The Race to Eliminate Agencies, and Other Ideas From Presidential Candidates

Ben Carson says the federal government can do without one of its largest departments.

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NASA is Researching Technology to Make a Tractor Beam Out of Hoverboards arrowIn the future, astronauts may be pulled around in space like ...

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On Politics

The Story Behind Ben Carson's Surge in the GOP Polls arrowAfter a lackluster summer, the famous neurosurgeon is finally surging—but his reliance ...

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Clinton Email Fracas Raises Question: What Is a 'Special Government Employee?' arrowSen. Grassley’s pursuit of former State Department ...

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DHS Delays Refugee Rapid DNA Tests Aimed at Stemming Human Trafficking arrowThe onsite, one-hour minilabs could help curb human trafficking, ...

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The Defense Department Is Not Training Military Personnel to Be Ethical arrowGAO report says DoD ethics and professionalism efforts are falling ...

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Clinton On Email: System 'Wasn't The Best Choice' arrowFormer State Department chief tells Andrea Mitchell she's “sorry that this has been ...

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It Takes the Federal Government Two Years to Process a Refugee Application from Syria arrowMore than four million Syrians have left their homes ...

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Geological Agency Wants to Know if Its Social Media Strategy is Working arrowThe agency is looking for a social media analytics service.

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Library of Congress’ Latest Tech Stumble: Copyright System Down for a Week arrowThe online system used to electronically register copyrights has ...

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Excellence in Government

Resist the Urge to Shield Your Team From Bad News arrowIt prevents employees from being part of the solution.

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The Value of Remembering Ordinary Momentsimage descriptionThough writing down daily events may seem mundane, participants in a recent study were happy to have records of them in the future. Read more

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