Navy Employees Lose Furlough Case on Appeal

Court upholds MSPB’s ruling favoring agency in case involving 2013 sequester furloughs.

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Co-Sponsors: Cybersecurity Bill to Resurface After Next Week’s Recess arrowA stalled information-sharing bill is expected to get a vote soon, ...

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Drone Firm Faces $1.9 FAA Million Fine for Unsanctioned Flights arrowThe agency has proposed its largest ever fine of a company for unauthorized ...

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OMB Pressured to Invoke Bush Directive Banning Earmarks arrowBudget director asked to enforce 2008 deterrent to spending on pet projects.

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Excellence in Government

Bridging the Millennial Soft Skills Gap arrowYoung workers bring new talents, but need to learn the basics.

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Route Fifty

When Residents Clash With Homeowner Associations, Some States Step In arrowSome states are creating ombudsman offices to handle the deluge of ...

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Senator Calls for Justice Department Probe of VA Relocation Funds Abuse arrowBlumenthal decries the “mindset that puts veterans last.”

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Route Fifty

Securing the Border in Texas With More Cameras; A Solution for Flint's Lead Problem? arrowAlso: A one-person anti-bullying office in Iowa and a ...

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Excellence in Government

Dear Men: Wake Up and Smell the Inequality arrowWomen in the C-suite are less likely to leave than men, so why not invest in them?

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New Clinton TV Ad Highlights on McCarthy’s Benghazi Gaffe arrowDemocrats hope to capitalize on a top Republican’s comment linking the House ...

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Snowden Says He'd Go to Prison to Come Back to the United States arrowSpeaking to the BBC, the NSA whistleblower said his lawyers were still ...

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EU Court Ruling: NSA Spying Violates Privacy Rights of Millions arrowBy throwing out a key international agreement, the ruling delivers a blow to ...

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