease in the 1960s? The House Aims to Find Out

A decades-old conspiracy theory says Cold War bioweapons research is sickening tens of thousands of Americans a year.