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Hawaii’s Once-Lagging Digital Footprint Is Now Transformed

The Aloha State’s online redesign essentially had to start from scratch. But that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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City Teams Up With Yelp on Health Inspections; Mich.'s ‘Anti-Tesla’ Law

Also in our State & Local roundup: A Maryland county wants to block transit connections to its neighbors and San Antonio airport travelers get new library service ...

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Need Cattle-Guard Location Data? Utah Has That and Plenty More

See how the Beehive State’s transportation department is using its open-data portal can to unlock all sorts of information.

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Boulder, Colorado, Has More Toilets Than People

A new and vital analysis from the real estate company RedFin ranks U.S. cities by toilet availability.

Detroit and the Evaporating Right to Running Water

A UN special rapporteur's statement on water shutoffs in the beleaguered city raises questions about what the social contract means for some Americans.

Detroit, Michigan, as seen from Windsor, Ontario.

Video: Implementing Smart City Policies Amid Dismal Fiscal Conditions

Watch local-level leaders discuss how innovation can bloom despite daunting financial challenges.

How Skyrocketing Development in Texas Could Suck the State Dry

The Lone Star State is losing open space faster than any other, and that's bad news for the water cycle.

A major megathrust earthquake and tsunami is expected to slam into Oregon's coast at any moment.

‘Cascadia Playbook’ Is Helping Oregon Prep for Major Subduction Megathrust Quake

Watch how the state is using a “living document” for its future response to a 9.0-plus magnitude disaster.

The Arkansas House of Representatives chamber.

Take a Look at the Arkansas Capitol’s 15-Year Makeover

State historian: The building is in the “best shape that it’s been in since 1915. But there’s more to do.”

The Massachusetts Statehouse in Boston.

Massachusetts Tech Sector’s ‘Political Awakening’; Strong-Mayor System for Sacramento?

Also in our State & Local roundup, Atlantic City’s greed, rural Georgia broadband expansion and a Texas fracking ban plan ...

Burlington County is a major mid-Atlantic trucking hub located along the New Jersey Turnpike.

County Says ‘Third Way’ Transformation Helped It Thrive Despite Great Recession

Burlington County, New Jersey, streamlined its operations and upgraded IT infrastructure all at a lower cost for its residents.

Can Homeless People Move Into Baltimore's Abandoned Houses?

There are more than 16,000 vacant homes in the city. Are they the solution to the long-standing housing crisis?

Why New Yorkers Can't Find a Taxi When It Rains

Cabbies might quickly make enough to call it a day. Or they might not think it's worth it to be out at all.