Senator Threatens to Hold Up OPM Nominee Over Obamacare Rule Spat

Chairman of oversight committee has long sought documents related to a rule allowing congressional staff to purchase insurance on a small business exchange and receive employer subsidies.

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Retirement Planning

5 Things You Should Do to Prepare for Health Benefits Open Season arrowIt’s only three weeks away.

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Pay & Benefits

Senate Poised to Approve Budget Plan, Setting Up Fight Over Fed Benefit Cuts arrowThe House version of the resolution includes $32 billion in ...

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Small Agency’s Employees Say They Felt Pressured to Report Improved Job Satisfaction arrowBut leader of Chemical Safety Board says big uptick ...

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Mattis Opposes Splitting Defense CIO Duties arrowThe defense secretary’s letter also objects to a requirement that the Defense Department ...

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House Oversight Leaders Press Tardy Agencies to Reveal Their Travel Costs arrowCommittee chairman threatens Agriculture and Justice with ...

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Could the Senate’s Plan to Speed Up Bid Protests Backfire? arrowA shorter timeframe to review contracting disputes could put significant ...

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Do People Like Government ‘Nudges’? Study Says: Yes arrowGovernment initiatives to prod people to make better decisions got a lot of attention ...

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Excellence in Government

Managers Are Missing Out On The Most Important Part Of Personality Tests arrowWhat's most valuable isn't the test itself.

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Excellence in Government

Take 5: How Power Dynamics Shape Our Behavior arrowPower—or the lack of it—impacts everything from snack choices to economic growth.

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Play of the Day: 'The Apprentice' For Border Walls arrowThe wall prototypes are showcased near the border and they look like reality show ...

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Excellence in Government

To Give Better Feedback, You Must Fully Understand the Agony of Receiving It arrowWe talk a lot about how we need feedback and not enough ...

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