Government Executive - All Content is government's business news daily and the premier Web site for federal managers and executives.en-usSun, 01 Mar 2015 11:59:13 -0500New York State’s New 90-Day Email Purge Policy Raises Big Questions Over Transparency in Albany grill state CIO Maggie Miller, who affirms the Cuomo administration’s controversial guidelines: It’s “consistent with accepted practice.”Michael GrassSun, 01 Mar 2015 11:59:13 -0500 & LocalNew York Gov. Andrew Cuomolev radin / Shutterstock.comDemocrats to the Rescue: Congress Averts Shutdown for One More Week could not muster support for the three-week bill and had to move a one-week measure instead.Sarah Mimms, Alex Brown, and Daniel Newhauser, National JournalFri, 27 Feb 2015 21:04:00 -0500 Pelosi held a news conference Friday before the votes.J. Scott Applewhite/APFOIA Reform Draws Backing from Ex-Archives Ombudsman would codify powers of the office responsible for mediating disputes between requesters and agencies.Charles S. ClarkFri, 27 Feb 2015 16:16:46 -0500 Meadows, R-N.C., wants to streamline the way FOIA requests are handled.House Oversight and Government Reform Committee file photo.White House Says Obama Would Sign a Short-Term DHS Bill House Press Secretary Josh Earnest on Friday urged the House to pass a clean DHS funding bill, and not a stopgap measure.Brian Resnick and Priscilla Alvarez, National JournalFri, 27 Feb 2015 15:48:26 -0500 Martin/APRepublicans Scramble for DHS Votes, Without Democrats' Help pulls the No Child Left Behind bill from floor schedule as leaders put out fires on the DHS front.Alex Brown and Daniel Newhauser, National JournalFri, 27 Feb 2015 15:43:48 -0500 Boehner still has a lot of work to do.Office of the Speaker of the HouseTed Cruz Wants to Reform Federal Hiring better known as the architect of the 2013 shutdown looks to add a hiring preference.Eric KatzFri, 27 Feb 2015 15:33:22 -0500 Walsh/APVA Watchdog Finds Data Manipulation of Disability Claims at Arkansas Facility -- complying with headquarters guidance -- changed the dates in dozens of cases so that older claims appeared newer.Kellie LunneyFri, 27 Feb 2015 14:44:11 -0500 dates made backlog appear less severe. Zonia / Shutterstock.comHow a Treasury Watchdog Found Long-Lost Lois Lerner Emails in Just Two Weeks evening hearing on the discovery, House members tangle over alleged ‘criminal’ acts and IG bias.Charles S. ClarkFri, 27 Feb 2015 14:11:34 -0500"I find this shocking" that the IG could find the emails so quickly, said Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah.Susan Walsh/APStates Work to Protect Electric Grid From Solar Storms, Nuclear Threat growing number of state legislators are introducing measures aimed at protecting the electric grid from catastrophic events.Jenni Bergal, Pew Charitable TrustsFri, 27 Feb 2015 13:55:57 -0500 & LocalSSSCCC / Shutterstock.comWith Next Step Uncertain, Senate Approves Bill to Avoid DHS Shutdown House is working on an alternate three-week funding measure, and time is running out.Sarah Mimms, National JournalFri, 27 Feb 2015 12:38:53 -0500 of the CapitolNASA Satellite Program Shows Rain Information in Detail Global Precipitation Measurement gives an unprecedented view of global precipitation available in near real time.Brian Kahn, QuartzFri, 27 Feb 2015 11:59:00 -0500, Rest Your Weary Limbs on Seattle's First-Ever 'Leaning Rails' metal fixtures, already used in European cities, support riders as they wait at intersections.John Metcalfe, CityLabFri, 27 Feb 2015 10:13:54 -0500 & LocalSeattle DOTHoyer Calls McCarthy a 'Coward' Over DHS Funding build on House floor over GOP plan to move short-term bill to avert shutdown.Alex Brown, National JournalFri, 27 Feb 2015 10:06:58 -0500 Scott Applewhite/APBad Weather: Better for Work, Terrible for Everything Else is the winter of our productivity.Bourree Lam, The AtlanticFri, 27 Feb 2015 10:03:46 -0500 - Promising PracticesAndrew F. Kazmierski / file photoPlay of the Day: The Plight of the Whistleblowers Daily Show looks at protections for feds who blow the whistle on waste, fraud and abuse.Ross GianfortuneFri, 27 Feb 2015 09:58:37 -0500 CentralBoehner Has a Plan to Avoid a DHS Shutdown -- But It Might Not Pass are going to kick the can down the road.Sarah Mimms, Rachel Roubein, and Daniel Newhauser, National JournalFri, 27 Feb 2015 09:40:09 -0500 Speaker John BoehnerJ. Scott Applewhite/APArizona ‘City’ With Escaped Llamas Isn’t Actually a Municipality City doesn’t have a mayor and there’s no local government. But there’s a Sheriff’s Posse and plenty of residents in orange safety vests.Michael GrassThu, 26 Feb 2015 22:08:47 -0500 & LocalSun "City," ArizonaTim Roberts Photography / Shutterstock.comVet Group Wants to Turn Veterans Health Administration Into Amtrak would transform federal agency into a government-chartered nonprofit and give vets a private health care option.Kellie LunneyThu, 26 Feb 2015 17:07:16 -0500 Marco Rubio, R-Fla. , said the current VHA model doesn't work anymore. J. Scott Applewhite/APChattanooga, Tenn., and Wilson, N.C., Celebrate FCC’s Municipal Broadband Ruling two cities had petitioned commissioners to block state red tape that limits expansion of high-speed networks built by local governments.Michael GrassThu, 26 Feb 2015 16:42:53 -0500 & LocalChattanooga, TennesseeSean Pavone / Shutterstock.comStressed? It’s Not How Much You Do, It’s How You Do It anxiety, especially in high-pressure situations, can be a drain on the body’s resources.Sonali Kohli, QuartzThu, 26 Feb 2015 16:21:05 -0500 - Promising PracticesKieferPix/Shutterstock.comFeds Dismiss Google's Fears Over FBI’s Hacking Power’s claim that the expansion of search warrant authority is a “monumental” constitutional threat is grounded in inaccuracies, the Justice Department said.Dustin Volz, National JournalThu, 26 Feb 2015 16:00:31 -0500 / Shutterstock.comSenate Conservatives Concede, Won't Delay DHS Bill of a "clean" measure expected before Friday deadline, though House prospects remain uncertain.Sarah Mimms, National JournalThu, 26 Feb 2015 15:55:29 -0500"I'm not interested in delay merely for the sake of delay," Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., said.Susan Walsh/APLawmakers Call for Shutdown Solidarity, Offer to Refuse Pay If DHS Closes introduce bill to withhold congressional pay if Homeland Security shuts down.Eric KatzThu, 26 Feb 2015 15:47:38 -0500 & BenefitsRep. Brad Ashford, D-Neb.. introduced the "No Homeland Security, No Pay Act.".Nati Harnik/APPentagon Acquisition Bosses Ho-Hum on Multiple Reviews for Passing Milestones finds weapons program managers valued input in only 10 percent of cases.Charles S. ClarkThu, 26 Feb 2015 15:16:43 -0500 Department file photoCollaborating to Identify West Virginia Medicaid Patients Who Visit Emergency Rooms West Virginia, a public-private partnership is working to deliver preventative care to these patients, allaying the need for future emergency visits., The Intersector ProjectThu, 26 Feb 2015 14:50:53 -0500 & LocalAmerican Spirit /