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Feds Won’t be Able To Escape Their TSP Debt, Even By Leaving Government

The agency that runs the retirement plan will be able to garnish up to 15 percent of former feds’ private sector wages to collect debt. Read moreApril 23, 2014Leave a comment


Retirement Planning

Tammy Flanagan offers advice on how to prepare for life after government. Read more

Thrift Savings Plan

The Thrift Savings Plan is a contribution plan for civil service employees and ... Read more

You May Be Better Off Than You Think arrowSome employees are unaware of just how much retirement income they will have.

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Actually, the Army Will 'Involuntarily Separate' Officers arrowSpokesman walks back Tuesday’s claim Army would not lay anyone off.

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The IRS Gave $1 Million in Bonuses to Employees Who Didn’t Pay Their Taxes arrowDrug users, credit card cheats also received performance awards.

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Army Denies It Will Lay Off 3,000 Officers to Meet Force Reduction Goals arrowService could instead rely on retirements and fewer enlistments.

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New Perk Gives Federal Employees a Break on the Cost of Education arrowAlliance between OPM and University of Maryland University College will ...

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Could an Overhaul to the Federal Giving Drive Do More Harm Than Good? arrowLawmakers worry changes could drive away charities, donors.

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Quiz: Some Surprising Facts About the Federal Gender Pay Gap arrowA lot has changed for women in government in just the past two decades.

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This Tech Startup Uses a Simple Formula to Decide How Much Stock to Give Employees arrowSocial-sharing app company went salary-transparent in ...

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Eric Holder Doesn’t Deserve to Be Paid, Republican Lawmakers Say arrowGroup introduces bill to prohibit feds held in contempt of Congress from ...

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More Than 15,000 Federal Employees Make at Least $200K arrowTop earning employees work at highly specialized agencies.

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HUD Will Post Officials' Salaries Online arrowDepartment will make available by May 16 comprehensive salary data of the country’s public housing ...

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