Ted Cruz: Republicans Shouldn't Fear a Shutdown Over Immigration

The senator says the 2013 shutdown over Obamacare didn't hurt his party at the polls. So why should the GOP fear one over immigration?

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Why Is the Smithsonian Standing Behind Bill Cosby? arrowThe comedian thinks people should have "the integrity not to ask" about the allegations ...

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Obama Administration Took Unusual Step in Releasing Justice Memo on Immigration arrowOffice of Legal Counsel’s opinions are often kept behind ...

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Chuck Hagel

The History of Cabinet Shakeups, Charted arrowAs the size of the United States Cabinet has ballooned from 11 departments in 1947 to 15 today, ...

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Excellence in Government

Consider the People You're Grateful For arrowHow about that mentor who helped shape your career path?

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Who Will Replace Chuck Hagel? arrowPresident Obama will be naming his fourth secretary of defense in six years. Will he choose the first woman to ...

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Obama Says He Will Walk John Boehner's Nonexistent Dog arrowThe president has been using the same joke about compromise since 2012.

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Pay & Benefits

Your Open Season Questions, Answered. arrowOPM holds town hall to advise federal employees and retirees on health care choices for 2015.

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New Lois Lerner Emails May Be Retrieved arrowIRS says it is cooperating with watchdog, laments budget cuts.

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Excellence in Government

How to Stop Annoying Behaviors and Handle Offensive People arrowThe level of inattention in daily life is stunning.

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Excellence in Government

Half of Americans Think Climate Change Is a Sign of the Apocalypse arrowWhat a new report on theology and global warming means for public policy

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Who Will Pay Ebola Patients' Medical Bills in the U.S.? arrowSome hospitals and lawmakers are looking to the federal government to cover ...

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Time Is Running Out on the CIA Torture Report arrowThe Senate still thinks it can wrap up negotiations with the White House before the year ends. ...

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