Privatized Tax Debt Collection Again Sparks Firestorm

New program, like previous efforts, faces accusations of overly aggressive tactics.

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CSRA Will Build the Next MilCloud arrowThe Falls Church, Virginia-based IT contractor captured the IDIQ contract, valued at up to $500 million.

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DOJ Asks High Court to Clarify Email Warrants Abroad arrowThe Justice Department says it should be able to produce warrants for emails held by ...

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Excellence in Government

Why Is the Onus on Women to Curb Workplace Interruptions? arrowSome businesses are actively taking steps to solve a problem that is too often ...

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How Bots Can Help DARPA's Confidence Problem arrowThe Pentagon R&D unit wants to automate the process of assessing scientific studies.

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Watergate Lawyer: The Trump Administration Would Fire Mueller 'At Their Peril' arrowRufus Edmisten reflects on his time working on the Senate ...

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Pay & Benefits

IG: VA Employee Lied About Hours Worked, Collecting $100K in Unearned Wages arrowResearcher collected paychecks from the government and a ...

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GSA Swears in Acquisition Chief as Predecessor Emerges as Whistleblower arrowAlan Thomas promises insight as an “outsider.”

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The Supreme Court Partially Unblocked Trump's Travel Ban arrowThe Supreme Court announced Monday it will review the president’s controversial ...

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7 Tips for a Successful Migration to Windows 10 image description Federal agencies are chugging ahead on upgrading old desktops, laptops and other endpoints to the Microsoft Windows 10 platform. Yet different agencies are moving at varying paces in their upgrades, and some are making it more of a priority than others.

The Evolving Role of the Systems Integrator image description Federal agencies operate in an IT environment characterized by a near-constant state of innovation. As more and more organizations recognize the value of fluid state-of-the-art IT systems, the federal IT acquisition process grows accordingly more complex. New technologies and services, shifting priorities, and shrinking agency budgets have created more opportunities for IT in the federal space.

Empowering a Data-Driven Government image description It’s no mystery that there is a massive amount of digital data in the world today. From texts to tweets, financial statements to health records, legal documents to weather-tracking stats, there is more information available to – and created by – citizens than ever. In fact, many data scientists estimate that nearly 90 percent of today’s data was created in just the past few years.

Why are new government initiatives so hard to implement? image description Why are new government initiatives so hard to implement? It seems that governance is hard, and “checklist compliance” often doesn’t work.

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