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Congress Looks to Crack Down on Feds Taking Time Off to Campaign

House and Senate leaders ask agencies for data on employees taking leave for union activity.

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Union Official Blasts Lack of Ideological Diversity on Mediation Panel

NFFE president fears the Federal Service Impasses Panel will be slanted against workers.

Secret Service Walks Back Blaming Trump for Shorting Employees’ Pay

The agency is not paying agents for overtime who have already hit their annual pay caps.


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Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., requested information on how congressional staffers got permission to use a small business exchange.

Senator Reignites Discussion of Obamacare Exemption for Congress

Letter requests information on OPM rule allowing lawmakers and staff to buy insurance on small business exchange and receive an employer contribution.

Retirement Planning

Why Your Retirement Income May Depend on Where You Live

It’s important to take state taxes into account.

VA Secretary David Shulkin said: "1.7 million individuals have already taken advantage of the Post 9/11 GI Bill, and we hope that many more now will."

Trump Signs Major Expansion of Veterans Educational Assistance Into Law

Forever GI Bill eliminates 15-year window to use benefits for all new service members.

Steve Bannon Goes After State Department Officials

The White House chief strategist said he was aiming to replace experts at the State and Defense departments.

Field officials and volunteers throughout the world are not subject to the cuts.

Peace Corps to Cut 20 Percent of Its Workforce

Trump requirements to slash jobs led to 'challenging' changes and 'difficult decisions,' acting director says.

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Federal Officials Say Privately They Are 'Pretty Certain' Layoffs Are Coming

Agencies are asking OPM with help to RIF, assist workers to find new jobs.

Cash donations through bake sales will no longer be accepted.

OPM Announces Delay, Changes to Combined Federal Campaign

Donations of time are in and cash donations are out for 2017 fundraising effort.

Contractors Begin Early Shutdown Preparations

Private firms are already ahead of the government in their planning, experts say.