Federal Retirees Will Learn Their 2015 COLA Soon

The final figure, which will be released in late October, is estimated to be between 1.6 percent and 1.8 percent.

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White House to Agencies: We’ve Told You Enough About Software arrowOMB still rejects GAO recommendation to issue further guidance.

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State & Local

Cook County Homeland Security Director Discusses the ‘Bedrock’ of Planning arrowThis week, Michael Masters addressed the City Club of Chicago ...

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Pay & Benefits

QUIZ: Do You Know How to Be an Ethical Political Appointee? arrowSeventeen questions to test your knowledge of updated ethics rules.

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Amazing True Stories of the Bureaucracy! arrowFor one night a year, government’s unsung heroes take center stage.

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Al-Qaida-Affiliated Group Was in 'Final Stages' of Planning Attacks Against the West arrowU.S. forces launched air strikes against the ...

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FBI Plans Rapid DNA Dragnets arrowFBI could collect stop-and-swab genetic records in biometric ID database.

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State & Local

Birmingham Promotes Its Local Tech Cred arrowWatch civic and business leaders in Alabama’s largest city tout innovation and the local tech sector.

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President Obama Praises Syria Coalition and Warns Extremists 'Plotting' Against America arrowThe president made a brief statement on Monday ...

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Sulaiman Abu Ghayth

The Voice of al-Qaida Was Just Sentenced to Life in Prison arrowSulaiman Abu Ghayth worked closely alongside Osama bin Laden leading up to and ...

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Excellence in Government

How I Lead: Addressing the Root Cause of Problems, Not Just the Symptoms arrowA conversation with Laura Herrin, a manager at the Norfolk Naval ...

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Republicans Demand the White House’s Latest Thinking on Immigration Reform arrowHouse Judiciary members want to know what recommendations Obama ...

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