Voters Want Aggressive Government Reform, Not Tinkering Around the Edges

New polling analysis shows a rise in voters who favor dismantling programs.

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Lawmakers Think Postal Delivery Trucks Can Do Better Than 10 Miles per Gallon arrowAs USPS gears up for fleet overhaul, members of Congress push ...

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Lawmakers Want a Few Good Hackers to Help Bring Congress into the 21st Century arrowNext week, Hack4Congress will bring together a wide array of ...

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White House Procurement Chief Wants Acquisition SWAT Team arrowAnne Rung is pursuing category management to curb wasteful duplication.

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Excellence in Government

What Sweden and Japan Can Teach the U.S. About Its Aging Workforce arrowThe global population is getting older. What can countries do?

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DOD to Start Its Own Digital Service Team arrowThe new squad is already working to transfer electronic health records to the Department of ...

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Pay & Benefits

Survey on Pay, Job Satisfaction Will Hit Employee Inboxes Soon arrowFeds have until early June to fill out the 2015 federal workforce viewpoint ...

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Excellence in Government

The Genius of 'Want to Grab Coffee?' arrowWhy asking for advice makes people seem smart .

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Why Did Ted Cruz Miss the Loretta Lynch Vote? arrowHe voted against cloture but was the lone senator not to vote on final passage.

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Barack Obama’s Top Secret Plan to Make You Laugh arrowHave you heard the one about the president and the White House Correspondents’ Dinner?

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Despite Accidental Deaths This Week, Congress Says Drone Strikes Are Here to Stay arrowOn Capitol Hill, Republicans and Democrats agree the drone ...

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Play of the Day: Meet the NSA's New Recycling Mascot arrowThat's right: The National Security Agency introduced a computer-generated mascot ...

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Excellence in Government

OPM's New Educational Alliance arrowPartnerships with colleges offer discounted degree programs to feds.

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The Value of Remembering Ordinary Momentsimage descriptionThough writing down daily events may seem mundane, participants in a recent study were happy to have records of them in the future. Read more

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