The Pentagon Has Shed 17 Percent of Clearance Holders Since 2013

The Defense Department is taking longer to process clearances, however.

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White House Renews Bet on the Creativity of the Crowd arrowOn the fifth anniversary of, the White House announced nine new ...

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Weather Service Staffers Protest 'Gag Orders' in Workforce Planning arrowTwo employee groups file complaint about nondisclosure policies they ...

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How Agriculture Controls Government Nutrition Guidelines arrowMeat producers showed dominance over scientists this week, preventing discussion of ...

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Excellence in Government

Why Hiring Millennials Is So Critical arrowA quarter of U.S. workers are under 30, compared with 8 percent of federal civilians.

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Intel Community Opens Campus in Suburban Maryland arrowClapper dedicates site for 3,000 set in motion under BRAC.

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FBI: ‘Dozens’ of Terror Suspects Have Used Encryption to Hide from Law Enforcement arrow“I’m surprised if it is only a couple dozen people,” says ...

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White House on McCarthy: 'Rupture in the Republican Party' arrow“Republicans need to learn that doing their job doesn’t mean catering to the ...

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Retirement Planning

Why Your Retirement Spending Estimates Are Probably Wrong arrowThe experts weigh in on where people miscalculate in their life-after-work plans.

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Budget-Crunched IRS Fell Behind on Protecting Social Security Numbers arrowWatchdog says majority of agency letters and forms continue to use ...

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Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

The 10 Agencies Whose Employees Are Most Satisfied With Their Pay arrowNASA tops the list, with Education, HUD and State also making the cut.

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