Watch How Boston Deals With Snow Removal in a Smarter Way

City of Boston / YouTube

While New York City didn’t exactly get clobbered by this week’s massive Northeast U.S. blizzard, Boston has been facing a significantly bigger snow-removal job.

But the city government isn’t afraid of snow. In recent years, Boston uses real-time tracking technology and a software program called SnowCOP to monitor not just snow plow movements and but also constituent calls.

“In Boston, we don’t only fight snow harder, we also fight it smarter,” Boston Public Works Commissioner Mike Dennehy says in a new video produced by the city profiling Boston’s tech-forward snow-removal operations.

“So, obviously if we were to look at this [map] and it was more red, I’d be flipping out right now,” Darlene Williams, who works in Boston Public Works operations, says in the video. (The map she points to is nearly all green.)

Take a look:


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