Senate Panel Approves Bill Limiting Administrative Leave

Legislation restricts such leave to five days, and creates separate leave categories for employees requiring an extended absence from their jobs.

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Pay & Benefits Watch

The Same Old Benefits Proposals, a Disappointing Pay Raise and More Info on Military Childcare arrowA weekly roundup of pay and benefits news.

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Obama Would Hike IRS Budget by 9 Percent arrowCommissioner offers 15 improvement initiatives, vows not to rehire bad apples.

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The Federal Government Now Considers Google’s Self-Driving Cars to Be Legal Drivers arrowGoogle's cars have cleared a big hurdle between them ...

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Obama Punts Controversial War Account to Successor arrowThe president, who decried the Pentagon’s 'dishonest' war chest, will leave office with ...

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GSA's Budget Request Invests in FBI and FEMA Headquarters, Tech Upgrades arrowAgency has been tapped to host an effort to modernize aging legacy ...

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Excellence in Government

10 Ways To Empower Government Employees arrowFacilitating effective government from the inside out.

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8 Things to Look For in the 2017 IT Budget arrowThe budget seeks substantial budget increases to shore up cybersecurity and a new approach to ...

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Pay & Benefits

Lawmakers Push for Bargaining Rights for TSA Employees arrowPowerful committee Democrats say TSA workers are entitled to the same rights as other ...

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Route Fifty

State and Local Health Spending Flat in First Year of Medicaid Expansion arrowNevertheless, health care spending remains a potential source of ...

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Intel Community Discloses Top-Line Budget Request of $53.5 Billion arrowPlan prioritizes high-impact threats, improved information technology.

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Senate Panel Approves OPM Nomination arrowActing Director Beth Cobert still faces hurdles because of matters related to the OPM hack and ...

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Excellence in Government

Small Changes in Your Digital Routine Can Make You Smarter–and More Sane arrowMany people today struggle with information overload.

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