Was a Senator’s Report on Waste in Federal Science Grants More Wasteful Than the Research Itself?

Scientists and agency officials say Hill report does not present a full and accurate picture of their projects and the merits of their work.

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Excellence in Government

Take It From a Marine: Leaders Ask For Help arrowMy mission was clear. It was up to me to figure out how to do it.

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Reversing Course on U.S. Soldiers Wearing Kurdish Rebel Insignia arrowOn Thursday, the Defense Department said that in order to blend in, ...

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OPM’s Troubled IT Upgrade Project on Track to Get Millions More in Funding arrowA new watchdog report finds funding for the project remains an ...

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Pay & Benefits

Surviving Military Spouse Benefit Will Increase Slightly This Fall arrowThe Special Survivor Indemnity Allowance, which will increase $35 to ...

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U.S. Nuclear Operations Are Coordinated Using Old Computers and 8-inch Floppy Disks arrowThe nuclear program runs on the most cutting-edge ...

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Excellence in Government

If You Want Your Employees to Be More Productive, Get Rid of Their Chairs arrowStanding desks could make you a better employee.

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Should Airports Privatize Security to Avoid Long Lines? arrowSome U.S. cities are looking into hiring private contractors and moving away from ...

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Obama's Historic Hiroshima Visit arrowThe president is the first sitting American leader to make a trip to the city that was bombed by the U.S. ...

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Carter to Engineers: Give 'New Capabilities to Old Platforms' arrowAt a Navy R&D lab, the defense secretary reveals a deeply layered concept of ...

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Pentagon Is Building Massive Hub of Insider Threat Data arrowSome civil liberties advocates say the system could create a culture of mutual ...

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