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Way More Feds Signed Up for Post-Hack Protections Than Anyone Anticipated

High rate of acceptance will likely raise the cost of OPM’s next contract.

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Does Identity-Theft Protection Really Work?

Victims of data breaches are usually offered identity-theft-protection services, but even the companies that promise to safeguard your identity are far from infallible.

TSP’s Future: Flexible Withdrawals and Mutual Fund Options

But some changes would require legislation and are likely a long way off, officials note.


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Retirement Planning

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Some agencies are falling down on the job of providing retirement information to their employees.

Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md., called the hacks “egregious” and “very, very troubling."

Democratic Leader: Give Hack Victims Lifetime Protection Services, and Then Some

OPM should drastically expand what it is offering breach victims, Democratic whip says.

Retirement Planning
Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., introduced the measure to boost services.

Senate Panel Approves 10 Years of Protection Services for Hack Victims

Committee rejects emergency funding to boost OPM’s IT infrastructure.

Senate Panel Advances Feds’ Pay Raise in Bill That May Also Increase Perks for Hack Victims

Democrats will attempt to offer an amendment that beefs up services for those affected by the OPM data breach.

OPM Takes Steps Toward Finding a Contractor to Notify Hack Victims

An information request put out to interested companies indicated a mid-August contract award is the "best case."

Feds Dodge Proposed Cut to Their TSP Benefits

Senate deal on highway funding does not raise money through decreasing the rate of return on the G Fund.