Congress Reaches Deal on Firing VA Senior Execs Immediately

Bill adds $12 billion in new funding for VA personnel and facilities.

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Hackers Raided Israeli Contractors That Built Iron Dome Missile Shield arrowDetails on U.S. missile technologies also were copied by the ...

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USPS Is Recruiting a Firer-in-Chief arrowThe “RIF administrator” will be tasked with issuing layoffs.

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On Politics

Blocking the Vote in Congress arrowA big country has big problems—but the systematic failure of congressional leadership is making them ...

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The Afghan Military’s Tracking of U.S.-Supplied Weapons Is Sloppy at Best arrowWatchdog warns that incomplete inventory could help arming of ...

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British Activist Lauri Love Accused of Hacking Deltek arrowBreach occurred July 2013, but the government market research firm didn’t realize it ...

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Contractors Group Would Restructure White House Procurement Shop arrowProfessional Services Council adds to mix of proposals to reform ...

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State & Local

Voluntary Water Reductions Aren’t Effective in California arrowNew poll shows 75 percent of state residents support mandatory cutbacks.

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Excellence in Government

How to Overcome Your Fear of Thinking arrowThree ways to focus on tough challenges without having a panic attack.

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Pay & Benefits

Senate Panel OKs 1 Percent Pay Raise for Troops and Defense Civilians arrowThe House-passed version of the fiscal 2015 Defense spending bill ...

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Russian Officials Continue to Believe All U.S. Intelligence Evidence is 'Fake' arrowThe Kremlin's Defense Ministry doubts the veracity the ...

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Congress Tries to Cram in Border Response, VA Reforms Before Summer Recess arrowHurdles remain before legislators leave for the summer.

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How to Swindle Soldiers arrowA new report from ProPublica highlights three companies that have made a business out of suing service members.

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How Republicans Have Undercut Themselves With Hispanics 8:09 AM ET image description Washington Wire (Wall Street Journal)


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