The Many, Many Ideas to Fix the Broken Security Clearance Process

Some reforms have been implemented, but almost everyone agrees there is more work to do.

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White House Security

The Secret Service Can't Catch a Break (or an Intruder) arrowThe Iraq War veteran who ran into the White House earlier this month made it much ...

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Play of the Day: How to Start a Non-War arrowThe British approach is different than the American approach.

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Contractors, Expect 72-hour Rule for Disclosing Corporate Hacks arrowThe military requires breaches of company systems holding technical data be ...

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Defense One

The Defense Industry Is Expanding the Use of 3D Printing arrowThe Navy is still several years away from being able to print spare parts for ships ...

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On Politics

Is It Real, or Is It a Political Head Fake? arrowAlthough Republicans still appear to have the edge in winning the Senate majority, this fight ...

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State & Local

Traffic Roundabouts Present Steep Learning Curves for Some Localities arrowWatch some of the how-to videos aimed at helping baffled motorists.

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Eric Holder's Expansive Vision of Civil Rights arrowThe attorney general has worked to include LGBT rights and other issues under the definition.

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Another Doctor Exposed to Ebola Arrives in U.S. for Treatment arrowNIH is treating the doctor in Maryland.

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Excellence in Government

What Do We Really Know About Building Cross-Agency Networks? arrowThere’s a lot of literature out there, but no roadmap.

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Agencies Lose Ground in Performance Management, GAO Finds arrowOPM and Labor are the only ones to improve in GPRA-compliance survey score.

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Islamic State

Obama and Boehner Duke It Out in Dueling Network Interviews arrowThe Democratic president and the Republican speaker offered their perspectives ...

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State & Local

Which State Has the Highest Percentage of Elderly Prison Inmates? arrowOn average, state prisons have a 15 percent share of elderly inmates.

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