House Narrowly Passes Stopgap Spending Bill, But Shutdown Threat Remains

Continuing resolution to keep agencies open through Feb. 16 will face a tougher vote in the Senate.

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Route Fifty

State CIOs Want Federal Agencies to Get Out of Their Way arrowNASCIO’s advocacy priorities cite duplicative and conflicting security ...

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Route Fifty

Business Groups Back 25-Cent Gas Tax Increase to Fund Infrastructure arrowBut there appears to be a limited appetite for such a proposal among ...

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New, Temporary Federal Agency Will Push for National Service arrowCommission will start national “conversation” to consider need to reinstate ...

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Route Fifty

Is 2018 the Year Congress Finally Passes 'Dig Once' Broadband Legislation? arrowAdvocates worry the allure of Trump’s elusive infrastructure ...

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Kaspersky Seeks Immediate Halt to Federal Government Ban arrowThe procedural move is unlikely to prevail, a former cybercrime prosecutor says.

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Democrats Want to Spend $500M on a New, Non-Trump Backed DHS Hiring Surge arrowSenators take a different approach from the White House in ...

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Retirement Planning

Tax Planning in a Time of Change arrowThe impact of tax reform on federal employees and retirees.

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America Quietly Starts Nation-Building in Parts of Syria arrowThe U.S. has escalated its presence in the country, and has signaled no ...

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Intelligence Community Contractors Gain Whistleblower Protections arrowAdvocacy groups have mixed reaction given reauthorization of ...

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Pay & Benefits

VA Begins Using Expedited Hiring Authority to Fill Array of Critical Positions arrowDepartment is also offering large cash bonuses to recruit ...

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What Happened at the Defense Department During the 2013 Shutdown arrowContractors and civilian employees will see furloughs.

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