How Government Techies Can Usher in the Next Generation of Federal Workers

18F hopes to match agencies with employees while benefiting both.

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The Top of the World

The White House Wants a Good Map of the Arctic arrowWant to see how glaciers retreat? There’s a map for that.

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Justice to Require Warrants for Cell Tracking Technology arrowThe new policy does not apply to state and local police departments that have used ...

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Excellence in Government

Wonder What’s Hidden in Your Personnel File? arrowHere’s how to request a copy of your official records.

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Refugees Find Accommodation in Army's Former Heidelberg Home arrowMilitary personnel might not recognize their old stomping grounds today.

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New Chair of Troubled Chemical Safety Board Begins Listening Tour arrowSutherland seeks "a better culture and experience" for a body some called ...

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On Politics

Donald Trump and the Price of Loyalty Oaths arrowThe GOP convinces Donald Trump to sign its pledge—but was it actually Trump who outsmarted the ...

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State Department Wants to Compile Cybersecurity 'Playbook' arrowWorld-class industry expertise is needed for planning tactics to block and ...

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GSA Ponders Slashing 2-Year Experience Requirement for IT Contractors arrowThe agency is also considering eliminating a requirement for a spot ...

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Retirement Planning

Pay Attention: Nobody Else Is Going to Fund Your Future arrowEven if you don’t plan to stay in government your entire career, there are things ...

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The Final Frontier

NASA Plans to Hitch Rides on Comets – Using Harpoons and Tethers arrowThe system may one day be used to hitchhike across the solar system.

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Obama to re-assure Saudi Arabia over Iran 12:29 PM ET image description USA Today - Washington

Second Clinton aide testifies in Benghazi probe 12:18 PM ET image description USA Today - Washington

New Yorker imagines USA TODAY's Kanye headline 11:56 AM ET image description USA Today - Washington


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