Frustrations of 2013 Shutdown Linger, Says Ex-Pentagon Comptroller

Robert Hale is growing less hopeful about avoiding a lapse in appropriations next month.

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Obamacare Hasn't Knocked John Kasich Out of the Race for the White House arrowRecent polling shows shifting priorities, even among Republicans, ...

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How FEMA Director Craig Fugate Wants to Reshape Disaster Management arrowFugate on why the Katrina response failed, why it’s important to talk ...

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Excellence in Government

It’s Time to Rethink the Way Work Is Managed arrowBetter performance comes with clear expectations and mutual trust.

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Play of the Day: Clinton's Email and Obama's Religion arrowJimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel tackle the important issues of our time.

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Here’s What OPM Is Offering to Protect Hack Victims from Blackmail arrowHint: It’s not $330 million worth of ID protection services.

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Route Fifty

Scrambling for High Ground in FEMA Flood Map Disputes arrowA complex cartographic process that affects flood insurance rates has stirred pushback ...

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Analysis: How the Federal Government Built White Suburbia arrowFederal housing policies didn’t just deny opportunities to black residents. They ...

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Obama Gives New Role to Federal Agency Once Deemed Useless by Its Own IG arrowDenali Commission will coordinate climate change response in Alaska.

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NASA Creates New Quick 'Self-Healing' Material arrowHurtling through the endless void of space in a thin aluminum can as debris zips around in ...

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John Kerry, After Iran Deal Victory, Stays on the Defensive arrowThe State Department chief continued to decry a now-unlikely rejection.

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Army Opens Ranger Course to Women arrowThe test is over: future classes of the elite Ranger School will be open to all candidates.

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Pay & Benefits Watch

Pay Raise Pushback, Veterans Preference, Military Personnel Reform, and More arrowA weekly roundup of pay and benefits news.

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