Navy Takes Charge in Finding a Contractor to Protect OPM Hack Victims

Deal is to be awarded by the end of August.

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Air Force Looks To Make Smarter and Deadlier Drones arrowThe Reaper's next chapter includes better sensors, more autonomy, bigger weapons

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Obama Plan Brings Back Carbon Tax Conversation arrowSweeping power-plant regulations would enable states to use pollution trading, fees to cut ...

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Excellence in Government

The Internet of Things: Is Your Agency Program Ready? arrowThe IoT brings more capability and risk.

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Play of the Day: Donald Trump Keeps Talking and Talking arrowThe mogul and 2016 GOP frontrunner continues to say outrageous things.

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Not Your Average Customs Forms

The Feds Reimbursed Buzz Aldrin $33 For His 1969 Trip to the Moon arrowAldrin has posted his original travel voucher and customs forms on ...

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Excellence in Government

Men Are Freezing Women Coworkers Out of the Workplace – Literally arrowOffices are experiencing an air-conditioning double standard.

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Route Fifty

Municipal IDs a Gateway to City Services for Undocumented Residents arrowFor the first time, many Newarkers and New Yorkers are opening bank ...

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NASA Wants to Experiment With Drones That Can Fly in Space arrowThe agency wants robots that can fly to places its rovers can’t reach.

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Census Plans 2016 Test Run to Experiment with New Tech Tools arrowCensus is rolling out a handful of new options in 2020 designed to upgrade the ...

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Route Fifty

The Double-Edged Sword of a Proactive Agency Social Media Strategy arrowHere are two good examples for Twitter best practices. But actions speak ...

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Route Fifty

Mapping the Minimum Wage: Where $15 Is Only Worth $12 arrowLocal costs of living complicate the conversation around a huge increase to the ...

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