Women Still Underrepresented in the Highest-Paid Federal Jobs

The situation has improved over the past decade, but it remains the case that the more a job pays, the more likely it is to be filled by a man.

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State Department and White House Out of Sync on Federal Register arrowTrump’s memo on new Cuba policy has yet to be officially published, ...

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How US Special Operators Helped Take Down Joseph Kony’s Army With Tailored Messages arrowFor six years, an elite Army team waged psychological ...

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Excellence in Government

When It Comes To Making Good Decisions, Bad Options Can Help arrowThe wrong choices can sometimes be helpful in getting to the right ones.

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Excellence in Government

The Government’s Big Real Estate Opportunity arrowProperty should be a means to an end, and not an end unto itself.

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Play of the Day: Trump Is Calling, Writing, Not Calling and Not Writing arrowThe president explains how he consoles the families of fallen ...

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4 Ideas to Prevent the Next Equifax arrowCongress could create minimum breach notification standards, increase oversight and rein in Social ...

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CIA Watchdog Nominee Denies Charges of Whistleblower Retaliation arrowSharpley tells senators messy tale of how his agency lost Senate panel’s ...

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What Agencies Need to Navigate the AI Frontier arrowAdopting artificial intelligence isn't a well-trodden path.

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Trump Administration’s Plan to Expand Private Care for Vets Sparks Fight Over VA's Future arrowSome stakeholders prepare for battle, while ...

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Microsoft Cloud Can Now Host Classified Pentagon Data arrowThe Defense Department will be able to send data that requires a secret-level ...

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Route Fifty

Nobel for Behavioral Science Holds Lessons for Local Governments arrowWhy behavioral science is “changing the way cities around the country ...

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3 Questions: America's Next Nuclear-Missile Submarine image description Built to deter America's enemies for the next 60 years, the Navy's new missile sub is slated to be the U.S. military’s third most-expensive program — ever.

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