Budget Director Picks Fight on Spending 'Gimmicks' Called CHIMPs

Mulvaney asks House Speaker Ryan for process reforms to bring more spending under budget caps.

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Performance Management is Not a Contest arrowThe administration is sending the wrong message with its fund for targeted pay incentives.

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Pay & Benefits

OPM Confirms Back Pay for Feds Affected by Latest Shutdown arrowMemo continues pay freeze for top political officials until March.

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Trump’s Proposed Military Parade Already Needs an Audit arrowThe full costs won't be known until long after the confetti has been cleaned from ...

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TSA's Facial Recognition Pilot Program May Make Travel Worse for Ethnic Minorities arrowProgram could make travel simpler for some, but more ...

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Go to Sleep: Why All-Nighters Don't Work arrowWant to ace that day tomorrow? Here's a tip: put down the coffee and get some sleep.

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Three Ways the U.S. Should Prepare For the Next Flu Pandemic arrowScience has come a long way in the 100 years since the worst flu pandemic in ...

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Going With Your Gut May Mean Harsher Moral Judgments arrowImagine someone giving a gift to their partner that they originally bought for an ...

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Here’s What Invisible Brain Weapons Did to U.S. Diplomatic Workers in Cuba arrowThe long-awaited report names no culprits and fails even to ...

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Half A Million People Don’t Know Criminals Stole Their Identities to Get Jobs arrowAuditors found a programming error prevented the IRS from ...

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Winning the War for Talent In The Public Sector arrowOften, we promote technical superstars into management roles and don’t equip them with ...

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Threats to Government Data Are Threats to Democracy image description Researchers at the Brookings Institution highlight the many ways federally-collected data shape Americans’ lives. Read more

How A Chief Customer Experience Officer Could Transform Government image description Improving the public’s experience with government just makes sense. Read more

Focusing on the Positive: Rewarding Good Workers and Managers image description High achievers are far more valuable and important than the handful of poor performers. Read more

You Can’t Fire Your Way to Success image description If we’re going to improve the way the federal government works, we need to give managers flexibility to hire the people they need. Read more


Migrating Intelligently: Strategic Considerations in Federal Cloud Procurement image description Cloud technology has come a long way since the announcement of a 'cloud first' policy in 2011. Federal organizations can now choose from public, private, and hybrid services, but choosing the right tool is not always straightforward.

DoD CIO Sets Sights on Software-Defined Data Center to Deliver Secure, Modernized Cloud-Based Environment image description The US Defense Department engaged on a project with Virtustream to reduce IT costs and improve cybersecurity by building a forward-thinking hybrid cloud environment using software-defined networking and security techniques.

Defining a data strategy: An essential component of your digital transformation journey image description Whether an organization realizes it or not, data is its most valuable asset. Most organizations are driven by data; each day, they need to make decisions about how they collect, use and share many different types of data across a variety of departments.

New smartphone app lets U.S. Army recruiters go mobile image description A new cross-platform app is helping U.S. Army recruiters access candidate records and track communications on-the-go via their smartphones. The Enterprise Total Asset Visibility (ETAV) app was introduced to Army recruiting leadership in October 2017, and within one month of its launch, approximately 4,700 Army Active, Army Reserve and Army National Guard recruiters had downloaded and were using the application.

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