Does CDC Need More Authority to Enforce Its Own Ebola Protocols?

The agency must rely on hospitals to follow its guidance, and OSHA to enforce the rules.

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The US Government Actually Stood Up To a Would-be Corporate Tax Dodger arrowThe Obama administration tightened the rules for companies seeking to ...

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Pay & Benefits

Pentagon Delays Until April Changes to Autism Coverage for Military Kids arrowDepartment is holding off on cutting reimbursement rates for ...

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IRS Agrees It Wastes Money on Software -- But Not That Much arrowAgency CTO disputes IG findings but agrees to manage licenses better.

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Feds Send Obama an Early Christmas Wish: An Extra Day Off arrowWe the People Petition asks the president to make Friday, Dec. 26 a holiday, ...

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State & Local

‘Cascadia Playbook’ Is Helping Oregon Prep for Major Subduction Megathrust Quake arrowWatch how the state is using a “living document” for its ...

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Homeland Security Announces Travel Restrictions to Stall Ebola Outbreak arrowFlights between the U.S. and Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea will ...

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$7 Billion Bid to Wean Afghanistan From Opium Trade Is a Bust arrowSpecial inspector general reports poppy farming levels are at an all-time high.

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Improper Payments

The Ex-Nazis Collecting Social Security arrowThey reportedly received millions of dollars in government benefits even after being expelled from ...

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An Ebola Visa Ban Isn't Perfect. But It's Better Than a Full Travel Ban. arrowState Department is still wary of a proposal to ban visas from ...

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Excellence in Government

Is the Recovery Act a Model for the Ebola Response? arrowSometimes it takes a dramatic crisis to make the government work better.

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Pay & Benefits

Feds Battling Ebola in Africa Must Work 42 Days Before Bonus Pay Kicks In arrowFor those on temporary assignment, hardship adjustment is not ...

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