Managing Pay When the Goal is Rebuilding the STEMM Workforce

This would be an ideal time to rethink the talent management policies for these essential occupations.

New Task Force Will Conduct Sweeping Review of Scientific Integrity Policies

The governmentwide review will look at policies and political interference in science over the last two administrations.

Prominent Scientists Call on CDC to Better Protect Workers From COVID-19

The academics insist that more workers should get top-rated N95 masks, the best defense against airborne coronavirus particles.

The Military Wants To Produce Water From Air. Here’s the Science Behind It

The key is the right combination of elements in porous crystal structures, and the AI-powered search is on.

Why Biden's Embrace of Evidence in Policymaking Is Just What We Need Right Now

A new presidential memo signals commitment from the very top to the use of data and science at a time when the country is confronted by major crises, two experts say.

Labor and Environmental Groups Optimistic Biden’s EPA Pick Can Rebuild Trust

Still, the nominee would have a lot of work ahead of him if confirmed, advocates note. 

Judge Gives Biden Path to Quickly Repeal Trump's 'Secret Science' Rule

The EPA rule faced criticism for placing restrictions on the scientific research career employees can use.

FDA Is Leaving Lab Employees At Risk of COVID-19 Exposure

An office created in 2016 to ensure safety at labs has never been given the authorities necessary to do its job, GAO says.

Stereotypes in Language May Shape Bias Against Women in STEM

Researchers found the language we speak strongly predicts implicit gender associations.

GovExec Daily: Vaccine Progress, Oversight and Operation Warp Speed

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss the government involvement in the search for coronavirus treatment and vaccinations.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Next Time You See a Graph, Chart or Map

Visualizations can help you understand data better – but they can also confuse or mislead. Here, some tips on what to watch out for.

Despite a Skyward Mission, NASA Shaped the Study of Life on Earth

Born of a bitter, militaristic space race, NASA served as an unlikely catalyst for a revolution in biology.

New Legislation Would Increase Oversight Of Agency Relocations

Measure would require federal officials to conduct detailed cost-benefit analyses and provide them to inspectors general and the public for review before undertaking any effort to move federal agencies.