Air Force Cancels 2015 Layoffs: ‘Enough is Enough’

Voluntary separation programs will be made available.

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Most Federal Agencies Wouldn’t Be Able to Bounce Back from a Sony Hack arrow60 percent of federal agencies lack contingency plans in the event of ...

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The Limits of Obama's Clemency arrowThe president granted pardons and commutations to 20 on Wednesday, but many more wait.

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Congress Fails to Confirm Postal Nominees, but USPS Says It’s Found a Workaround arrowAgency had prepared a plan B in the event of congressional ...

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The New White House Fence Could Wind Up Being Really, Really Tall arrowAn independent panel has a few recommendations for the Secret Service ...

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White House Floats New Climate Guidelines for Energy, Infrastructure Development arrowThe administration is releasing new plans instructing ...

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It Really Tied the Room Together

Library of Congress Will Preserve The Big Lebowski as a Historical Piece of American Culture arrowThe National Film Preservation Board selected ...

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Budget-Crunched IRS Revamps Exempt Organizations Division arrowUnit that birthed targeting controversy speeds up applications processing.

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State & Local

Nebraska, Oklahoma Join Forces to Challenge Colorado Marijuana Law arrowRecreational weed in the Centennial State has strained law enforcement ...

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Excellence in Government

How to Avoid the Disaster of Leadership Vertigo arrowIt's when your brain tells you one thing and the facts tell you another.

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FEMA Spent Billions on Disaster Assistance Overhead During the Last Decade arrowThe agency allocated nearly $13 billion for expenses related to ...

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48,000 Federal Employees Potentially Affected by Second Background Check Hack arrowOPM is alerting more than 48,000 federal employees their ...

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