Union Vows to 'Fight Like Hell' for Higher Pay Raise

Democratic lawmaker says he and union will open 'a can of whoop ass' on anti-labor colleagues.

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Agency Websites Found to Be More Jargon-Filled Today Than 5 Years Ago arrowGeological Survey and Mint score best for plain writing in study from ...

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On Politics

Trump and Sanders Are Doing Well Because They Tap Into the Same Anxious Feelings arrowThey both foment outrage at trade policies that have hurt ...

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Excellence in Government

Zero-Based Budgeting: Everything Old is New Again arrowThe budgeting method seems to be back in vogue 39 years after Jimmy Carter introduced it ...

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Win or Lose, Ryan Will Bear Budget Burden arrowThe speaker who made his name writing aggressive spending blueprints now risks not passing one.

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Play of the Day: Chris Christie Knows Marco Rubio is Caught in a Loop arrowIs the Floridian repeating a specific talking point or just sponsored ...

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Excellence in Government

How to Get Your Team to Open Up to You arrowMany leaders tout their open door policy, but their actions say otherwise.

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Agencies Are Increasingly Reliant on Industry for Innovation arrowReport chronicles the need for better collaboration between government and the ...

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Agencies in Washington Open With Unscheduled Leave, Telework arrowMix of rain and snow was expected to move through the region during the day.

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Obama’s 2017 Budget Boosts Cyber Spending by 35 Percent, Adds Federal CISO arrowThe funding and personnel adjustments come after a year of ...

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White House Wants to Give Agencies New Pot of Money to Upgrade Legacy IT arrowThe $3.1 billion revolving fund would be situated at the General ...

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Americans Would Cut 2017 Funding at These Agencies arrowNASA, Defense among biggest losers, survey finds.

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