Lawmaker Launches Investigation Into SES Reassignments

Top oversight Democrat says Interior Department may have violated civil service laws.

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Route Fifty

Trump: Formal Declaration for Opioid Emergency to Come Next Week arrowMore than two months have passed since the president first signaled his ...

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Is Your Agency Ready to Solve Its Problems? arrowA Stanford faculty member says agencies need a specific infrastructure to support innovation ...

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Pay & Benefits

Lawmaker Seeks Locality Pay Parity Between Blue and White Collar Feds arrowHourly workers’ locality wages are currently determined by ...

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DoJ Official Had Sex With 'Numerous' Women on Federal Property, Then Lied About It arrowTop U.S. Marshal employee snuck non-government ...

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Trump to Cabinet: I’m Cutting Your Budgets, But Expect ‘Lots of Heart’ arrowAll departments must fight for spending reductions, president says.

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GAO Denies Equifax Bid Protest on IRS Contract arrowIn its ruling, GAO said Equifax’ contentions were “unreasonable,” allowing IRS to move ...

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Excellence in Government

The Cult of Productivity Has a Counterproductive Flaw arrowMost arguments about productivity only consider the individual. Our data shows ...

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DHS to Order Agencies Implement Email, Website Encryption Tools arrowAgencies must implement DMARC and STARTTLS within three months, according ...

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Puerto Rico is Still a Disaster Zone, Three Weeks After Hurricane Maria arrowTwenty-eight hospitals are operating without electricity.

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Infographic: 8 Innovations in Government and Payments image description Over the past 50 years, bold ideas and actions from government and industry have fueled American progress, solving complex challenges and bettering the lives of citizens.

3 Questions: America's Next Nuclear-Missile Submarine image description Built to deter America's enemies for the next 60 years, the Navy's new missile sub is slated to be the U.S. military’s third most-expensive program — ever.

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