Republicans Rally Ranks for Month-Long Spending Bill to Avoid Shutdown

House Speaker Paul Ryan said he is hopeful "cool heads" will prevent agencies from closing.

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House Votes to Restore Top Cyber Diplomat’s Office arrowThe vote is a rare rift on cyber policy with the Trump administration.

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TSA Officials Faulted for Favoritism in Handling of Sexual Harassment Case arrowHigher-ups intervened to overturn removal order in 2015, IG finds.

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Pay & Benefits Watch

Pay and Benefits in a Shutdown, Expanded Naval Paternity Leave and More arrowA weekly round-up of pay and benefits news.

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Excellence in Government

Don’t Try to Work Through the Flu of 2018 arrowWhy it matters this year more than ever, and other FAQs.

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Embattled Intelligence Whistleblower Ombudsman Defends Himself arrowDan Meyer, on forced leave, challenges accusations under review by unusual ...

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Route Fifty

National Prison Rate Continues to Decline Amid Sentencing, Re-Entry Reforms arrowMore than two-thirds of states cut crime and imprisonment ...

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Excellence in Government

How to Build Credibility as a Manager arrowWhether you’re a new manager or have years of experience, these 16 behaviors to help you grow in ...

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As America’s Nukes and Sensors Get More Connected, the Risk of Cyber Attack Is Growing arrowFuture nuclear weapons will be more sophisticated ...

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OPM Can Lead the Transformation of Government image description Present circumstances have created a rare opportunity for the Office of Personnel Management. Read more

Women Still Underrepresented in the Highest-Paid Federal Jobs image description The situation has improved over the past decade, but it remains the case that the more a job pays, the more likely it is to be filled by a man. Read more

State of the Unions image description The Trump administration’s anti-labor agenda is breathing new life into federal employee unions. Read more

Deconstructing the Deep State image description Donald Trump isn’t the first president to be deeply skeptical of the institutions and people he now leads. Read more


The Power of Data Analytics to Boost Government Performance image description Agencies that unlock the value of data through advanced analytics can drive efficiency, improve security and become more responsive to rapidly changing conditions.

Building a Brave New World: Interviews with Federal Tech Leaders on the Future of Cybersecurity image description The past several years have seen the federal government redoubling its efforts to protect enterprise data. To explore how organizations are navigating an increasingly complex threat environment, Government Business Council interviewed federal technology leaders on ongoing cybersecurity priorities, pitfalls, and considerations.

Migrating into the Future: Senior Federal Officials on Cloud Technology Challenges image description 'Cloud-first' policies have had a resounding impact throughout government, helping many federal agencies move away from legacy technology. To explore how organizations are driving the push towards a more effective and modernized IT infrastructure, Government Business Council interviewed federal technology leaders on ongoing cloud migration strategies, insights, and lessons learned.

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