Nearly 1 Million Feds Will Soon Be Notified of Their Right to Join Shutdown Lawsuit

After initial ruling in their favor, shutdown-excepted employees continue lawsuit looking for bonus compensation.

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Defense One

A Look Back at Chuck Hagel’s Tenure as Defense Secretary arrowIn the 21 months that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was on the job, he faced ...

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When Will Hillary Clinton Stake Out Her Policy Positions? arrowWhenever she wants to—for better or for worse.

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Bug Accidentally Shut Down Military Open Source Software Portal arrowProblems with a backup system are preventing Pentagon from recovering ...

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State & Local

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Pardons a Tofu Turkey arrowThe Tofurky stunt is part of a local food bank collection challenge.

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Feds Accuse Sony of Overhyping PlayStation Features arrowIf you bought a PlayStation Vita, you could soon be getting a refund thanks to a federal ...

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Schumer: Government Management Failures Contributed to Democrats’ Midterm Losses arrowObamacare and veterans’ health debacles hurt Americans’ ...

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Excellence in Government

4 Reasons Leaders Invest Too Much Time in the Wrong People arrowIs that employee not right or not ready?

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Islamic State

FBI Accuses Two Young Minnesotans of Planning to Join Extremists in Syria arrowA 20-year-old Somali American is believed to have made it to ...

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Federal Employees Really, Really Like Their Health Benefits arrowSurvey shows near unanimous support for FEHBP.

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State & Local

Timeline of Chris Christie's Nonresponse Responses on Immigration arrowOver the years, his approach to discussing the issue has shifted from ...

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Here’s What the Rewrite of DOD’s Cloud Strategy Will Look Like arrowAn update to the Defense Department’s cloud computing strategy aims to ...

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On Twitter, Obama Loyalists Counter Schumer on Health Law 10:40 PM ET image description Washington Wire (Wall Street Journal)

Obama's balancing act on race 9:25 PM ET image description CNN politics


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