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How Dog Lovers Sparked Laws That Could Save Kids in Hot Cars

This year, at least five states have enacted laws to protect bystanders from being sued for breaking a car window to rescue a child in an emergency.

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Why It’s Hard to Punish ‘Bad Samaritans’

Thousands attended a funeral for Jamel Dunn, a Florida man who drowned in a pond while teens recorded and mocked him. Lawmakers in Florida and Arizona now want to make it illegal to not try to help someone in an emergency.


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Route Fifty A protester looks down from where a Confederate statue once stood in front of the old Durham County Courthouse in Durham, North Carolina.

What's the Right Punishment for Tearing Down a Confederate Monument?

In Durham, the sheriff and district attorney appear divided over whether civil disobedience deserves greater leniency from the judicial system.

Route Fifty

Western Towns Try to Stop Hungry Bears From Causing Havoc

In bear country, cities and counties are trying to keep bears out of town by adopting ordinances that require residents to keep their trash secure.

Route Fifty San Francisco, California

Inequality in the Bay Area Makes Preparing for Climate Change Impacts Harder

But a design challenge focused on resiliency currently underway hopes to change that.

Route Fifty Ohio Gov. John Kasich, right, joined by Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, speaks during a news conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.

Why the Unpopular Individual Mandate Is Likely to Endure (For Now)

A bipartisan group of governors fears that getting rid of the mandate now might convince even more young and healthy people to forgo insurance, further destabilizing markets.

Route Fifty A 16-year-old from Eritrea looks out over Dolores Park in San Francisco. When he landed in March, he was among the last refugee foster children to make it into the U.S. before the Trump administration declared travel bans that halted the small, three-deca

Even Liberals Can Be Refugee NIMBYs

A new study finds that a collective action problem plagues support for settling displaced people in America.

Route Fifty People stand in a metal tube after a test of a Hyperloop One propulsion system in May 2016 in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

These U.S. Regions Could Be First in Line for Hyperloop Expansion

Hyperloop One is eyeing four routes in the Midwest, Colorado, Texas and Florida in addition to six more outside the country.

Route Fifty Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

The Controversy Behind Chicago's Diploma Mandate

Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to set students up for success after graduation. But at public schools, even the best ideas often have unintended consequences.

Route Fifty

Federal E-Verify Law Would Mean Major Changes for U.S. Employers

Seven states in the South and two in the West already require private employers to use E-Verify, but enforcement has been inconsistent.

Route Fifty Candace Marbury and Christopher Farmer, cofounders of GRAD, demo their graffiti-cleaning drone.

San José Innovation Challenge Leads to Graffiti-Cleaning Drone

The next round of the contest will look at how the city can improve the way it orders evacuations ahead of serious flooding.

Route Fifty New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner, right, introduces one of the speakers at a meeting of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity on Tuesday in Manchester, New Hampshire.

The Trump Voter-Fraud Commission's Data Problem

During its second meeting on Tuesday, the Kris Kobach-led group heard presentations that sometimes followed a circular logic.