More Delays Hold Back OPM Hack Victims From Receiving Protection Benefits

Request for offers from contractors now not expected until next week.

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Speed Up Efforts to Standardize Spending Data, Watchdog Tells Agencies arrowThe administration is making progress on implementing the DATA Act, ...

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Obama Says Customer Experience is a Big Deal. Is it? arrowIn recent years, the White House has prioritized customer experience as a pillar for ...

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They Keep Coming

State Releases a New Batch of Clinton Emails arrowThe emails comes amid scrutiny of the candidate's use of email when she was State Department ...

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Two Women Advance To Final Phase of Army Ranger School arrowOf the three women still vying to graduate from the first gender-integrated course ...

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What the Health?

Hillary Clinton's Doctor Deems Her Healthy arrowBesides hypothyroidism and allergies, Lisa Bardack says the candidate is in good shape.

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VA Embraces Virtual Care, Testing Bluetooth Hearing Aids arrowGradually, more VA services will be delivered virtually, Deputy Secretary Sloan ...

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Route Fifty

With More Money, States Weigh Expanded Tax Credits for Working Families arrowStates are boosting earned income tax credits for working families ...

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Senate Passes Bill to Smooth Presidential Transitions arrowEach agency would be required to designate a transition coordinator six months before ...

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Conservative Blogger Wants GOP to Shut Down the Government Over Planned Parenthood arrowErick Erickson says Republicans "should have that fight” ...

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Excellence in Government

5 Leadership Behaviors to Move Up on Your List arrowIt pays to spend more time on skills that build relationships.

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Rick Perry Super PACs: Home State Billionaires Deliver 4:56 PM ET image description Washington Wire (Wall Street Journal)

Capital Journal Friday PM: Billionaires Line Up Behind Jeb Bush, More 4:44 PM ET image description Washington Wire (Wall Street Journal)

As Deadline Neared, $1 Million Checks Boosted Clinton Super PAC 4:30 PM ET image description Washington Wire (Wall Street Journal)


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