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What Your Internet Access Says About Your County Government’s Trustworthiness

To improve transparency, officials must first understand local demographics, according to a new University of Missouri study.

A Rare Case of Voter Reform in a Red State

More people may make it to the polls now that voting-rights groups and Republican-led Oklahoma have reached a settlement.


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Route Fifty

How This County Is Helping Hoarders; Confederate Flag Comes Down in Unexpected Place

Also: Breathing easy in Fresno and Cuomo’s solar celebration in Buffalo.

Route Fifty An algae bloom.

The Great Lakes Run Green With Toxic Ooze

Scientists predict a “severe” algae outbreak in 2015.

Route Fifty Newark, New Jersey

Municipal IDs a Gateway to City Services for Undocumented Residents

For the first time, many Newarkers and New Yorkers are opening bank accounts and starting businesses.

Route Fifty The intersection of 23rd and Eye streets NW in Washington, D.C., during a relatively calm evening rush hour.

The Double-Edged Sword of a Proactive Agency Social Media Strategy

Here are two good examples for Twitter best practices. But actions speak louder than words.

Route Fifty A Lyft in San Francisco

Are Ride-Hailing Services Needed in Modern Cities?

Officials in Broward County, Florida, don’t think so.

Route Fifty Mayor Garcetti signs the minimum wage ordinance into law, raising the minimum wage in Los Angeles to $15.00 by 2020.

Mapping the Minimum Wage: Where $15 Is Only Worth $12

Local costs of living complicate the conversation around a huge increase to the federal minimum wage.

Route Fifty Walleye in net

An Unprecedented Fishing Ban in Minnesota; Should Georgia Be Renamed the ‘Blueberry’ State?

Also: The long list of Texas officials in legal trouble and secret oil-train information in New Jersey.

Route Fifty City Hall Park in New York City

'Silver Tsunami' Has Cities and States Hiring After Years of Cuts

Pent-up demand and a wave of retirements have spurred many states and localities to begin hiring again.

Route Fifty Hurricane Sandy devastation

The Long Road Home After Natural Disasters

The systems in place to provide aid after natural disasters often fail those who need help the most.

Route Fifty Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Felony Indictments for Texas’ Attorney General; Is There Still Canadian Trash in Michigan?

Also: Missoula’s high-tech parking meters and conservative support for medical marijuana in Maryland.