NASA’s robotic prospectors help scientists understand what asteroids are made of – setting the stage for miners to follow someday

Some companies hope to one day search for deposits that are literally out of this world — on asteroids.

Science group threatens lawsuit over OPM’s failure to implement limiting involuntary leave for feds accused of misconduct

Although Congress passed a law aimed at preventing federal workers accused of misconduct from being stuck in limbo in 2016, the federal government’s HR agency never issued regulations to implement the measure.

First revamped science policy falls short of fulfilling Biden’s promise to protect scientists, watchdogs say

As written, groups suggest the updated scientific integrity policy can be "weaponized by bad-faith actors.” 

GAO: USDA violated the Anti-Deficiency Act while planning its relocation of science agencies

House Democrats renewed calls to institute tighter regulation of agency relocations in light of the watchdog agency's findings.

‘Wrongdoing’ likely in USDA maintenance of the nation’s largest agricultural research facility, OSC says

Union leaders said a recent winter flood of a building at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center is just a symptom of systematic mismanagement of the facility.

House Republicans Want NOAA to be an Independent Agency

Removing it from the Commerce Department would boost protections for scientists and eliminate "bureaucratic inefficiencies," they say.

Agencies Would Have to Think Harder Before Relocating, Under a New Bill

The legislation comes after a watchdog agency concluded hastily conducted relocations during the Trump administration caused staff exoduses and harmed agencies’ service delivery.

Federal Scientists Are Feeling More Empowered Under Biden, Though Censorship Remains a Concern

Employees "painted harrowing pictures" of their time under Trump, but in a new survey said things are mostly getting better.

Biden’s New Policy to Protect Federal Scientists May Lack Teeth to Prevent Retaliation

The federal science community is concerned that the Biden administration is "blowing it" in its efforts to shield employees from undue influence and political retribution.

Although USDA Agencies that Relocated to Kansas City Have Recovered from Staff Exoduses, Their Diversity Hasn’t

The Agriculture Department’s Economic Research Service and National Institutes of Food and Agriculture shed more than half their workforces following their relocation from Washington to Kansas City.

America’s Biggest Museums Fail to Return Native American Human Remains

The remains of more than 100,000 Native Americans are held by prestigious U.S. institutions, despite a 1990 law meant to return them to tribal nations. Here’s how the ancestors were stolen — and how tribes are working to get them back.

National Science Foundation Spearheads New Funding to Improve Diversity in AI Workforce

In collaboration with six other federal groups, the NSF will focus on expanding minority-serving university offerings in artificial intelligence and machine learning education.

FDA 'Failed' the Public and a Whistleblower By Ignoring Science

The agency has tweaked its tobacco product review process and also pledges to better resolve scientific disputes after whistleblower alleges reprisal.

Artemis Launch Delay Is the Latest of Many NASA Scrubs and Comes from Hard Lessons on Crew Safety

After its fourth delay, the Artemis 1 launch is now scheduled for Nov. 16, 2022. NASA has a history of missing launch deadlines, but the private sector is slowly making launches more reliable.

I Was a Presidential Science Adviser – Here Are the Many Challenges Arati Prabhakar Faces as She Takes Over President Biden’s Science Policy Office

The director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy plays a critical role in achieving the president’s science goals. Facilitating cooperation among the dozens of research agencies is key.

Women Are Better at Statistics Than They Think

Female statistics students had higher final exam grades than their male peers, even though they had less confidence in their statistics abilities at the start of the semester.

Medicinal Marijuana Research at Agencies Gets A Boost from Bipartisan Bill

The measure is likely to sail through the Senate and could give federal physicians more latitude in discussing medical cannabis with their patients.