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How New York City Is Becoming Even More Map-Centric With Its Data

The city’s transportation CTO details how to create valuable tools for the public, put everything on a map and not reinvent the wheel in the process.

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Harnessing San Francisco’s Startup Talent for Civic Projects

Watch how the city’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program works.

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Indiana Judge Has Unusual Courthouse Dispute With Mayor

Kokomo mayor says judge has shown “bizarre behavior over time.”

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New Hogan Lake, like most of California, is drier than usual this year.

California's Underground Water War

California has been the only western state without groundwater regulation—but now that looks set to change.

Balancing Bike-Share Stations Has Become a Serious Scientific Endeavor

Some top mathematicians and computer scientists are devoting time to the problem.

Washington Is America's Worst Economic Mirror. Its Best? Detroit.

When it comes to who falls where on the income ladder, the Motor City hews best to the national average.

Ocean Grove, New Jersey s one of many beach towns on the Jersey Shore.

The Roller-Coaster Economies of Vacation Towns

The end of summer is nearly here. Which U.S. cities are about to radically change?

High-Growth Texas Communities Face High Local Debt Loads

A new tool helps state residents better understand local financial realities.

San Diego is trying something different.

Can Cities Ease Homelessness With Storage Units?

Providing storage solutions for the homeless helps bring stability and dignity to their lives.

North Carolina Teachers Are 'Easy Pickings' for Texas Recruiters

Low salaries make Tar Heel State educators vulnerable to poaching.

How Republicans Flip-Flopped on Government-Run Internet

Letting cities provide Internet service to their residents wasn't always a partisan issue.

How Legalized Marijuana Is Also a Long-Term ‘Knowledge Experiment’ in Washington State

A new Brookings Institution report details the ‘innovative policy framework’ to study Initiative 502’s social impacts.

Pacific Gas and Electric's Diablo Canyon Power Plant's nuclear reactors are located in  Avila Beach, Calif.

Earthquake Reawakens Concerns About California's Only Nuclear Plant

Inspector: NRC is "not applying the safety rules it set out for the plant's operation.