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Lawmakers Unveil Bill to Override Reported Plan to Freeze Feds' Pay in 2019

Bill would give federal employees a 3 percent across-the-board pay increase next year.

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Congress Likely to Consider Another Short-Term Funding Measure

House majority leader: Even if both parties reach a budget agreement before the Jan. 19 shutdown deadline, lawmakers will need additional time to craft a new bill.

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It's Unclear Whether Federal Prisons' Use of Employee Retention Incentives Is Working

Bureau of Prisons takes a short-term view with the incentive program and has flawed methods for assessing its effectiveness, watchdog finds.


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OPM Redoubles Retirement Processing Efforts Ahead of January Surge

Last month the backlog reached its lowest point since June.

USPS Offers Early Retirement to 26,000 Employees

Postal Service looks to shed staff after slowly adding workers for four years.

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said Trump is risking a shutdown with his demands.

No. 2 Senate Democrat Threatens Shutdown Over Immigration Issues

Durbin: White House proposal for $18 billion in wall funding is "outrageous."

As New Deadline Looms, 25K Feds Await Court-Ordered Payout From Last Shutdown

Government, plaintiffs still sorting out exact amounts in liquidated damages.

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The Most Common Question About Federal Retirement

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OPM Extends Pay Freeze for Top Administration Officials

Officials now say the provision preventing pay raises for some Cabinet-level officials runs until the end of the current spending deal.