Several Federal Agencies in Baltimore Close, Send Employees Home Early

Agencies takes precautionary measures for employees during state of emergency.

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Senate and House Bills Would Effectively End NSA Mass Surveillance arrowThe effort would stop the spy agency’s bulk collection of U.S. phone ...

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The Problem With Media and Government, in a Nutshell arrow"I wish White House reporters would do a better job of..."

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Route Fifty

After Riot Cleanup, Baltimore May Face Big Long-Term Economic Repercussions arrowA study of the 1992 L.A. riots showed $3.8 billion in lost ...

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Obama: Baltimore Rioters 'Need to Be Treated as Criminals' arrowThe president spoke Tuesday about incidents following the funeral of a black man ...

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Survey: Most Americans Just Not That Into Uncle Sam's Digital Services arrowLess than half of people polled would like the federal government to ...

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Excellence in Government

Scarce Skills, not Scarce Jobs arrowThe "real" challenge technology presents isn't that it replaces workers, but rather displaces them.

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IT Pros Say Most Businesses Buy Cyber Tech Based on Cost, Not Security arrowNinety percent of survey respondents said their companies had spent ...

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How New Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department Is Going to Act in Baltimore arrowLynch released a plan Monday to handle unrest in ...

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A Guide to Getting the Most From Your People arrowDownload 'Managing the Workforce,' Government Executive's latest ebook.

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Hillary Clinton Will Have Trouble Using State Department Experience as a Campaign Weapon arrowShe can't mention her role as secretary of State ...

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OMB: FITARA Guidance Coming This Week arrowThe thrust of the new legislation gives agency CIOs greater power over their agency’s IT purse strings.

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