Yet Another Stopgap Funding Bill Likely in February, Lawmakers Say

It would mark the fifth continuing resolution of fiscal 2018.

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Justice Inspector General Goes to Work to Locate Disputed FBI Text Messages arrowLawmakers trade partisan interpretations of whether missing ...

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Route Fifty

The Leading Challenge Many U.S. Mayors Say Their Cities Are Facing arrowBased on the latest Menino Survey of Mayors, it’s “not just a coastal ...

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DHS Inoculating Labs Against Hacks That Could Release Dangerous Diseases arrowThe department is developing ways to secure federal research ...

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Trump Year Two Starts with Major Tech and Cyber Vacancies arrowRoughly one-quarter of agency CIOs and one-third of CISOs are serving on an ...

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Excellence in Government

We Need A Plan for Federal Communications arrowTrust in government is at an all-time low. Poor communication is one reason.

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Vendors Can Still Weigh in GAO’s 5-Year Tech Contract arrowThe oversight office extended the deadline for industry to give advice on its ...

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Why the Shutdown Didn’t Much Affect Defense Firms arrowTiming is everything. Three days — including a weekend — is not quite enough to cause ...

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Excellence in Government

To Better Focus on a New Task, Try This Plan arrowWhen one item on your to-do list interrupts another before you can finish, this plan can ...

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Route Fifty

A Breakdown of the Leaked Trump Infrastructure Plan arrowThe 6-page document, published by Axios and Politico, shows what may be taking shape ...

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Massive Reduction in FBI Cyber Crime Takedowns Was Result of Definition Change arrowStricter guidelines on what counts as a disruption or ...

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How the Government Shutdown Disrupted SpaceX's Plans arrowThe government shutdown shows just how much budget fights in Washington could derail ...

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