Mail Will Soon Get Cheaper With USPS Rate Increase Set to Expire Next Spring

Oversight body gives Postal Service new deadline for ending recession-induced price surge.

Read moreJuly 30, 2015Leave a comment Paul Sakuma/AP file photo

USGS Grant to Fund Earthquake Early Warning System Expansion on West Coast

Four universities in California, Oregon and Washington state will get much needed money to improve ShakeAlert technology that’s been under development.

Federal Employee May Have Been Cooking Meth at Government Agency’s Campus

The FBI and Congress are investigating if a meth lab exploded in a federal building.


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Senate Tries to Stop Agencies from Paying Dead People

Bipartisan plan to publish taxpayer-funded scientific research also approved.

Cecil patrols among his pride in Hwange National Park in 2012.

Fish and Wildlife Wants to Talk to Famous Lion’s Killer ‘Immediately’

Congressional Democrats are asking the Interior Department to finalize a rule to better protect African lions.

Long-Term Highway Bill Approved by Senate, Setting Up Negotiations With House

The chambers will try to split their differences by October, when a three-month patch runs out.

Retirement Planning

Get Counseling

Some agencies are falling down on the job of providing retirement information to their employees.

Former NSA executive Thomas Drake says he will continue activism on behalf of whistleblowers.

NSA Whistleblower Describes Ongoing Anguish

Thomas Drake still shut out of employment in or near government.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., called the VA’s fiscal emergency “management malpractice.”

Congress Bails Out the VA, Helping Avoid Furloughs

Senate approves House-passed budget fix before leaving town so department can keep hospitals open this summer.

Excellence in Government

The Future of HR in Government

Managers need trusted workforce advisers instead of compliance cops.

The FBI's ViCAP Database Could Catch Rapists, But It's Largely Unused

Three decades after the FBI launched a revolutionary system to catch repeat offenders, it barely has any data.

The Chemical Safety Board helped investigate the April 2013 explosion of a fertilizer plant in West, Texas.

Senate Panel Clears Two for Troubled Chemical Safety Board

Push to fill vacancies comes as key staffers' administrative leave is extended.

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew

Suspension of G Fund Investments Could Last Until October

Treasury secretary Jacob Lew says he plans to extend "extraordinary measures" to avoid a default until Oct. 30.