Biden looks to swap leadership at civil service watchdog agencies

White House nominates a Trump appointee for a new role overseeing enforcement of civil service laws.

Feds Reported ‘Notable Levels’ of Perceived Banned Personnel Practices in 2021

This “data is only a starting point, not the finishing line,” said the Merit Systems Protection Board.

Merit Board: Agencies Must Tell Employees to Pick One Place to File Personnel Action Appeals, and Stick With It

An Air Force civilian worker was never informed that she could not both file a union grievance and have the Merit Systems Protection Board hear her case.

Appeals Panel for Feds No Longer Whole As Former Board Member Runs for Office

The Merit Systems Protection Board, now once again dealing with a vacancy as former member runs for state House in West Virginia, vows to continue working on its backlog.

Agencies Are Facing New Restrictions for Firing Feds Injured on the Job

In many cases, employees have a right to restoration if they can recover physically.

Court Affirms That Federal Employee Appeals Agency's Judges Are Constitutionally Appointed

A ruling for the appellant could have upended enforcement of civil service protections for federal workers.

Federal Employee Appeals Board Still Has Years of Work Ahead to Cut Through Its Record Backlog

Board has made slow but steady progress in reducing its workload after Congress incapacitated it for five years.

Don’t Fear the Public Service Reform Act

A former chief human capital officer says it is time to re-center and simplify the rules to balance individual fairness and organizational effectiveness in the federal government.

'There Needs to Be a Reckoning': Republicans Introduce a Bill to Make Feds At-Will Employees

The legislation, along with recent talk of a renewed effort to implement Schedule F, makes clear that a “major assault” on the federal civil service is coming, regardless of who the next Republican presidential nominee will be.

Trump Has Endorsed a Plan to Purge the Civil Service of ‘Rogue Bureaucrats’

Former Trump staffers have said they have identified 50,000 federal employees who would be ousted under a new iteration of Schedule F during the next Republican administration.

Being Left Out of Meetings or Yelled at Isn’t Always Enough to Claim Whistleblower Protections

Still, MSPB says it will broadly interpret civil service laws to cumulatively examine management’s actions.

Biden’s Board Appointees Promise to Finally Provide Feds ‘Extra Insurance’ Against Mistreatment

After five years, a restored Merit Systems Protection Board is setting new precedents with sweeping impacts for the civil service.

DoD Sent a Soldier’s Remains to a Dump. Now It Must Give His Wife a Civilian Job

The new MSPB is taking a wide interpretation of what constitutes whistleblower retaliation.

MSPB Has Issued Its First Bit of Precedent in Five Years

The body that adjudicates the validity of discipline and removal of federal workers decided that it cannot overrule laws governing probationary periods, even if an agency gave the employee bad info on when they end.