U.S. Ebola Operation in West Africa Gets a Watchdog

Pentagon inspector general Rymer to work with deputy from USAID.

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It's a Data Request, Not a Fire Drill

Excellence in Government

What to do when the boss needs an answer, now.

Ex-CIA Chief Petraeus Avoids Jail Time

The retired general will pay $40,000 and get two years' probation. Not all leakers are so lucky.


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Excellence in Government TSA screeners on the job at Denver International Airport.

A Lesson for DHS: Engagement Happens at the Local Level

Team managers, not agency leaders, set the tone.

Long-Serving NTEU President Announces Retirement

Colleen Kelley to end 16-year tenure in August.

Excellence in Government

Are Organizations With Drug Tests Weeding Out Great Candidates?

More than half of Americans report that they have tried marijuana. What does this mean for zero-tolerance workplaces like the FBI?

Clinton speaks in 2011 at a State Department event.

Clinton Mum on Email Controversy, Hits Republicans Instead

The soon-to-be presidential candidate stayed on message in her Tuesday night address at an EMILY's List event.

How the State Department Is Defending Hillary Clinton's Personal Email Use

The former department chief is largely letting her former colleagues handle the controversy.

FDA Report Shows The Most Common Sources of Food Poisoning

Around 48 million people who get foodborne illnesses in the United States each year.

Excellence in Government

IQs Are Higher Because We’re Better at Taking Tests

IQ scores are increasing, but that doesn't mean people are becoming more intelligent.

Andrew Lack was on the job just 40 days.

New Broadcast Board CEO Bails After Just Six Weeks

Andy Lack says he’ll take a job at NBC, blogger reports.

House Speaker John Boehner arrives for Tuesday's vote on the funding bill.

No Shutdown: DHS Stalemate Finally Ends

In "unmitigated loss for conservatives," House approves bill to fund the department for the fiscal year.