GovExec Daily: EPA Policy and Science in the Biden Administration

Eric Katz joins the show to discuss how the agency says that it encourages open collaboration among employees, while some scientists have reported the opposite.

Climate Change Is Already Disrupting the Military. It Will Get Worse, Officials Say

Even as wildfires drain National Guard resources, the Pentagon is racing to develop computer models that can better guide decisions about sustainability efforts.

EPA Asked to Stop Barring Employees From Sharing Scientific Findings With Each Other

Agency says it supports open collaboration among employees, but some scientists have reported policies with the opposite effect.

GovExec Daily: Efforts to Advance and Invest in Research

Wellspring CEO Robert Lowe joins the podcast to discuss how the U.S. invests in innovation.

EPA Directs Employees Not to Talk to the Press

Agency faces criticism of hypocrisy after promising new era of transparency.

The U.S. Needs Another Innovation Dream Team

A comparison of the U.S. responses to World War II and the pandemic shows where we’ve gone wrong—and how to adjust course.

Why America Must Lead—and Fund—the Ocean Data Revolution

We have an opportunity to empower natural resource managers, federal agencies and local communities to make informed decisions with the best available science.

Even Feds With Lifetime Tenure Can Be Fired for Cause, Court Rules

The dismissal does not require a special procedure, court finds in new precedent-setting case.

Move Over, Mars

After decades away, NASA is sending not one, but two missions to Venus.

EPA Admits to Altering Science Under Trump, Pledges New Course

Senior management demanded modifications to scientific conclusions that "did not make sense," career employees said.

Preparing for the Next Pandemic

Three challenges stand out as testing our nation’s ability to counter emerging biological threats.

The Environmental Threat More Immediate Than Climate Change

The uptick in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions poses substantial dangers for people and the economy, says an EPA scientist.

Lawmakers Renew Efforts to Protect Animals in Government Labs

Bipartisan legislation builds on current policies at the Defense and Veterans Affairs departments, Food and Drug Administration and National Institutes of Health. 

Flurry of Climate Action Belies a Major Omission: There’s No Strategy

As Biden’s climate priorities gain momentum, the need for a national climate adaptation strategy is more important than ever.

How a National ‘Green Bank’ Could Help Advance Biden’s Climate Agenda

The concept has roots in other federal financing programs.

Union Criticizes Civil Service Carveouts in Science Bills

Two bills aimed at revitalizing the National Science Foundation include major exceptions to federal hiring rules that AFGE officials say are reminiscent of former President Trump’s controversial and aborted Schedule F initiative.