GovExec Daily: Vaccine Progress, Oversight and Operation Warp Speed

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss the government involvement in the search for coronavirus treatment and vaccinations.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Next Time You See a Graph, Chart or Map

Visualizations can help you understand data better – but they can also confuse or mislead. Here, some tips on what to watch out for.

Despite a Skyward Mission, NASA Shaped the Study of Life on Earth

Born of a bitter, militaristic space race, NASA served as an unlikely catalyst for a revolution in biology.

New Legislation Would Increase Oversight Of Agency Relocations

Measure would require federal officials to conduct detailed cost-benefit analyses and provide them to inspectors general and the public for review before undertaking any effort to move federal agencies.

A Trump Official Tried to Fast-Track Funding for His Friend’s Unproven COVID-19 'Treatment,' Whistleblower Says

Whistleblowing virologist Rick Bright says that his Trump-appointed boss tried to fast-track funding for a friend’s coronavirus treatment, and that he was reassigned for insisting that funding be reserved for “safe and scientifically vetted solutions.”

Advancing Science During a Public Health Crisis: An Interview with NSF’s Top HR Officer

“This pandemic has shown everyone that the nature of work is not where you work, but really what you do,” the National Science Foundation’s Wonzie Gardner says.

Analysis: Our Chemical Regulatory Program Is Broken. Here’s How to Fix It.

The existing framework puts too much burden on the Environmental Protection Agency — and too little on manufacturers.

Feds Send Coronavirus Strike Force to Amarillo in Response to Outbreaks in Meatpacking Plants

Potter County has roughly four times the infection rate of Harris and Dallas counties.

The Challenge of Tracking COVID-19’s Stealthy Spread

New studies indicate just how difficult containment efforts are likely to be.

New Systems of Governance Are Needed to Address Climate Change

We must rethink the scope, scale, tools and partnerships of natural resource management.

The CDC and WHO Have Already Said Mosquitoes Don’t Spread Coronavirus. Now USDA Will Study It, Too.

An adviser for the American Mosquito Control Association says the possibility of mosquito transition of the coronavirus is “nil.”

Discovering the Brain’s Nightly 'Rinse Cycle'

The director of the National Institutes of Health explains why getting restful sleep is essential for your mental and physical health.

Experts: Here’s What We Know about the New Coronavirus

Two infectious disease experts have put together a "COVID-19 primer" that includes information on prevention, symptoms, and work toward a vaccine.

The Federal Government Should Go to War With the Coronavirus, Today

A bipartisan federal effort, leading to a military-style assault, is necessary to contain the virus that has the potential to infect 40%-70% of the world’s population within a year.  

The Legacy of a Hidden NASA Figure

The stories of black women at the space agency were once buried so deep that it felt like a revelation when they were brought to light.