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Public-Private Sector Pay Gap Remains at 35 Percent

Federal Salary Council report says feds now earn on average 35.2 percent less than their peers, a disparity that’s down 0.2 percent from 2013.

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U.S. Troops Fighting Ebola in West Africa Are Earning Bonus Pay

Military members can earn up to $400 extra per month.

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Temp Feds Will Have Access to Health Care Coverage Starting in January

OPM publishes final rule expanding the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

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Retirement Planning

The Most Important Retirement Decision

Hint: It involves thinking about what happens after your death.

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Some Defense Travelers Will Have Their Per Diem Rates Cut

To save money, the department is reducing the amount employees on extended travel can spend on food and lodging.

Defense Civilians Are Losing Faith in Senior Management

Employees view their immediate supervisors much more positively, latest survey shows.

Federal Employees Could Still Receive a Transit Benefit Boost This Year

IRS, lawmaker renew call for tax package that includes retroactively doubling mass transit benefit.

Which Agencies Log the Most Hours of ‘Official Time’ Spent on Union Business?

VA tops the list for total hours, but doesn’t make the top 10 for hours spent per bargaining unit employee.

Retirement Planning

Making the Most of Your Money After You Retire

It pays to think ahead about how you will draw down your assets.

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Self-Mandated Pay Raise for Federal Judges Will Cost $1B

Bump stems from court rulings calling congressionally instituted pay freezes unconstitutional.

Feds Will Pay 3.8 Percent More Toward Health Care Premiums in 2015

Postal employees' contributions will go up significantly more.

Rep. Phil Gingrey, R-Ga., was one of the lawmakers interested in data on use of official time.

The Time Feds Spend on Union Biz Inches Up

Federal employees spent 3.43 million hours on “official time” in fiscal 2012, according to the latest report.

200K Federal Contractors Are About to Get a Pay Raise

Labor Department issues final rules to implement the $10.10 minimum wage for contractors.