OPM Says More Hack Details Coming, But Notification of Affected Feds Could Lag

OPM is striving for accuracy in counting feds affected in second hack.

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Excellence in Government

Four Ways Your Spouse Can Screw Up Your Security Clearance arrowIf you can’t trust your partner, the government can’t trust you.

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Q&A: Why Congress is Jumping on the Open Source Bandwagon arrowBen Balter, chief executive for code repository site Github, talked with Nextgov ...

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Retirement Planning

A Rude Annuity Shock arrowWhen a survivor benefit turns out to be much smaller than expected.

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Dempsey’s Instruction: Prepare for a Long War arrowIn a new National Military Strategy, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff warns the ...

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Robert Neller Tapped as Marine Corps Commandant arrowHe now awaits Senate confirmation as the latest addition to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and ...

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Government Shutdown Is on the Horizon, Pelosi Says arrowHouse minority leader warns Republicans’ current tactics will lead to an appropriations ...

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Jim Webb Announces He is Running for President arrowThe former senator from Virginia announced his 2016 bid Thursday afternoon.

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CIA Establishes New Diversity Procedures arrowReport found the agency’s culture insufficiently inclusive.

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Pay & Benefits

Obama Allows Some Feds to Tap Retirement Money Early Without Penalty arrowPresident signs bipartisan law that lets federal cops and firefighters ...

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Route Fifty

Mixed Messages With Utah’s Deseret Flag?; Virginia’s ‘Road to Nowhere’ Settlement arrowAlso: More woes for Detroit and mental health challenges ...

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White House to Agencies: Budget for Climate Change arrowOMB circular says to consider “preparedness and resiliency” goals.

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The Justice Department is Investigating Airfare Price Collusion arrowSince the latest batch of airline consolidation began in 2008, airfares have ...

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