Possible Furlough Days Coming to IRS Employees

Full-day agency shutdowns could complement hiring freeze and overtime suspension.

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Excellence in Government

The Strategic Pause: 6 Reasons to Take a Breath arrowThe end of the year pressures us to go full-steam ahead, but stop and evaluate.

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Obama Administration Aims to Create ‘Insider Threat’ Job Specialty to Plug Leaks arrowThe relatively new discipline blends together the roles of ...

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State & Local

The Alarming Research Behind New York's Fracking Ban arrowAn analysis of the findings in Gov. Andrew Cuomo's 184-page review of hydraulic ...

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State & Local

Q&A With Gov. John Hickenlooper: Creating Joy … at the DMV arrowHow government can catch up with business in redefining the consumer relationship.

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Pay & Benefits

Obama Makes it Official: 1 Percent Pay Raise For 2015 arrowPresident issues order implementing increase for civilian federal employees and ...

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State & Local

New D.C.-Area Express Toll Lanes Test P3 Financing Models arrowToll projects so far have proven to be the riskiest types of public-private ...

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Environmentalists Split With the Obama Administration Over Key Power Plant Rules arrowThe Obama administration is offering the first-ever ...

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Sony Hack

Year in Review: Obama Holds End of 2014 News Conference arrowBefore he left for a Hawaii vacation, the president had big words for Sony at his ...

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There’s Still No Governmentwide Definition of the Internet of Things arrowKey questions about the emerging technology remain unanswered, and the ...

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OMB Trumpets Progress on Tracking Contractor Performance and Other Cross-Agency Goals arrowObama push for data-driven management is paying off, ...

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Sony Hack

'The Interview' Is Not the First Time Hollywood Has Killed a World Leader in a Movie arrowIt's also not the first time that Hollywood has caved ...

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