Watchdog Doesn't Know How White House Determines Who Gets Ethics Waivers

Waivers allow staff to weigh in on issues they worked on for former employers and clients.

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Excellence in Government

You Might Be Working Yourself to Death (Really) arrowThe combination of a high-stress job and low control over how work gets done may lead to ...

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Excellence in Government

Trump and Obama Have One Surprising Thing in Common – The Words They Use arrowEloquent Obama and bombastic Trump certainly have different ...

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Route Fifty

Mayors Join With the Anti-Defamation League in Effort to Combat White Supremacy arrowMayors say Charlottesville was a “clarion call to create ...

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Tillerson Announces Minority Hiring Initiative at State arrowEach ambassadorial position would require at least one minority candidate to be ...

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How to Enjoy the Eclipse Without Frying Your Eyes arrowSome tips from NASA and other federal agencies to help you make the most of the rare ...

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What Should Trump Do in Afghanistan? arrow"It’s unfortunate that the strategy review has taken so long and now has become involved in a ...

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Pay & Benefits

Senator Reignites Discussion of Obamacare Exemption for Congress arrowLetter requests information on OPM rule allowing lawmakers and staff to ...

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Bannon's Exit Leaves Trump Untethered arrowAs the president cuts ties with establishment staffers, and forces out his populist firebrand, ...

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Excellence in Government

Managing Your Career in the Trump Era arrowDo you feel like you are making a difference or are you just trying to survive?

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Trump Order Elevates Cyber Command arrowCYBERCOM is now a full combatant command rather than a sub-unified command beneath U.S. Strategic ...

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On Politics

Trump Has His 20th 'Worst Week' Out of 30 in Office arrowFor journalists, the sky is falling as the president’s performance goes from bad to ...

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