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Last year, we launched GovExec State & Local. Now we’ve expanded our team, built a new digital home and are energized even more to connect the ideas and people advancing state, county and municipal government across the United States.

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Sometimes You Don’t Need to Think Outside the Box

One subtle lesson from the Code for America summit: Effective innovation doesn’t always require a big shift in mindset or a bold transformational idea.

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Can Cities Desegregate? Some Show How It’s Done

As the federal government ups the pressure on cities to desegregate, some may provide models to follow.

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Route Fifty People watch the waves in a rainstorm at Atlantic Ocean at Carolina Beach, N. C., Friday, Oct. 2, 2015. Millions along the East Coast breathed a little easier Friday after forecasters said Hurricane Joaquin would probably veer out to sea instead of joinin

State and Local Governments on East Coast Brace for Hurricane Joaquin’s Impacts

The storm itself may stay offshore, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be problems on land.

As Joaquin Approaches, Christie Makes the Case That He Can Lead

The governor dredged up memories Thursday of hurricanes past to argue that he’s better prepared this time around.

Route Fifty

Insufficient Mental Health and Medical Treatment Is the Cause of Most Jails’ Woes

A concerted Medicaid enrollment push and community supervision programs could be the key to reducing inmate populations and costs.

Route Fifty The City-County Building in Pittsburgh

At Code for America, There’s Hope for Local Procurement Reform Amid Ongoing Struggles

‘The promise of technology and data transparency … is very exciting and will bring about change.’ But there’s a lot of work to do.

Route Fifty Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati’s New Challenge Grants; Federal Lawsuit Over Kansas Voter Purge

Also: Oregon celebrates legalized marijuana sales and class-action litigation over Mississippi prison conditions moves forward.

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Low Gas Prices Could Give Toll Roads a Financial Boost

New research says the roadways are currently an attractive option for municipal investors, but in places such as Texas the climate for tolls has turned icy.

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State and Local Takeaways From the White House’s New ‘Open Science’ Memo

Citizen science and crowdsourcing projects are engaging community stakeholders while improving the public’s science literacy.

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Volkswagen Sued for $100 Million Over Its Emissions Scandal in Texas

Have the floodgates opened to local government actions against the carmaker?

Route Fifty Cleveland, Ohio

When a City Government Faces Challenges, ‘You Either Rise to the Occasion or You Don’t’

An ICMA fellowship helped Tanisha Briley develop her talents for public service and succeed where many her age struggle. Now she’s a city manager.

Route Fifty Gov. Doug Ducey, is asking the Obama administration to impose new limits on Medicaid eligibility, including work requirements and a five-year lifetime limit.

Should Medicaid Recipients Have to Work?

Arizona wants to require Medicaid recipients to work for their benefits. Will other states follow?