State Department Releases Another Batch of Clinton Emails

State released over 7,000 pages of her messages, but some information now deemed classified is redacted.

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Why Federal Agencies Should Buy Local

Excellence in Government

Choosing regional contractors can improve the odds of better service and lower costs.

Ohio Isn't Happy Obama Renamed Mount McKinley

Native Koyukon Athabaskans have called the peak Denali, meaning "high," for centuries, but critics of the president's decision worry he might change the name of the Ohio River by executive order next.


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In Alaska, Obama Issues Climate Warning

On Monday night near the Arctic Circle, the president skirted talk of Arctic drilling as protesters rallied nearby.

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Beyond the Paycheck: One Psychologist's Dream of Meaningful Jobs for Everyone

Meaningful work, argues Barry Schwartz, shouldn't be a luxury. It should be a feature of every job, from CEO to factory worker.

Obama received his undergraduate degree from Columbia in 1983.

Obama Might Head Back to Columbia University in 2017 — Maybe As a Professor

The school's newspaper is reporting that the president would have some sort of official presence at Columbia in the 2017 academic year.

Play of the Day: Kanye West for President

If Trump can lead in the polls in 2015, why can't an outspoken musician in 2020?

Judge Tells IRS to Rethink Privacy Limits on Document Disclosure

Cause of Action calls mixed ruling a “victory for transparency advocates.”

Some at NASA want the craft to go beyond Pluto for its next mission.

NASA Proposes Next Mission for New Horizons: Beyond Pluto

2014 MU69 lives in the Kuiper Belt, a far region of the solar system that contains objects mostly made of ices

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How to Quit Your Job and Keep Your Cool

Be calm and leave. Don't make a scene.

New Feds Will Default Into Riskier TSP Fund Starting Next Week

Employees will no longer be automatically enrolled in the safe but low-yield G Fund.


Poll: GOP Would Get Blame for Shutdown

More than a quarter of Americans are downright angry with the federal government.

Watchdog: Pentagon Should Integrate Military Services' Efforts at 'Better Buying Power'

Programs are often redundant while affordability studies get ignored due to fragmented governance, GAO finds.