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New Cloud Platform for California State and Local Agencies Launched

CalCloud aims to transform government IT infrastructure in the Golden State.

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Feds Seek to Prevent Deadly Oil Train Accidents

North Dakota oil boom and rail incidents prompt new federal guidelines as local governments take action, too.

Austin's Rail-or-Fail Vote Is Uniting Transit Supporters and Foes

Facing down a determined opposition, Austin is wise to plan for growth with its new rail project—even if that means investing in areas where demand is only starting to arrive.


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Botched Arizona Execution Raises New Questions

Joseph Rudolph Wood's lethal injection took almost two hours.

Firefighter Kathleen Calvin sits atop her fire truck as smoke from a wildfire fills the sky in Winthrop, Washington.

Obama Declares Washington's 250,000-Acre Wildfire An Emergency

The Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Homeland Security will coordinate relief efforts and provide equipment to manage the 400-square-mile blaze.

One State Is Being Sued Over Obamacare Politics

A lawsuit filed Wednesday accuses Tennessee of denying coverage to low-income patients.

States Would Sue to Kill City Internet Service

State legislatures threatened to take the FCC to court to protect restrictions on municipal broadband networks.

The California Aqueduct snakes past Palmdale.

California Cities Grapple With State’s Water-Saving Mandates

The state government is urging water conservation. But some cities are issuing citations for not keeping lawns green.

New York Governor Cuomo May Have Corrupted His Own Anti-Corruption Commission

Several members of the commission said they felt limited by the governor's office.

District of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray

FOIA-Tracking Websites Gain Steam in D.C., New York City

A new public-records tool in the nation’s capital comes amid criticism of Mayor Vincent Gray’s government.

New Court Decision Might Make Health Insurance Unaffordable in the Poorest States

Halbig v. Burwell threatens to undo the Obamacare subsidies that millions of people in more than half the country rely on to buy insurance.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Border Sheriffs Perplexed by Rick Perry's Plan to Send 1,000 Troops to Stare at Mexico

Why would you spend millions of dollars sending troops to the border who can't actually detain anyone? That's what some Texas sheriffs of border towns are asking.

Former Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino left his mark all over town.

Former Mayor’s Name Lingers All Over Boston

When mayors put their stamps on cities, their legacies often remain physically.