How Air-Traffic Controllers Sound When They Have to Close the Airport

Since most things about the modern airline experience are so unpleasant for most of the traveling public most of the time, it's worth noticing how smoothly these professionals do their work.

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Many Feds Are Uncomfortable Communicating by Email

Employees are more afraid of retaliation by bosses than disclosure, survey finds.

Pentagon Adds Social Media Whiz to Team


The new director for digital media and strategy will revamp DOD's communication via social media.


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How to End Government Shutdown Threats Forever

Florida lawmaker has a plan to ensure agency funding never expires.

Excellence in Government

Do the Same Rules Apply to You?

Operating like you're above it all is a sign you don't care what your people think.

Hillary Clinton’s Tweet About Email Doesn’t Answer Security and Transparency Concerns

We don’t know if Russia or China hacked Clinton’s emails, and we may never know, security experts said.

Retirement Planning

What Happens When You Say 'I Do'

There’s a lot to think about, especially if your betrothed is also a fed.

Excellence in Government It starts in the teenage years.

Study: The Gender Gap at Work Starts as Early as Age 15

Globally, teen boys get internships and job shadowing before they even leave school — girls get online research.

Should There Be a New Federal Authority for Shared Services?

Partnership’s report stresses benefits of pooling IT, supply chain management.

Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kansas, is one sponsor of the bill.

Sick Leave Bill for Disabled Vets Advances

Senate committee passes legislation that gives wounded warriors hired as feds access to their full year’s sick leave immediately.

Via Twitter, Clinton Says She Wants Emails Released

Under fire from Democrats, former State Department chief changes course.

Van Hollen Says He Will Run for Mikulski's Senate Seat

The House member is the first to throw his hat in the ring for the seat representing many federal employees.

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Buried in the Budget: Ways to Rev Up Performance

What agencies need to measure what works and change what doesn't.