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Last year, we launched GovExec State & Local. Now we’ve expanded our team, built a new digital home and are energized even more to connect the ideas and people advancing state, county and municipal government across the United States.

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Uber’s New Headache in Seattle

Councilmember’s plan could give for-hire drivers a path toward collective-bargaining power.

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Wilmington Phases In a Green Vehicle Fleet

Fewer but more fuel efficient, the 38 low-maintenance vehicles should save the Housing Authority in Delaware’s largest city $25,000 a year on average.

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Route Fifty Juneau, Alaska

Oil-Rich Alaska's Rude Awakening

Why can't the Last Frontier—with more than $50 billion in oil money banked—pay its bills?

Route Fifty New Mexico state flag

Top New Mexico Official Faces 64-Count Indictment; Philly’s Pothole Predicament

Also: Stripping a South Carolina name in Minnesota and North Carolina’s ongoing budget ‘purgatory.’

Route Fifty Drivers travel across the Golden Gate Bridge between San Francisco and Marin County. California requires auto insurers to charge motorists mostly based on driving record, rather than on occupation, address or education level.

'Discriminatory' Auto Insurance Pricing Targeted by States

Some are listening to consumer advocates saying insurance companies discriminate against low-income drivers by using credit scores, occupations and education levels — not just their driving records — to set rates.

Route Fifty A resident talks on his cell as he walks through a flooded street in Norfolk, Va., on Nov. 13, 2009, as the area was hit by remnants of Tropical Storm Ida.

Harsher Storms and Rising Waters Are Forcing Norfolk to Sink or Adapt

Accommodating the future in Tidewater Virginia and beyond: “As waters rise, all coastal communities are going to face what we’re facing right now.”

Route Fifty The floor of Houston's Astrodome is covered with cots and evacuees from hurricane-ravaged New Orleans Friday, Sept. 2, 2005.

Katrina, 10 Years Later: Facing Our Future Intertwined Natural and Manmade Disasters

What have states and localities learned about mass disruption emergencies and adapting to risk in the decade since the crisis in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast?

Route Fifty The White House.

What Federal Initiatives Are Happening in Your City or County?

A new interactive map from the Obama administration seeks to provide some insight.

Route Fifty An oil and gas platform in Cook Inlet, Alaska.

Energy Tug-Of-War Over Obama In Alaska

State officials like permits for offshore drilling, while environmentalists want to see less.

Route Fifty James Yates, right, speaks with reporters as his partner William Smith Jr. looks on at the Rowan County Courthouse in Morehead, Ky., Thursday, Aug. 27, 2015.

Gay Couple’s Marriage License Blocked Again in Kentucky; Pre-Determined Assisted Suicide in Colo.?

Also: Maryland's manure innovation grant and Connecticut ends homelessness for veterans.

Route Fifty

How Georgia Greatly Improved Its Data Infrastructure

It took the Peach State about seven years, but its data accuracy is now in the 90th percentile.