Relaunch of Management Agenda Touts 'Getting 'er Done'

New private-sector-based plan lacks promised specifics on agency reorganization.

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Route Fifty

States Push for Outstanding Election Security Funds Ahead of Midterms arrowSecretaries of state are adamant they lack the money needed to ...

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Route Fifty

Carson Says 'Opportunity Zones' Could Serve as CDBG Substitute arrow"I suspect we may be asking ourselves: 'How can we use all this money?'" ...

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How Mapping And Data Could Make The Census Cheaper arrowThe tool can help the bureau tailor outreach efforts and find potential employees.

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President’s Management Agenda Is All About IT Modernization arrowAdministration leaders unveiled the agenda in Kansas City, Missouri, ...

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Pay & Benefits

Trump’s Federal Workforce Goals: Streamline Firing, Automate Jobs arrowNew cross-agency priorities detail metrics that the administration will ...

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Route Fifty

States Aren't Waiting for Feds to Ban Flame Retardants From Kids' Products arrowThe state bills vary in scope, but their intent is clear—to ...

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Excellence in Government

10 Things to Know about the President’s Management Agenda arrowIt is different in virtually every respect from the plans of previous ...

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Excellence in Government

Why CEOs Like Rex Tillerson Fail in Washington arrowAlthough the former secretary of state’s contentious relationship with the president ...

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Lawmakers Expect Massive Spending Bill Tuesday, Face Tight Turnaround to Avoid Shutdown arrowDespite budget deal, omnibus unveiling has been ...

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