Interior Whistleblower Reinstated and Promoted as Part of Settlement Agreement

The Office of Special Counsel found that department officials retaliated against an employee after he reported insufficient environmental studies of Alaskan drilling sites.

Career Employees Allege EPA Leaders Silenced Them on Key Deregulation Effort

Two offices will review the allegations for potential further investigation and discipline.

How Oil Companies Avoided Environmental Accountability After 10.8 Million Gallons Spilled

Louisiana still hasn’t finished investigating 540 oil spills after Hurricane Katrina. The state is likely leaving millions of dollars in remediation fines on the table — money that environmental groups say they need as storms get stronger.

NIH Works to Prevent Sexual Harassment Among Federally Funded Researchers 

Agency has already taken some recommended steps but others will take longer, director says.

USDA Continues Its Descent in Engagement Ratings

The Agriculture Department retained its position as second to worst large agency in the Partnership for Public Service’s annual rankings of Best Places to Work in the Federal Government.

China Has Increasing Sway in U.S. Science, JASON Report Says

Beijing is using better jobs at home, aggressive intelligence agencies, and a greater financial reach to influence American institutions.

Why When You Eat Might Be as Important as What You Eat

An NIH-funded study showed that participants who limited daily food intake to a 10-hour period lost on average 3 percent of their weight and about 3 percent of their abdominal fat.

Texas Chemical Plant Rocked by Multiple Explosions Was Declared High Priority Violator by EPA

The Southeast Texas chemical manufacturing plant, owned by Houston-based Texas Petroleum Chemical Group, has a long history of environmental violations and been out of compliance with federal clean air laws for years.

Viewpoint: Trump’s Attack on Science Is an Attack on Public Health

I spent years doing research to inform policy. Now the Environmental Protection Agency is working to erase it.

The $11 Million Dollar Medicare Tool That Gives Seniors the Wrong Insurance Information

The Trump administration redesigned the online Medicare Cost Finder for seniors to compare complex health insurance options. But consumer advocates have identified instances when the tool has malfunctioned and given inaccurate plan and price data.

Trump EPA Eases Safety Requirements Enacted after West Explosion

Attorney General Ken Paxton applauded the new rules, saying they would make Texans safer. The Obama-era regulation was meant to improve chemical safety practices and prevent tragedies like the deadly 2013 fertilizer plant explosion in the tiny Central Texas town of West.

NASA's TESS Spacecraft Is Finding Hundreds of Exoplanets – and Is Poised to Find Thousands More

Beyond the outer edge of the Solar System, mysterious, unknown worlds await by the thousands. Astronomers can now finally find them and explore them - but will we find another Earth?

Agriculture Dept. Announces Lease for Permanent Kansas City Location for Science Agencies

Relocation of the Economic Research Service and National Institute for Food and Agriculture still faces potential roadblocks from Congress.

Trump Interior Nominee Fast-Tracked a ‘Deficient’ Drilling Permit

Oil lobbyists’ answer to regulatory roadblocks is “We’ll call Kate” – as in Kate MacGregor, nominee for the No. 2 job at Department of the Interior.

Viewpoint: The EPA Disbanded Our Clean Air Science Panel. We Met Anyway – and Found that Particle Pollution Regulations Aren’t Protecting Public Health

Scientists who were appointed to advise the EPA on air pollution kept meeting independently after the agency dissolved their panel. They say current regulations aren't strict enough.

More Than 30 Lawmakers Urge Appropriators to Block Funding for USDA Science Agency Relocations

With most employees at the two research agencies declining to move to Kansas City, Democrats in both the House and Senate are urging appropriators to adopt House-passed language prohibiting spending on the move.

The Forest Service Is About to Set a Giant Forest Fire—On Purpose

A man-made blaze on a remote Utah mountainside could provide valuable insights into the behavior of the powerful wildfires growing more and more common out West.