Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Just Got More Expensive for Some

Premium rates under the program rose for new enrollees as of Aug. 1.

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There Won’t Be a Shutdown, Senate Leader Says arrowMitch McConnell renews vow to negotiate with congressional Democrats and the White House to ...

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Capitol Police Arrest Congressional Fellow for Bringing Loaded Gun to the Hill arrowThe fellow, an active-duty Marine, was charged after being ...

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Managers Can Fire Bad Feds, They Just Don’t arrowThe Merit Systems Protection Board has compiled research to help agencies deal with poor ...

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4 Charts That Explain the State of Agency Cybersecurity after the OPM Hack arrowMost agencies made great strides during the White House-mandated ...

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White House Announces Expansion of Lab-to-Market 'Innovation Corps' arrowThe National Science Foundation’s four-year-old Innovation Corps has ...

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On Politics

Yes, Donald Trump is a Serious Contender for the GOP Nomination arrowHis poll numbers keep going up.

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Fossil Fuels

How Will Obama's Clean Power Plan Affect Low-Income and Minority Communities? arrowA significant chunk of the plan focuses on “community ...

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Intelligence Community Research Agency Gets New Director arrowJason Matheny had previously been in charge of IARPA’s “Anticipating Surprise” ...

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Federal CIO: Agile Won't Solve Everything arrowBy itself, "agile" development won't solve the government's tech problems, Tony Scott said.

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Excellence in Government

How Managers Can Help Employees Hit By the OPM Breach arrowLessons from one agency offering seminars for affected personnel.

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