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Transit Guide-Bots for Blind Passengers?

An assistive robotics project is exploring how advanced technology could make it easier for people with visual impairments to navigate cities.

How Chicago Is Catching Restaurant Health Violations Faster

The city can forecast the “riskiest” dining establishments.


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In Utah, Fending Off More Than 20 Million Malicious Transmissions Is Just a ‘Light Day’

For the state’s chief information security officer, protecting IT systems and sensitive information is “a game of risk management.”

Route Fifty Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati Takes Big Step Forward to Improve Its Municipal Performance

Mayor Cranley: The Office of Performance and Data Analytics “is absolutely essential for us to meet expectations for good customer service.”

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When State Governments Use Internet Shaming to Generate Revenue

To get tax scofflaws to pay up, some states are publishing their names and the amounts they owe on public websites.

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Stuck in a Growing Pension Hole, Maryland Keeps on Digging

The state legislature has only made a fourth of the agreed-upon contributions to shore up the public employee plan.

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The Troubled Relationship Between Texas and FEMA

Texans don’t trust the federal government. But the state relies on federal disaster funds more than any other.

Route Fifty Mt. Zion Cemetery in Washington D.C.'s Georgetown neighborhood.

Good Ways to Activate the Nation’s Neglected Local Cemeteries

Some examples of how the living can transform a domain of the dead into a valued community asset.

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This Not-So-Windy Region Could Generate Plenty of Wind Power

A new Department of Energy report suggests that new technology could unlock renewable energy potential in Southeastern states. But building new wind farms will likely involve a mix of practical and political challenges.

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How This Sheriff’s Office Uses Urban Farming to Try to Ease Impacts of Poverty

In addition to creating jobs and organic food, embracing local agriculture might help ease crime and recidivism, too.

Route Fifty San Francisco Bay as seen from the University of California at Berkeley.

California Confronts Its Daunting Pension Shortfalls

Cuts in services may be the only answer, though activists hope to amend the constitution.