Border Agency Needs More Investigators to Tackle Corruption

Panel finds CBP employee arrests and misuse of firearms are already prevalent.

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Route Fifty

Mixed Messages With Utah’s Deseret Flag?; Virginia’s ‘Road to Nowhere’ Settlement arrowAlso: More woes for Detroit and mental health challenges ...

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White House to Agencies: Budget for Climate Change arrowOMB circular says to consider “preparedness and resiliency” goals.

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The Justice Department is Investigating Airfare Price Collusion arrowSince the latest batch of airline consolidation began in 2008, airfares have ...

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BP Will Pay $18.7 Billion In Damages to the Government for 2010 Oil Spill arrowThe case stands as the largest environmental settlement in history.

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The President Is Trying to Finish the Obamacare Sales Job arrowNow that the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Affordable Care Act, it's ...

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No Shooting at Washington Navy Yard, Officials Say arrowEmployees sheltered in place as a massive response unfolded Thursday morning.

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Play of the Day: Chris Christie's New Horse-Abusing Ad arrowThe Daily Show looks at some of the New Jersey governor's odd rhetoric.

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Excellence in Government

Thriving at the Speed of Change arrowIf you don't steer your team forward into the fog, you'll end up as roadkill.

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Excellence in Government

The American Dream: Personal Optimists, National Pessimists arrowA survey reveals a huge gap between Americans’ pessimism about the nation and ...

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Pay & Benefits Watch

Identity Protection, Excessive Military ER Visits, Wellness Review and More arrowA weekly roundup of pay and benefits news.


DHS Alerts Public to OPM-Related Phishing Scams arrowEmails claiming to come from the agency and contractor CSID might be after money, U.S. ...


Retirement of Acting VA Inspector General Doesn’t Halt Criticisms arrowSenate chairman, whistleblower advocate demand permanent appointment.


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