How a Digital Swat Team Drove Home Obama’s College Scorecard

The administration brought in techies after three years of controversy.

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Excellence in Government

Brain Connections Predict How Well You Can Pay Attention arrowUnderstanding why the mind wanders.

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Excellence in Government

How to Get More Dads to Take Paternity Leave: Pay Them arrowThere are many research-backed reasons for parents to take leave.

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Retirement Planning

Recoup Some Savings During Open Season arrowYou may even be able to offset your spending on holiday shopping.

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Emma, USCIS' New Virtual Assistant, Can Soon Answer Your Visa Questions arrowA rudimentary, text-based version of more advanced virtual ...

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Route Fifty

The Worst Major U.S. City for Police Shootings arrowChicago has seen 70 people killed by police in five years.

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Thanksgiving Comes During a National Debate Over Syrian Refugees arrowLast November, politicians sparred over Obama’s executive action on ...

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Kunduz Investigation Blames Aircrew, SOF Commander, Computers arrowThe top U.S. general in Afghanistan detailed a stunning list of “tragic but ...

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Excellence in Government

Jane’s World: The Daunting Role of a Middle Manager arrowEfficiency, engagement and innovation start in the middle.

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FDA Crowdsourcing its Way to Precision Medicine. But What About Security? arrowA team at FDA is in the midst of launching PrecisionFDA, a ...

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Obama's Speech Before Thanksgiving: There is No 'Specific, Credible Threat' to the Homeland arrowThe president attempted to reassure a panicked ...

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Pay & Benefits

Disabled Veteran Leave Law Only Applies to New Title 5 Feds arrowOPM reminds agencies that certain wounded warriors hired on, or after Nov. 5, ...

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