Initial House ‘Minibus’ Spending Bill Would Trigger Sequester

Measure would exceed caps without a budget deal to override them.

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Analysis: The Cost of Banning Transgender Service Members arrowExclusion leaves the military weaker and the country more divided.

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Route Fifty

Is Sessions’ Dangling of 'Sanctuary City' Funding an Overstep? arrowThe U.S. attorney general followed through on a threat he made in May, ...

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U.S. Digital Services Co-Founder Leaves White House arrowHaley Van Dyck re-joined government in March.

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Excellence in Government

How Agencies Can Deliver Better Results for Less Money arrowContractor compensation should be tied to how well vendors deliver on program ...

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House Panel Passes Bills to Reorganize DHS Cyber Team and Collect Zero-Day Info arrowThe bill still faces a gauntlet of jurisdictional ...

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Pay & Benefits Watch

Lawmakers Advance Bills Regarding Official Time, TSP, VA Bonuses arrowA weekly round-up of pay and benefits news.

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Pay & Benefits

As Trump Pledges to Triple Private Care for Vets, Congress Struggles to Save VA Program arrowDemocrats, vets groups seek to boost private and ...

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Excellence in Government

Can Government Earn Citizens' Trust? arrowTransparency advocates believe openness is essential, but it's a lot more complicated than that.

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Mainstays of GSA's OASIS Contract Office Take New Jobs arrowFederal Acquisition Service continues reorganization.

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Excellence in Government

I Kicked My Smartphone Addiction By Retraining My Brain To Enjoy Being Bored arrowWhen we're bored, we're more likely to seek out inspired ...

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Trump Bans Transgender Americans From Serving in the Military arrowThe president’s move reverses the Obama-era plan to phase in their ...

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Memos to the Incoming President image description As the Trump team makes preparations for inauguration, experts on management have advice and suggestions for the incoming administration. Read more

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Infrastructure management and operation—Freeing agencies to execute critical missions image description The federal government performs a wide range of critical missions in challenging environments around the world, from polar research to intelligence gathering in top secret facilities to environmental management of legacy nuclear development sites. Trained specialists carry out these tasks, and partnering with experienced professionals for complex infrastructure management and operation lets the specialists concentrate on their missions without distraction.

Public Sector Innovators Gather to Talk Cloud Technology image description Over the course of two days, thousands of the world’s leaders in public sector innovation gathered in Washington D.C. to learn and talk about the cloud. Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) eighth-annual Public Sector Summit brought together thousands of businesses, partners and registrants for keynote speeches, technical sessions and networking. “Almost eight years ago at the first event, we had 50 people. We had 10,000 registered at this event,” said AWS VP of Worldwide Public Sector Teresa Carlson.

Beyond Buyouts and RIFs: A More Effective Approach to Workforce Management image description On April 12, the Office of Management and Budget issued a memorandum requiring agencies to develop plans to reduce their workforces. This has led many agencies to search in their talent management toolkit for help.

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