Lawmakers Call for Shutdown Solidarity, Offer to Refuse Pay If DHS Closes

Democrats introduce bill to withhold congressional pay if Homeland Security shuts down.

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State & Local

Arizona ‘City’ With Escaped Llamas Isn’t Actually a Municipality arrowSun City doesn’t have a mayor and there’s no local government. But there’s ...

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Vet Group Wants to Turn Veterans Health Administration Into Amtrak arrowProposal would transform federal agency into a government-chartered ...

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State & Local

Chattanooga, Tenn., and Wilson, N.C., Celebrate FCC’s Municipal Broadband Ruling arrowThe two cities had petitioned commissioners to block state ...

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Excellence in Government

Stressed? It’s Not How Much You Do, It’s How You Do It arrowFighting anxiety, especially in high-pressure situations, can be a drain on the ...

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Feds Dismiss Google's Fears Over FBI’s Hacking Power arrowGoogle’s claim that the expansion of search warrant authority is a “monumental” ...

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CIA’s New Big Data Hub Will be Hosted in the Cloud arrowCIA Chief Information Officer Doug Wolfe confirmed Wednesday the intelligence agency will ...

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Homeland Security

Senate Conservatives Concede, Won't Delay DHS Bill arrowPassage of a "clean" measure expected before Friday deadline, though House prospects ...

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Pentagon Acquisition Bosses Ho-Hum on Multiple Reviews for Passing Milestones arrowGAO finds weapons program managers valued input in only 10 ...

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Retirement Planning

Three (or More) Helpings of the TSP arrowYes, you can take multiple partial distributions from your investments after you retire. Here’s how.

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Senators Launch Whistleblower Protection Caucus to Send Message arrowGrassley and Wyden cross the aisle to reinforce that those who report fraud ...

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Excellence in Government

Even the Best Cover Letter Isn’t As Good As a Two Minute Conversation arrowIt's harder to ignore the phone than written correspondence.

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State & Local

Local Fire Departments Prepare for Possible Impacts From DHS Showdown in Congress arrowFederal grant programs could be disrupted by a shutdown ...

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