Agencies Paid Hundreds of Employees to Not Work for at Least One Year

Agencies use administrative leave largely to pay employees facing disciplinary action, report finds.

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Improper Payments

The Ex-Nazis Collecting Social Security arrowThey reportedly received millions of dollars in government benefits even after being expelled from ...

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An Ebola Visa Ban Isn't Perfect. But It's Better Than a Full Travel Ban. arrowState Department is still wary of a proposal to ban visas from ...

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Excellence in Government

Is the Recovery Act a Model for the Ebola Response? arrowSometimes it takes a dramatic crisis to make the government work better.

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Pay & Benefits

Feds Battling Ebola in Africa Must Work 42 Days Before Bonus Pay Kicks In arrowFor those on temporary assignment, hardship adjustment is not ...

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State & Local

County Says ‘Third Way’ Transformation Helped It Thrive Despite Great Recession arrowBurlington County, New Jersey, streamlined its operations ...

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Bid Protest Ruling Deals Blow to Background Check Contractor arrowGAO partially upholds challenge of USIS deal with the Homeland Security ...

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State & Local

Can Homeless People Move Into Baltimore's Abandoned Houses? arrowThere are more than 16,000 vacant homes in the city. Are they the solution to ...

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Feds Use New 3-D Printer to Create Bomb-Sniffing Artificial Dog Noses arrowDog noses have about 50 times as many olfactory receptors as humans.

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Wait, Why Another 'Czar'? arrowTo fight Ebola, President Obama has appointed the U.S.'s latest ... Russian emperor? Here's a brief history of a ...

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On Politics

The Trench Warfare Begins arrowDemocrats' chance to maintain their hold on the Senate now boils down to the ground game.

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Overall Morale at VA Dips, Along With Faith in Leaders arrowAgency employees report a strong sense of mission and enthusiasm for their work ...

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