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Exploring Philadelphia’s Newly Upgraded Open Data Portal

It’s not all dull municipal datasets. There’s even a listing of happy hour specials.

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The FCC Has Ruled on Net Neutrality; Do States Get a Say?

How much states can get involved has a lot to do with whether the FCC decides broadband inherently crosses state lines.

Justice Department Is Asking Ferguson to Do the Impossible

Ferguson needs to drastically revise its court system. But how is a city supported by predatory court fees supposed to fund reform?


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California Drivers Are About to Give High-Speed Rail a Big Funding Boost

State cap-and-trade revenue, which now includes tailpipe credits, appear set to far outpace expectations.

Older Americans Act Limps Along at 50, Stressing Local and State Agencies

There’s little to celebrate on the golden anniversary of the law that helps people age at home.

Gina Gowdy joins protesters on the street outside a Ferguson, Missouri, fire station, Wednesday, March 4, 2015, in Ferguson.

In Ferguson, Racial Bias Makes Police Officers Worse Than Machines

African-Americans bear a “disproportionate burden” of citations and arrests that can’t be explained by differences in crime rates among races, according to a Justice Department report released Wednesday.

Think Tanks’ New Data Tool Details U.S. State Population Trends

The new “States of Change” report documents dramatic shifts in America’s demographic future.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz

Congressman Demands Names of Local Government Staffers, Hints at Prosecution

Conflict over the introduction of legalized marijuana in the nation’s capital has strained the complicated relationship between the D.C. government and Capitol Hill.

An El Paso work crew repairs a pothole on a residential street.

El Paso Makes Filling Potholes Look So Easy

Winter-weary drivers may not want to watch this.

The Arizona Senate chamber.

Government of the Legislature, by the Legislature, for the Legislature

The Supreme Court reviews Arizona's independent redistricting commission and considers whether voters have the right to draw congressional districts.

Wyoming Ends Ban on Teaching Climate Science

A new law paves the way for climate change to be taught in schools across the state.

City of Raleigh Dishes Out DIY Worm-Farming Tips

The Solid Wastes Services Department offers simple advice on how to compost at home or the office.