Democrats Poised to Block Latest GOP Plan to Avoid Shutdown

House Republicans want to give the Pentagon a boost while keeping domestic agencies on autopilot.

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Route Fifty

GOP Tax Deal Is Slated to Expand Capped SALT Deduction Proposal arrowProperty, income and sales taxes would be covered under the emerging ...

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This Company Is Trying to Turn Federal Agencies into Startups arrowPalo Alto-based BMNT Partners teaches agencies how to design the solutions ...

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Yes, The Security Clearance Backlog is Getting Worse arrowThe Government Accountability Office also found there's not a plan to reverse it.

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House Subcommittee Mulls IRS Funding to Implement Tax Reform arrowHearing on customer service showcases an agency stretched for resources.

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Tillerson’s New North Korea Strategy is at Odds With Trump — Again arrowThe State Department chief says the U.S. is ready to have the first ...

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Newly Signed Defense Authorization Act Contains a Dire Warning on Climate Change arrowClimate change will bring more failed states and ...

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Excellence in Government

The Best Compliment You Can Give, According To Meryl Streep arrowShe credits her high-achieving mindset to the praise she first received from ...

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Pay & Benefits Watch

A Potential Pay Cut for Some Feds, Expanded Telework and More arrowA weekly roundup of pay and benefits news.

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Allies Are Key, Says Trump’s National Security Strategy arrowThe document, to be unveiled next week, will be the latest administration policy ...

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White House Releases Final Tech Modernization Plan arrowThe far-reaching plan pushes agencies to adopt cloud and shared services.

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OPM Can Lead the Transformation of Government image description Present circumstances have created a rare opportunity for the Office of Personnel Management. Read more

Women Still Underrepresented in the Highest-Paid Federal Jobs image description The situation has improved over the past decade, but it remains the case that the more a job pays, the more likely it is to be filled by a man. Read more

State of the Unions image description The Trump administration’s anti-labor agenda is breathing new life into federal employee unions. Read more

Deconstructing the Deep State image description Donald Trump isn’t the first president to be deeply skeptical of the institutions and people he now leads. Read more


Building a Brave New World: Conversations with Federal Leaders on Cybersecurity image description The past several years have seen the federal government redoubling its efforts to protect enterprise data. To explore how organizations are navigating an increasingly complex threat environment, Government Business Council interviewed federal technology leaders on ongoing cybersecurity priorities, pitfalls, and considerations.

Mastercard® Provides the Next Generation of Payment Solutions for the Federal Government Smartpay 3 Program image description This article examines the important choice the agency/organizations will make in selecting a network for SmartPay 3.

Getting the Most Out of Data Centers image description The federal government expected to see $2.7 billion in cost savings from agencies optimizing their data centers but those savings are in jeopardy. The Government Accountability Office found most agencies—17 out of 22—weren't planning to meet their mandated goals by the September 2018 deadline. This ebook looks at the progress the government is making and explores use cases among federal agencies and research centers.

Lessons on Cloud Migration: A New Way Forward image description 'Cloud-first' policies have had a resounding impact throughout government, helping many federal agencies move away from legacy technology. To explore how organizations are driving the push towards a more effective and modernized IT infrastructure, Government Business Council interviewed federal technology leaders on ongoing cloud migration strategies, insights, and lessons learned.

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