An Oral History of the Katrina Response

The storm was a natural disaster that morphed into a manmade catastrophe.

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Here's How JSOC Became a Manhunting Machine arrowA brief history of special operations, from Panama to the war on terror.

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Pay & Benefits

Obama Issues Plan to Give Feds 1.3 Percent Raise in 2016 arrowProposal would lift locality pay for first time in six years.

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Protecting Adulterous Feds, Boosting USPS and Other Ideas From Presidential Candidates arrowAn unexpected defender of the federal workforce ...

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Excellence in Government

The Secret Suffering of the Middle Manager arrowAll of the downsides of being a subordinate, combined with all of the downsides of having to tell ...

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Ex-FEMA Chief Makes No Apologies for Katrina Performance arrowIn extended interview, Michael Brown goes after news media, DHS, state and local ...

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Buzz Aldrin Wants to Colonize Mars arrowHe says he has a "master plan" to colonize the planet by 2039.

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How the Postal Service Managed a Remarkable Response During Katrina arrowEmployees got work, mail was delivered and normalcy, eventually, was ...

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Court Overturns Ruling Against NSA Surveillance Program arrowThe bulk-collection program was reined in earlier this summer when Congress passed ...

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Can US Cyber Nerve Center Hold Onto Its New Leaders? arrow"Churn over there within DHS has been problematic," says departed official.

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Pentagon Partners with Silicon Valley on 'Flexible Electronics' arrowThe Defense Department plans to invest $171 million on the initiative.

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Note to Feds: Don’t Let Family Members Store Porn on Your Work Computer arrowSenior Commerce official had seven government computers at home.

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The Value of Remembering Ordinary Momentsimage descriptionThough writing down daily events may seem mundane, participants in a recent study were happy to have records of them in the future. Read more

Acquisition 101: When a Bargain Isn’t a Bargainimage descriptionThe recurring pitfalls of chasing the lowest price in federal procurements. Read more

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