OPM Tells Agencies to Stop Working Collaboratively with Unions

Guidance for implementing President Trump’s executive order disbanding labor-management councils goes much further than a similar move made by President George W. Bush.

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Everything You Never Thought to Ask About Astronaut Food arrow“Burping in microgravity is probably not something you want to do a lot of.”

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Excellence in Government

There’s a Trick To Improving Your Mood—But You Probably Don’t Want To Do It arrowIt’s nearly impossible to control your thoughts and feelings, ...

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Senator Intervenes to Back Intel Community Whistleblower Ombudsman arrowFollowing a disciplinary hearing, Dan Meyer risks termination for ...

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Election Cyber Coordinating Council to be Finalized Next Year arrowState and federal officials met with election industry leaders to launch ...

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Three Things the U.S. Military Needs to Fight in Europe arrowOne year into rotational deployments on the continent, here’s what the Army and ...

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ICE Detainees Face Inhumane Conditions, IG Finds arrowIllegal strip searches, rotten food and a lack of toilet paper number among the improper ...

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Excellence in Government

Security Clearance Backlog Has Been a Decade in the Making arrowThere’s no shortage of recommendations for addressing the problems.

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Route Fifty

Bloomberg Blasts GOP Tax Bill arrowAmong the criticisms the business tycoon and ex NYC mayor lodges against the legislation: Restricting state ...

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5 Tech Issues Congress Wants GAO to Keep an Eye On arrowThe House Oversight and Government Reform Committee provided five new directives to ...

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Women With Postgrad Degrees Are More Likely to Report Experiencing Sex Discrimination at Work arrowThe pattern holds steady for every major ...

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Play of the Day: Trump Cuts Red Tape, Frees 'Our Dreams' arrowThe president used curious language to describe his administration's push to cut ...

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