Watchdog Groups Create Guide to Help Feds Protect Themselves Against Political Misconduct

Extensive note taking can help federal scientists protect themselves and their work, experts say.

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EPA and National Archives Sued Over Scott Pruitt’s Record-Keeping Habits arrowEthics groups argue Federal Records Act not being enforced.

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USCIS Deleted 'Nation of Immigrants' From Its Official Mission arrowThe change in wording goes against a longstanding tradition for ...

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Excellence in Government

Your Hotshot Coworker Would Be a Terrible Boss, And Research Proves It arrowWe soar to the level of our own incompetence.

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Play of the Day: Arming Teachers is One Solution to School Shootings arrowThe president suggests giving bonuses to educators who carry a weapon.

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Route Fifty

Grand Jury Indicts Missouri’s Governor on Felony Invasion of Privacy arrowSTATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | A ‘sea change’ for Vermont gun politics; ...

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New Report Notes Erosion of Pentagon’s Technological Advantage arrowThe evidence ranges from a new long-range Chinese missile to ramped-up ...

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Pay & Benefits

81 Percent of Career Senior Executives Received Bonuses in Fiscal 2016 arrowThe average performance award neared $12,000, an increase of more ...

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Here’s How to Counter Fake News During a Disaster arrowA Homeland Security Department advisory group wants to help emergency responders ...

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Route Fifty

Elder Abuse Is the ‘Silent Epidemic of Our Time’ arrowThe opioid abuse crisis may be contributing to a ‘staggering’ spike in adult protective ...

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Senator Trained as Accountant Presses Pentagon on Pricey Audit arrowBudget chairman Enzi asks Mattis for timeline after report exposing flaws.

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GSA Wants Streamlined Offer Forms arrowThink four documents or fewer for Multiple Award Schedules offers.

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Performance Management is Not a Contest image description The administration is sending the wrong message with its fund for targeted pay incentives. Read more

How to Tackle Unpleasant Tasks image description There’s a simple mental shift you can make that almost guarantees a better result. Read more

State of the Unions image description The Trump administration’s anti-labor agenda is breathing new life into federal employee unions. Read more

Next Steps in Improving Government Performance image description Agencies have greater access to data than ever before, yet front line managers are not leveraging this wealth of information to inform decisions. Read more


Migrating Intelligently: Strategic Considerations in Federal Cloud Procurement image description Cloud technology has come a long way since the announcement of a 'cloud first' policy in 2011. Federal organizations can now choose from public, private, and hybrid services, but choosing the right tool is not always straightforward.

DoD CIO Sets Sights on Software-Defined Data Center to Deliver Secure, Modernized Cloud-Based Environment image description The US Defense Department engaged on a project with Virtustream to reduce IT costs and improve cybersecurity by building a forward-thinking hybrid cloud environment using software-defined networking and security techniques.

Defining a data strategy: An essential component of your digital transformation journey image description Whether an organization realizes it or not, data is its most valuable asset. Most organizations are driven by data; each day, they need to make decisions about how they collect, use and share many different types of data across a variety of departments.

New smartphone app lets U.S. Army recruiters go mobile image description A new cross-platform app is helping U.S. Army recruiters access candidate records and track communications on-the-go via their smartphones. The Enterprise Total Asset Visibility (ETAV) app was introduced to Army recruiting leadership in October 2017, and within one month of its launch, approximately 4,700 Army Active, Army Reserve and Army National Guard recruiters had downloaded and were using the application.

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