Lack of Paid Parental Leave for Feds Is 'Shameful,' House Dems Say

Providing paid time off is also "good for business," proponents argue.

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Excellence in Government

CHCOs Can Vastly Improve Their Agencies’ Curb Appeal arrowHow to get your 'house' in order and make it a talent destination.

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Health Care

Why the White House Is Shaking Up Medicare arrowMedicare announces new plans to pay more doctors based on value.

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Play of the Day: Sarah Palin is Back and Making Just as Much Sense as Ever arrowAfter her teleprompter broke during the Iowa Freedom Summit, the ...

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What the National Weather Service Can Learn About Language from Louis C.K. arrowThe comedian took a shot at the government agency for ...

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State & Local

Did Andrew Cuomo Overreact When He Closed New York City’s Subway? arrowThe governor ordered the system to close because of the blizzard. But as ...

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Nonprofits Offer Help with Agency Records Management arrowNational Archives welcomes input on preservation of electronic communications.

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Washington Agencies to Open Two Hours Late arrowEmployees also have option of unscheduled leave or telework.

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State & Local

Gov. Cuomo Blames Northeast Snowstorm on ‘Changing Climate’ arrow"You're getting a repeat pattern of these extreme weather situations, whether ...

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VA’s System for Managing IT Projects Comes Under Scrutiny arrowA new inspector general report finds the system needs some monitoring of its own.

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State & Local

Illinois Hunting Legislation Puts Drone Use in Crosshairs arrowHigh-tech hunters may have to target wildlife the old fashioned way.

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Looking Back at the GSA Scandal: Did the Administration Overreact? arrowSome say the response to lavish spending in Las Vegas was too ...

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VA Announces Major Department Realignment arrowOfficial says reorganization is not about job cuts, and that there is 'more than enough work' to ...

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