Both Parties Looking to Pare Down Obama's Border Funding

Senate Democrats propose to cut $1 billion from the president's request; House Republicans are expected to unveil an even deeper cut.

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Energy Secretary: Senate Confirmation Delays Leave Science Team Shorthanded arrowFive key positions are unfilled, Moniz says.

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Excellence in Government

Morning People Are More Likely to Lie to Their Bosses in the Afternoon arrowAnd night owls tend to be less ethical in the morning—but siestas ...

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The VA Is One Step Closer to Getting a New Leader arrowSenate Veterans' Affairs Committee approves Robert McDonald's nomination to lead the ...

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The Border Surge: Is It a 'Crisis' or Not? arrowRepublicans are on a mixed-messaging binge over how best to describe the buildup at the border.

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U.S. Officials: Russia 'Created the Conditions' for Malaysia Airlines Crash arrowNew intelligence finds no direct link between the air disaster ...

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Play of the Day: Congress Goes 'Fact Finding' in Honduras and Guatemala arrowThe facts were mostly found in the hotel lobby.

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Excellence in Government

5 Reasons Your Team Thinks You’re a Bad Boss arrowDon’t be that leader everyone loves to hate.

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Cutting Red Tape Could Prove Lucrative for Agencies arrowTo incentivize efficiency, Rep. Tom Latham, R-Iowa, wants to link budgets to ...

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Pay & Benefits

House Approves Bill to Reduce Pay for Many TSA Agents arrowSome officers would no longer qualify as law enforcement personnel.

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Feds Join Lawsuit Alleging Symantec Overcharged Agencies for Software arrowThe feds say the company failed to disclose discounts to agencies.

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Obamacare's Road Back to the Supreme Court arrowWith one big loss and one big win on the same day, Obamacare may be headed back to the high court.

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Donald Trump Breaks Ground on Pennsylvania Ave. Hotel 12:09 PM ET image description Washington Wire (Wall Street Journal)

This Week in Would-Be 2016 Candidates: Michele Bachmann and Jay Nixon 11:47 AM ET image description Washington Wire (Wall Street Journal)

Air Force refocuses on training as wars wind down 11:34 AM ET image description USA Today - Washington


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