House Approves Budget That Cuts Agency Spending and Employee Compensation

Senate still working on its own budget resolution.

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Tech Alone Can’t Solve Government’s Customer Experience Clunkers arrowStill, the biggest challenge to the government improving its customer ...

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Retirement Planning

Leaving Government Now and Taking Retirement Later arrowThe basics of deferred retirement.

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Ways and Means Readies a Batch of Bills Targeting IRS arrowExempt Organizations employees showing political bias could be fired.

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Cyber Social Network Launches arrowA new website fusing elements of Facebook and LinkedIn aims to help cybersecurity workers hone their skills ...

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5 Tips for Data Management from Federal Leaders arrowA few federal data leaders shared their thoughts at a recent panel on financial regulation.

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State & Local

New Pew Data: Most States Are Still Not Out of the Revenue Hole arrowTwenty of 25 lagging states have GOP governors, legislatures or both.

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The United States Military Gets Childcare Right arrowThe Pentagon helps care for servicemembers' children.

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There's an IRS Investigation That's Bipartisan and Leak-Free arrowThe Finance Committee's probe of how the tax agency handled conservative groups ...

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Affordable Care Act

If Cruz Is ‘on Obamacare,’ So Are His 2016 Rivals arrowTed Cruz is not the first Republican to get covered through the exchanges—which was a ...

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Pay & Benefits Watch

Budget Hawks Target TSP, Scammers Target TRICARE and More arrowA weekly roundup of federal pay and benefits news.

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The Smartest Hackers in the Room (Hint: They're Not the Humans) arrowThe $2 million “Cyber Grand Challenge” pits hacker-fighting software against ...

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