Pentagon Promises Voluntary Measures for Most Civilian Staff Reductions

Defense will cut more than 1,500 positions at headquarters offices by 2020.

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Pay & Benefits

Unions At Odds Over VA Employee Accountability Bill arrowNFFE is the latest group to oppose changes to the employee disciplinary process in ...

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NASA Is Trying to Figure Out Why its New Inflatable Space House Won't Expand arrowThe space agency has put on hold the scheduled deployment of a ...

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Excellence in Government

Casual Friday and the ‘End of the Office Dress Code’ arrowThe day—a celebration of conformity disguised as a celebration of individuality—helped ...

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He Said-She Said Controversy Over Who Discovered the OPM Hack Is Apparently Solved arrowLawmakers have been investigating the controversy since ...

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Retirement Planning

Sometimes, Your Benefit Really Is Too Small arrowA story of one retiree’s fight for a bigger annuity--with a happy ending.

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Senate Committee Advances Measure Letting Agencies Crack Down on Personal Email arrowThe bill allows agency heads to bypass federal rules ...

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Route Fifty

In Online Sales Tax Battle, States Pin Hopes on Courts arrowUnable to collect sales tax from many online businesses, states are passing ...

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Obama: World Leaders Are 'Rattled' By Trump arrowSpeaking in Japan, the president also explained the tense race between Hillary Clinton and ...

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Excellence in Government

How to Sound Charismatic arrowA researcher examines how politicians change their pitch and volume to attract voters

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