Homeland Security Spent Millions on Vehicles It Rarely Used

The department lacks a central tracking system, which makes it difficult to enforce governmentwide policies.

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Chemical Safety Board Chief Warns of Deadly Factory Explosions arrowThe embattled chairman is frustrated by the glacial pace of efforts to ...

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American Aid Worker Contracts Ebola arrowAn American doctor contracted the virus in Liberia.

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Excellence in Government

Want to Thrive? 5 Lessons From Zeke About How to Live Well arrow​There’s nothing like a dog to show you how to live in the moment and when to ...

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Police Departments Keep Losing Their Military Humvees and Assault Rifles arrowAt least four police departments have had their Pentagon issued ...

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Why Congress Won't Help Jennifer Lawrence arrowOr the thousands of less famous women who've been unfairly victimized.

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Halliburton to Pay $1 Billion for BP Oil Spill arrowThe majority of the settlement will go to local residents and businesses who were seeking ...

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Next CTO Reportedly Waiting for Security Clearance arrowGoogle exec Megan Smith said to be the White House’s top choice.

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White House Touts Regulatory Neighborliness With Canada arrowThe goal is to reduce economic barriers.

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State & Local

Maine Wildlife Officials Want to Scuttle Bear-Hunting Referendum arrowState says Question 1 would ‘cripple’ its ability to control the bear ...

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Excellence in Government

Risk Management: Creating Organizational Self-Defense arrowHow to head off problems before they become a full-blown agency scandal.

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Pay & Benefits

TSP Gains in August arrowAll the funds except for international stocks posted positive returns last month.

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Mark Begich Campaign Pulls TV Ad Focused on Double Murder 4:58 PM ET image description Washington Wire (Wall Street Journal)

Washington Tourism Data: How Cool Is D.C.? 4:32 PM ET image description Washington Wire (Wall Street Journal)

WH: No timing on Obama immigration plan 4:22 PM ET image description USA Today - Washington

GOP to Women Voters: Heed Our Statements, Not Our Votes 4:22 PM ET image description Washington Wire (Wall Street Journal)


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