When Do Official Documents Belong to the Public?

Hillary Clinton is hardly the first government officer to try to keep her correspondence private. The fight over her emails echoes battles that stretch back to the inception of government archives.

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Public-Private Partnerships Require a Sophisticated Approach

In a guest article, former Miami-Dade County Manager George Burgess discusses how P3s can be very effective to control project costs and reduce public-sector risk.

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Pentagon Personnel Now Talking on 'NSA-Proof' Smartphones


The Defense Department has rolled out supersecret smartphones for work and maybe play, made by anti-government-surveillance firm Silent Circle,

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Obama Will Weigh In By April 30 On Military Panel's Proposed Compensation Reforms

The president on Monday offered support for 15 recommendations, but didn't rubber-stamp them.

Excellence in Government

Five Ways to Clear the Decks

A cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind.

Lawmaker Moves to Remake Air Traffic Control as a Corporation

Mica's draft bill inspired by foreign quasi-government systems.

Feds Charged With Stealing Bitcoin

A former DEA official and a former Secret Service agent are accused of using bitcoin to launder money during an investigation into Silk Road.

For now, House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz won't investigate Hillary Clinton's emails.

Why Only One House Committee Is Investigating Hillary Clinton's Emails

The House Oversight panel had suggested it would do its own probe, but is standing down for now.

IG: Former Hawaii VA Supervisor Circumvented Benefits Claims Policy

A supervisor, who has since resigned, said he was trying to help vets, not misrepresent data.

 Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., sponsored the Senate bill.

Lawmakers Revive Effort to End Union Work on the Government's Dime

Bill would repeal the longstanding practice of "official time."

A Maryland State Police cruiser blocks an entrance to NSA Monday.

Shots Fired and 1 Killed After Vehicle Rams Gate at NSA Headquarters

Incident in Fort Meade, Md., is not believed to be related to terrorism.

House Advances Bill to Curb Contract ‘Bundling’ that Favors Large Companies

Lawmakers cite the need for more accurate data on small business awards.

Excellence in Government

Meeting the Needs of Women in the Workplace

Identifying best practices, barriers and limitations in achieving work-life balance.