Patent Office Confirms Concerns Over Telework Fraud

Agency chiefs says new policies were implemented to curb abuse.

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State & Local

D.C. Statehood Bill Gets Rare Capitol Hill Hearing arrowA U.S. Senate committee considers a 51st state proposal to give equal voting rights to ...

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Defense One

Why John Bolton’s Dangerous Call to Nuclear Arms Makes No Sense arrowJohn Bolton doesn’t know better than Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. By ...

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State & Local

Will New Jersey’s Red-Light Camera Program Die This Year? arrowJames Kern III, elected as the Garden State’s youngest mayor, explains why he ...

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Islamic State

Most Americans Believe in Obama's ISIS Plan, but Not in Him arrowA lot Americans support President Obama's plan to attack the Islamic State, even ...

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White House Introduces New Class of Innovation Fellows arrowPrivate sector whizzes to spend a year on government problems.

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The Pentagon Sent Extra Military Gear to School Districts Too arrowA coalition of civil rights groups is asking the Defense Department to stop ...

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Highway Safety Board Found to Be Slow, Timid arrowNew York Times report says NHTSA may be more interested in popular safety ratings than ...

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Agencies Are Increasingly Dismissing Discrimination Claims for the Wrong Reasons arrowEEOC is reversing nearly half of dismissals; USPS and Army ...

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On Politics

How Awful Will the Midterms be for the Democrats? arrowMidterm elections come in three varieties for the White House party: bad, really bad, and ...

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Excellence in Government

​Without Users, Performance Measurement Is Useless arrowGetting meaningful metrics to the right people drives improvements.

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Mikey Dickerson: No Paper Pushing at US Digital Service arrowThe head of the U.S. Digital Service is taking a fix-it first approach to his office.

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Proposed Rule Prohibits Federal Contractors From Firing Employees Who Discuss Pay arrowGroups have 90 days to comment on regulations to implement ...

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