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Wisconsin Awaits Implementation of Scott Walker’s Civil Service Reform Law

Supporters say it will help the state government be more effective in hiring and firing but opponents fear weakened worker protections.

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Louisiana Governor Touts Medicaid Expansion as Way to Help Cure Budget Woes

“It’s the easiest big decision I will ever make as governor,” John Bel Edwards said of his move earlier this year to expand the health care program for those with low incomes.

The Lawsuit to Keep Virginia's Felons From Voting

The state’s Republican lawmakers said Monday they planned to stop the order to allow more than 200,000 convicted felons the right to vote.


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Puerto Rico’s Biggest Default Yet

The island’s missed a major payment, and the next one could be even larger.

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States Struggle to Provide Housing for Migrant Farmworkers

Unsanitary and crowded living conditions pose risks to migrant workers’ health, increasing their vulnerability to everything from infectious diseases to heat strokes. In a handful of states, efforts are underway to improve living conditions for these workers.

Route Fifty Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Internal Memo Panned Wisconsin’s Civil Service Law; Colo. Supreme Court Bars Local Fracking Bans

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: New York Mayor’s ‘secret pizza party’; Puerto Rico defaults on $370 million in debts; and Seattle May Day protesters get violent.

Route Fifty Gina Macaluso, an employee of Covered California, the state's health insurance exchange, provides information at a call center. California, Kentucky and Vermont had "significant" cybersecurity weakesses in their exchanges, federal investigators found.

Examining the Risks and Realities Facing Cybersecurity Decision-Makers

In a Route Fifty Special Report, we take a look at issues like state budgeting for cyber defense, intergovernmental coordination, analytics and training for effective cyber response.

Route Fifty Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton delivers the State of the State Address at the University of Minnesota on March 9, 2016.

Minnesota Governor’s Big Cybersecurity Spending Plan Gets Iffy Support in Legislature

Debate about funding levels reflects national discussion about whether states are investing enough to keep computer systems and data safe from hackers and other threats.

Route Fifty Florida Gov. Rick Scott

Big Drop in Fla. HIV Cases Raises Questions; Texas High Court Blocks Houston’s Air Quality Rules

Also in our State & Local Weekend Digest: Mysterious odors in N.Y.’s Capital Region; Cincinnati boosts municipal minimum wage; and Oklahoma’s definition of rape.

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Local Governments Still Don’t Quite Understand Federal Web Accessibility Rules

89 percent of local government leaders recently surveyed had little or no knowledge of the requirements for digital accessibility.

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How States Can Use Economic Development Data More Effectively

Businesses, federal records and other third-party databases are full of valuable information.

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These States Don't Want You to Get Solar Power

High legal barriers in 10 states make it especially difficult to put solar panels on rooftops.

Route Fifty Oakland, California

The Poor and Middle Class Are Fleeing America’s Booming Cities

Rising housing prices have a lot to do with the migration.