Rina Li

Senior Research Analyst, Government Business Council Rina Li is Senior Research Analyst at Government Business Council, where she writes and produces content on federal, defense, and tech topics. She holds a degree in International Politics and Security Studies from Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service.
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Flash Poll: Serve the People

July 18, 2018 In the face of rapidly evolving citizen needs, it’s essential that federal agencies establish a streamlined, thoroughly modern online presence. To learn more about the current state of digital citizen experience (CX), Government Business Council (GBC) polled a random sample of 212 federal employees in March 2018. Download this GBC...

Balancing Mobility and Security

July 18, 2018 Click here to download the infographic.

How Connected Are You?

July 18, 2018 Click here to download the infographic.

Flash Poll: Vigilance in the Age of Mobility

April 26, 2018 Agency leaders, IT managers, and federal workers across functions are familiar with IT security challenges. The federal government handles highly sensitive data, and its use of devices must reflect this reality. Still, when new technology is introduced into the mix, security efforts can be strained. GBC took the opportunity to...

Flash Poll: Government on the Go

April 26, 2018 The modern worker is equally comfortable at a stationery desk, moving around the workplace, and off-site during remote work and travel-based assignments. One of the key mechanisms that makes this possible is device mobility — that is, employees' ability to access and manipulate information using networked-enabled tools other than desktop...

Rethinking Government: Federal Shared Services & Cloud Adoption

March 9, 2018 The federal government has its sights set on large-scale IT modernization — so how successful have organizations been in fulfilling this vision? To answer this question, Government Business Council launched an in-depth research study in December 2017. Download this GBC Survey Report to learn about: Federal employees' satisfaction with agency...

Digital Briefing Center: Intelligent Automation

March 7, 2018 Welcome to GBC’s Intelligent Automation Digital Briefing Center, where we’ll explore how federal, state, and local organizations are harnessing AI-driven automation to achieve new heights in efficiency, productivity, and citizen service. View the full report

CX2: The Next Generation of Citizen Engagement

March 6, 2018 Government's core ethos is to serve the people — and in this day and age, that means pursuing ever more innovative means of ensuring secure, high-quality interactions with citizens. To explore how federal organizations are seeking to bolster citizen experience, GBC launched an in-depth research study. View the full report

Flash Poll: The Future of Collaboration

January 30, 2018 The federal government’s effectiveness depends on those who carry out its mission — and in order to do their jobs, federal employees need to have access to state-of-the-art collaboration technologies. To learn about the current state of federal IT tools, GBC polled a random sample of 143 federal employees in...

Charting State & Local Government's OS Migration Journey

January 30, 2018 Click here to download the infographic (PDF)