HUD Secretary Praises Career Employees for Help in Transition

Departmental operations have continued running smoothly despite numerous vacancies in key leadership positions, Carson says.

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Excellence in Government

The Performance Revolution Government Needs arrowWhen the brand of government is unattractive to top talent, it should be a reason for reform.

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GOP Pushes HHS Appraisal of Health Reform Proposal Rather Than Waiting for CBO's Evaluation arrowIn an 11th hour push to repeal Obamacare, ...

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Route Fifty

Flurry of Laws Enacted on Women’s Access to Health Care arrowAs Washington moved to reduce federal funding for women’s health, the battle over ...

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Excellence in Government

'Do You Have Any Questions For Us?' arrowHow to nail that dreaded final interview question.

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The War on the Freedom of Information Act arrowA conservative group is resisting congressional efforts to kneecap FOIA.

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Play of the Day: Look Out For Falling "Sacks of Drugs" Over the Border Wall arrowDonald Trump wants a transparent border wall, so Americans ...

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Route Fifty

Arkansas Tops Most Other States When It Comes to This Connectivity Metric arrowSTATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP: Bulletproof glass for a Georgia ...

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Excellence in Government

Why Warmth Is the Underappreciated Skill Leaders Need arrowThe case for demonstrating more than just competence.

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Pentagon Logistics Agency Sold Sensitive Military Surplus to GAO Sleeper Purchasers arrowFictional law enforcement agency successfully bought ...

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Trump Shakes Up Communications Team arrowPresident Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer has resigned in protest of the president's decision to ...

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Memos to the Incoming President image description As the Trump team makes preparations for inauguration, experts on management have advice and suggestions for the incoming administration. Read more

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Infrastructure management and operation—Freeing agencies to execute critical missions image description The federal government performs a wide range of critical missions in challenging environments around the world, from polar research to intelligence gathering in top secret facilities to environmental management of legacy nuclear development sites. Trained specialists carry out these tasks, and partnering with experienced professionals for complex infrastructure management and operation lets the specialists concentrate on their missions without distraction.

Public Sector Innovators Gather to Talk Cloud Technology image description Over the course of two days, thousands of the world’s leaders in public sector innovation gathered in Washington D.C. to learn and talk about the cloud. Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) eighth-annual Public Sector Summit brought together thousands of businesses, partners and registrants for keynote speeches, technical sessions and networking. “Almost eight years ago at the first event, we had 50 people. We had 10,000 registered at this event,” said AWS VP of Worldwide Public Sector Teresa Carlson.

Beyond Buyouts and RIFs: A More Effective Approach to Workforce Management image description On April 12, the Office of Management and Budget issued a memorandum requiring agencies to develop plans to reduce their workforces. This has led many agencies to search in their talent management toolkit for help.

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