Democratic Senators Demand Swift Resolution to Snafu That Left Some Feds With High Tax Bills

A provision of last year’s tax code overhaul left employees on the hook for relocation expenses.

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The Pentagon Is Making a Ray Gun to Stop Truck Attacks arrowA device that resembles an old phonograph may soon be used to jam and shut down ...

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Mulvaney Targets Consumer Bureau's 'Yelp'-Like Complaint Portal arrowActing director encourages bankers’ argument against posting unvetted ...

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A ‘Bureau’-cratic Debate Over an Agency’s Official Name arrowMick Mulvaney says the CFPB is really the BCFP.

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Excellence in Government

Finally, a Definition Of Workplace Inclusion That’s Truly Actionable arrowInclusion is built on small, consistent behavioral adjustments that ...

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The Supreme Court Will Consider Four Key Questions In Oral Arguments On Trump’s 'Travel Ban' arrowThe court will hear oral arguments in one of ...

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Play of the Day: Dr. Ronny Jackson's Workplace Habits arrowTrump's nominee for Veterans Affairs has had his confirmation hearings postponed.

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Why Does A President Demand Loyalty From People Who Work For Him? arrowThere's a trade-off when presidents appoint loyalists. A loyalist may ...

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Comey Memos Follow Tradition Of J. Edgar Hoover Keeping Notes On Presidents arrowPast presidents have made strange requests of the FBI, some ...

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Route Fifty

Local Leaders Visit D.C. to Oppose Possible Spending Clawbacks, Cuts arrowMayors and others who took part in the lobbying effort are part of a ...

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Route Fifty

When the FBI Calls to Say Your State Has Been Hacked By Iran arrowIndiana CIO Dewand Neely shares how his state came to be named in “one of ...

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Federal CIO: Modernization Board Wants More Proposals and Here’s What It Needs arrowSuzette Kent shares just what kind of ideas the board is ...

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Flash Poll: The Future of Collaboration image description The federal government’s effectiveness depends on those who carry out its mission — and in order to do their jobs, federal employees need to have access to state-of-the-art collaboration technologies. To learn about the current state of federal IT tools, GBC polled a random sample of 143 federal employees in January 2018.

Racing Toward Efficiency: Government's Pursuit of the Next-Generation Data Center image description While the MGT Act provides agencies new funding to follow through on critical IT priorities, the most recent FITARA scorecard suggests that status quo processes are incompatible with data center optimization goals. So: what can agency leaders do to get the most out of their IT infrastructure?

Data-Driven Readiness: Using Advanced Analytics to Balance Performance with Costs image description Defense organizations have long sought to take full advantage of one of their most valuable resources – the vast amount of data they collect day in and day out. This data can support more insightful, forward-looking decisions about readiness, logistics, manpower, costs, and a host of other critical defense concerns.

To Innovate, Public Sector Agencies Need to Modernize image description Public sector agencies realize the potential of digital transformation. The replacement of outdated legacy IT systems with modern technology such as the cloud has the potential to transform how agencies operate and deliver services, enabling a 21st century user experience with the kind of seamless access and convenience that constituents have become accustomed to in their private lives.

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