The Postal Service Paid $287K for Trailers It Either Lost or Never Received

USPS is losing lots of money - and vehicles.

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Pay & Benefits

Can You Apply for Phased Retirement This Fall? It Depends on Your Agency arrowOPM is accepting applications beginning in November, but some ...

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Excellence in Government

Three of the Most Common Delegation Ah-ha's arrowYou can’t continue to operate as if you’re personally responsible for everything that happens.

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VA’s Scheduling System Revamp Will Be Big Test of Agency’s Agile Approach arrowVA has taken new approach to modernizing its legacy IT systems.

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Has the IRS Become Gun-Shy on Regulating Nonprofits? arrowThe number of organizations denied tax exempt status dropped precipitously between 2010 ...

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Excellence in Government

​To RIF or Not to RIF arrowDownsizing can be traumatic, but sparing jobs can do more harm than good.

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State & Local

San Diego Mayor Starts Process to Have ‘America’s Finest Website’ arrowCalifornia’s second-largest city partners with Code for America for ...

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The White House Is Spoiling for a Fight on Immigration arrowObama seems determined to push ahead, despite the fears of some Democrats.

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19 Days After Michael Brown's Shooting, Hillary Clinton Weighs In on Ferguson arrow"Behind the dramatic, terrible pictures on television are deep ...

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State & Local

How Michigan’s DOT Became Way More Efficient and Technically Savvy arrowWatch how the agency streamlined its approval processes and ...

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Democrats Say Climate Change Is As Big a Threat As ISIS arrowA new poll shows how Democrats and Republicans view security threats to the U.S.

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U.S. Tells Russia to 'Stop Lying' About Its Involvement in Ukraine arrowThe United Nations Security Council held an emergency meeting Thursday to ...

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145 Immigration Activists Arrested Outside White House arrowThe choreographed arrests were organized to push President Obama to stop the ...

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