Furloughed Feds Deserve Guns, Not Extra Pay, Lawmakers Say

Congress looks to set priorities for federal employees who won't be working in the event of another shutdown.

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Judge Initially Skeptical of Plea to Dismiss House GOP's Obamacare Lawsuit arrowThe administration says the House doesn’t have standing to ...

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Who Has the Best App in Government? arrowAn FDA app used by food investigators to enter data while performing field inspections won "Best ...

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Cyber Command Says New Mega-Contract Will Be Out by Fall arrowThe Pentagon last week abandoned a $475 million job posting for cyberattack and ...

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Watchdog Finds Glitches in Governmentwide Effort to Track Spending Consistently arrowMove to post spending numbers ignored some traditional ...

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Excellence in Government

How We're Sabotaging Our New Hires From Day One arrowPut new talent to work quickly by avoiding these common training pitfalls.

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Retirement Planning

A Retirement Readiness Checklist arrowBefore the magic date arrives, you need to ask yourself some questions.

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Route Fifty

When State Governments Use Internet Shaming to Generate Revenue arrowTo get tax scofflaws to pay up, some states are publishing their names and ...

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Ahead of Hurricane Season, Obama Warns Climate Change Will Worsen Storms arrowThe White House has increasingly cautioned about extreme weather ...

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Agriculture Department Identifies $1.4 Billion in Savings to Avoid Furloughs arrowTravel cutbacks, telework and office consolidations contribute ...

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CIO: FITARA 'Won't Change A Lot' at DHS arrowDHS CIO Luke McCormack said the legislation would only force CIOs to get more involved in the ...

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What Government Will Look Like in 2020 arrowYour chance to share ideas on technology and the government of tomorrow.

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VA Officials in Hot Water Over Psychic Party and Tax Evasion arrowWatchdog concludes one employee misused her position, and another lied about ...

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