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New D.C.-Area Express Toll Lanes Test P3 Financing Models

Toll projects so far have proven to be the riskiest types of public-private partnerships.

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Q&A With Gov. John Hickenlooper: Creating Joy … at the DMV

An excerpt from 'The Technology of Us': How government can catch up with business in redefining the consumer relationship.

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Plan B for When Local Gov Officials Are Placed on Administrative Leave

Ann Arbor turns to a contractor to help run its building department on an interim basis.


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The Tower Bridge links Sacramento with West Sacramento.

California City Makes Move to Block Ethanol Trains

West Sacramento now faces a lawsuit after local officials didn’t renew a rail transport permit for a Texas company that ships through the city.

Boosted by an oil and gas boom, North Dakota’s jobs total grew by 4.8 percent between December 2013 and November of this year.

Which States Created the Most Jobs in 2014?

More than a dozen states added at least 50,000 jobs.

The Alarming Research Behind New York's Fracking Ban

An analysis of the findings in Gov. Andrew Cuomo's 184-page review of hydraulic fracturing.

The Cops vs. the Mayor: Bill de Blasio's Big Headache

Can the liberal NYC mayor mend fences with increasingly hostile police leadership just as he needs the force to handle protests against bad policing?

Portland, Oregon

Uber Agrees to Stand Down in Portland

Oregon's largest city gets the infamous disruptor to cease operations for three months.

GOP Governors Eyeing the White House Have Plenty to Lose at Home

The road to the White House comes riddled with potholes for four Republican governors as they prepare for 2015’s legislative sessions.

The Chart That Toppled San Diego's Long-Term Transportation Plan

And could strengthen climate policies in California cities for years to come.

Nebraska, Oklahoma Join Forces to Challenge Colorado Marijuana Law

Recreational weed in the Centennial State has strained law enforcement elsewhere, neighboring officials say.

America's Holiday Lights Can Be Seen from Space

They're especially bright in the suburbs, says NASA.