Funding Impasse Is Already Disrupting DHS Operations

Plans for new technologies and equipment remain up in the air.

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6 Biggest Blunders in Government's Annual Cyber Report Card arrowThe White House has released its yearly assessment of agency compliance with the ...

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Feds Will Miss a Pay Raise Champion arrowMaryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski will not seek re-election.

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Superstorm Fallout

Senators Press for Flood Insurance Fraud Probe arrowFEMA and SBA faulted for mishandling Hurricane Sandy aid.

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Clapper: Maintaining Phone Call Surveillance is Like Buying Insurance arrowThe nation's top spy said keeping logs of U.S. citizens' phone calls ...

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Samantha Power: U.S.-Israel Partnership 'Transcends Politics and It Always Will' arrowThe U.S. ambassador to the United Nations unsurprisingly ...

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Barbara Mikulski Marks the End of an Era arrowThe senator from Maryland announced her retirement Monday.

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Excellence in Government

What Animals Teach Us About Measuring Intelligence arrowBrain power is not comparative and problems arise whenever we attempt to quantify it.

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State & Local

Texas Lawmaker Looks to Invalidate Municipal Laws That 'Erode Consumer Choice' arrowWatch out Austin and Dallas: Local single-use plastic bag ...

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Numbers Man

Republican Pick for CBO Director Draws Mostly Good Reviews arrowGeorge Mason Professor Keith Hall defended government’s jobless numbers from ...

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When IRS Tech Projects Start to Slip, Congress is the Last to Know arrowA few key tech projects at IRS are running over budget and behind ...

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State & Local

Check Out These Powerful New Inflatable Swift Water Rescue Boats arrowFirst responders in the Sacramento area now have some new high-tech ...

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