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Route Fifty Launches Navigator Awards Program for State and Local Governments

We’re looking to honor 50 individuals and teams from around the United States, who have demonstrated excellence in implementing great ideas.

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How Missouri's State Government Is Fending Off Social Engineering Incidents

Cybersecurity awareness training for state employees is paying off.

5 Bits of Expert Advice About Analytics and New Medicaid Rules

Some important insights from a recent seminar at the University of North Carolina.


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Postal Workers Face ‘Violent Dog Behavior’ in Dallas; Auto Loan Delinquencies Rise in Oil and Gas Counties

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Some good news for Atlantic City; bathroom bill introduced in Michigan; and Indiana audits decline.

Route Fifty

In Online Sales Tax Battle, States Pin Hopes on Courts

Unable to collect sales tax from many online businesses, states are passing legislation that may get the court system to settle the issue.

Route Fifty Louisville, Kentucky

‘Resilient Cities’ Look to Address Social Inequality as a Function of Other Environmental, Economic Stresses

Louisville, Kentucky, sees a link between its most pressing problems and poorest neighborhoods, and it’s not alone.

Route Fifty Gorilla-Snot sprayed for dust control in Arizona.

After Interstate Crashes and Closures, Arizona Turns to ‘Gorilla Snot’ for Dust Control

The state is working with a landowner to keep soil from blowing off of hundreds of acres of tilled farmland.

Route Fifty Baltimore, Maryland.

The Path to Better Performance Reporting

What are the lessons learned and what are we still learning about performance and evidence-based management in government?

Route Fifty Chicago, Illinois.

Leveraging City Infrastructure for the Digital Age

LED fixtures with microphones, vibration sensors, public Wi-Fi capabilities, cameras and other sensors are the right, open common digital infrastructure to enable a nervous system for a city or enterprise.

Route Fifty Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber

Where Did Federal Funds for Cover Oregon Go?; N.C. May End Border Dispute With S.C.

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Federal prosecutors seek death penalty in Charleston; San Francisco remains a ‘sanctuary city'; and Boston’s sick of sick time.

Route Fifty Philadelphia

These 5 Cities Plan to Evaluate Systemic Racism

Over two years, municipalities like Philadelphia will aim to develop solutions to racial inequality in education and employment.

Route Fifty

To Combat Disease, States Make It Harder to Skip Vaccines

Around the country, it’s about to get more complicated for parents to exempt their children from regular vaccination.

Route Fifty Washington, D.C.

100 Resilient Cities Adds 37 New Member Municipalities

The global network helps cities hire chief resilience officers and access partner support for projects meant to prepare local governments for challenges like climate change.