Hillary Clinton Will Have Trouble Using State Department Experience as a Campaign Weapon

She can't mention her role as secretary of State without raising questions of pay-to-play and deleted emails.

Read more10:49 AM ETLeave a comment Pete Souza, White House/AP

The Law Protecting American Consumers From Toxic Chemicals is Finally Going to Be Updated

Cutting a deal with big bad interest groups can lead to change.

Play of the Day: All The Places Obama Yuks It Up

The White House Correspondents' Dinner is not the only place Obama gets laughs.


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Excellence in Government Residents of Nepal gather amid the destruction caused by Saturday's earthquake.

What Do You Have to Share?

The earthquake in Nepal is a reminder to offer support to the people we live and work with.

Lawmakers have proposed myriad changes to the security clearance process in the years since former NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked classified documents to the press.

Number of Security Clearance Holders Drops 12 Percent

Obama administration makes good on promise to give fewer individuals access to government secrets.

Pope Francis greets pilgrims in Vatican City in 2014.

Can Pope Francis Change Global Minds on Climate Change?

Pope Francis will shape the climate fight, but he may not move any skeptics.

Rand Paul Reverses Course on Drones

The Kentucky senator defends the White House drone policy he once lambasted in a 13-hour filibuster, dulling any edge he may have had on a GOP pack running on the same national security platform.

Excellence in Government New York Yankees' Mark Teixeira hits a two-run home run during a game Friday.

Need a Boost at Work? Think About How You’re Eating

If you’re hoping to kill it at work this week, you may want to take a cue from a Yankees baseball player and a presidential hopeful.

A rescue chopper lands carrying people from higher camps to Everest Base Camp, Nepal, Monday after the weekend earthquake.

U.S. Special Forces Will Help With Nepal Earthquake Recovery

Nearly 70 rescue personnel and 45 tons of cargo will be sent to help with earthquake recovery.

Daniel Ellsberg was the first in modern times prosecuted under the Espionage Act, he said, followed by two others. But Obama has prosecuted 10 and “set the precedent for successors.”

All-Stars of Government Whistleblowing Blast Obama Prosecutions

NSA, FBI and Justice veterans decry Gen. Petraeus' sentence as comparatively lenient.

Twice as Many Vets Now Are Eligible for Non-VA Care

Change to Choice program calculates distance between veterans' homes and nearest VA facility using the fastest instead of the shortest route.

Excellence in Government

Government Needs Better Management, Obviously

Accountability in the absence of consequences is little more than a word.

Excellence in Government

The After-Work Email Quandary

People complain about checking their inboxes when they're out of the office, but some of them kind of enjoy it too.