Trump to Congress: Offset Disaster Relief With Cuts to Agency Spending

White House requests $11 billion in cuts—and potentially more—to pay for hurricane response.

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Test Your Knowledge: Identify These U.S. State and Local Government Seats of Powers arrowTake our photo quiz of state capitols, city halls and ...

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Excellence in Government

Joe Biden’s New Memoir Shows a Person Coping With Work Under Extreme Emotional Stress arrow"Promise Me, Dad" is out this week.

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Comparing Cities in Terms of the Financial Health of Their Residents arrowA new data dashboard features metrics like median credit scores, and ...

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Pay & Benefits

Trump Signs TSP Modernization Act Into Law arrowParticipants in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement program will have more ...

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Excellence in Government

The Potential Payoff for Applying Metrics and Analytics to Government Is Significant arrowBut managers need more training, and all employees ...

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A Fight Is Brewing Between Congress and the Military Over Cyber War arrowShould in-theater commanders be allowed to launch attacks that ...

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Last of 24 Scammers Impersonating IRS Agents Pleads Guilty arrowProbe of money laundering conspiracy involved Justice, Homeland Security and ...

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The White House Is Refusing to Comply With Congressional Inquiries Into Travel Spending arrowA congressional committee has already subpoenaed ...

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Excellence in Government

Five Annoying Questions to Ask Your Grandparents at Thanksgiving arrowThere’s no time like the holiday to explore the pressing issues of ...

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Hostile Takeover?

Mulvaney Might Double as Temporary Head of Consumer Bureau arrowThe White House has not confirmed reports of budget director’s expanded role.

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Homeland Security Has A Plan To Fight Zombie Devices arrowThe report urges more public-private cooperation on botnet takedowns and more and ...

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