VA Proposes Taking Away Senior Executives’ MSPB Appeal Rights

Department’s about-face on authority to discipline top career officials comes after judges reverse two demotions and a firing.

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Encryption Debate: The Issue Isn’t Strong Crypto; It’s Easy Crypto arrowThe encryption debate is poised to intensify this year.

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Group Blasts VA Proposal to Strip Senior Executives of Appeal Rights arrowSEA says idea is 'farcical' and would make top career leaders at ...

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Air Force Told To Save Millions on Contractors’ Depot Labor arrowService acquisition chief disagrees with Pentagon watchdog recommendations.

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Pay & Benefits

Lawmaker Pushes for 5.3 Percent Pay Raise arrowDemocrat says Obama’s 1.6 percent proposal ‘doesn’t come close’ to fairness.

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Presidential Hopefuls Rip Wasteful Bureaucracy--and That’s Just the Democrats arrowClinton and Sanders address the question of what, if anything, ...

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On Politics

Hillary Clinton's Long Career as an Insider arrowMany think Clinton was a onetime leftist radical who morphed into a centrist to gain power. But ...

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The FBI's Strategy to End the Oregon Standoff and Get Cliven Bundy: Patience arrowThe bureau successfully played the long game in both cases.

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Excellence in Government

The Never-Ending War on Federal Whistleblowers arrowThose who try to report and fix problems at their agencies are still risking their careers.

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A Planned 'Cessation of Hostilities' in Syria arrowThe fighting in Syria will pause next week and aid will be delivered to those who need it ...

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Play of the Day: Jeb Bush is Not a Tough Guy arrowJimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers joke about the Floridian's feud with Donald Trump.

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Route Fifty

A Closer Look at Louisiana’s Grim Budget and Economic Numbers arrowRevenues, general fund balances, unemployment rates and GDP are all downbeat ...

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