Lawmaker Questions Oversight of Agencies’ Buyout, Early Retirement Offers

OPM has a history of approving faulty requests for separation incentive authority, congressman says.

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Route Fifty

Mostly Cut Off, Puerto Ricans Flock to the Few Spots With Cellphone Service arrowSTATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Amid unrest, St. Louis mayor ...

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How Solar Power Can Protect the U.S. Military From Threats to the Electric Grid arrowMilitary bases usually get their electricity from the ...

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U.S. Was ‘Ill-Prepared’ to Help Train Afghan Security Forces, IG Finds arrow“One U.S. officer watched TV shows like Cops and NCIS” for lesson ...

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‘Cyber Defense Is Very Much About Political Decisions’ arrowWhen European defense ministers played a tabletop cyber defense exercise, things ...

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Analysis: Giving the Deep State More Leeway to Kill With Drones arrowPresident Trump is poised to compound the most grave moral failing of his ...

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Congress Tackles Data Breaches, Russian Meddling and IT Modernization arrowLawmakers will address cybersecurity concerns at two major agencies ...

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Momentum Builds for Probe of HHS Secretary’s Travel Costs arrowAgency says using charter planes helps Price move power out of Washington.

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IG: Immigration and Border Agency Execs Used Security Details Without Legal Authority arrowHomeland Security agrees to review protection ...

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The Air Force Will Dole Out $1 Billion for Cloud Migration arrowDell EMC, General Dynamics and Microsoft teamed to win a big Air Force contract.

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Trump Is Having a Profound Impact on Regulatory Policy arrowDespite a lack of legislative success, the new administration is making its mark.

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