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Someday All This Could Be Yours....


The federal government manages the nation's vastest portfolio of facilities, from office space to warehouses to bridges and utility systems. Just how vast was documented in a National Research Council report calling for new strategies for disposing of excess property and economizing on maintenance costs.

Uncle Sam owns and leases some 429,000 buildings and 482,000 other structures -- many more than a half-century old -- that cost an estimated $47 billion annually to operate.

"The federal government should embark on a coordinated, funded, and sustained effort to dispose of approximately 45,000 excess and underutilized facilities" that cost about $1.6 billion to maintain, the report said. Agencies "have a responsibility to lead by example in operating and maintaining their buildings and structures more sustainably."

A journey of 1,000 miles begins with... more teleworking.


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