Hill Outlook: Finishing a Budget, and Fending Off a Gyrocopter

Lawmakers want to finalize a spending blueprint and stiffen the Capitol's defenses.

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FBI Readies Multimillion Contract for Cyber Expertise arrowThe FBI plans to contract out professional, management and support services for up to ...

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GSA to Host Data-Infused Hackathon arrowParticipants will be tasked with designing innovative tools to improve data collection at GSA and other ...

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Twice as Many Vets Now Are Eligible for Non-VA Care arrowChange to Choice program calculates distance between veterans' homes and nearest VA ...

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Excellence in Government

Government Needs Better Management, Obviously arrowAccountability in the absence of consequences is little more than a word.

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Excellence in Government

The After-Work Email Quandary arrowPeople complain about checking their inboxes when they're out of the office, but some of them kind of enjoy it ...

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Drone Deaths and the Myth of Precision arrowCivilian casualties are inevitable, but the U.S. appears willing to accept them.

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Play of the Day: Hillary Takes to Yelp arrowA campaign trip through New Hampshire sparks online reviews.

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$1.5 Billion for Rebuilding Afghanistan Remains Unspent, Watchdog Says arrowSpecial inspector general’s review raises concerns about loose ...

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Meet the Federal Government's Health Care IT Champion, Karen DeSalvo arrowThe internal medicine specialist took office a little over a year ago ...

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Route Fifty

Local Government Takes a Backseat in Charlotte’s Energy Initiative arrowEnvision Charlotte has a bold plan for 20 percent energy savings in ...

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Route Fifty

Municipal Sewer Problems Prompt Federal Lawsuit on Flushable Wipes arrowA Minnesota city alleges that companies are using false claims on the ...

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