No Timeline Yet for Loosening of TSP Withdrawal Rules

Officials must review literature, processes before making changes required by legislation enacted last week.

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Excellence in Government

Coaching Is About More Than Asking Questions arrowGoals are key to unlocking the talent around you.

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Trump Administration Has Talked Up Social Media Vetting, But It’s Nothing New arrowArlington-based deep web search engine provider Giant Oak ...

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Excellence in Government

How Agility Is Driving Government Transformation arrowGovernment is notoriously bad at adapting to rapid advances in technology and the ...

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Delayed Security Clearance Reforms Could Increase Costs for Agencies arrowContinuous evaluation could remain a pipe dream as cash-strapped ...

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Federal Unions Support Request for Supreme Court Review of Denied MSPB Case Appeals arrowThree feds were denied lower court appeals based on ...

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As Trump Bragged About His Wine, It Was Sold at Shenandoah National Park arrowAn environmental lawyer says the sale could pose a major ...

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Retirement Planning

Keep These Documents Handy arrowA guide to the paperwork you may need when it comes time to file your retirement application.

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Excellence in Government

The Reality New Managers Can’t Avoid arrowIt’s hard work, but don’t over complicate it.

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IG Cites Homeland Security for Abusing Its Power, Blocking Negative Report arrowOne audit finds Trump administration violated court orders ...

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Retired IRS Chief Koskinen Warns Against Agency Budget Cuts arrowHis only regret about the political targeting fracas is mismanaged communication.

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GAO: Federal CIO Shirking Oversight Responsibilities On Critical Projects arrowThe lack of CIO involvement in major projects could allow them ...

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Inside Digital Health Platforms image description As the health care environment evolves to become more and more digital, it is also becoming more fragmented. Between potential jumps from one health care provider to another to the metrics one can receive from mobile health and wearable health IT devices, a single patient’s complete health record may consist of many types of non-standardized data from a variety of different sources.

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