Congress Looks to Crack Down on Feds Taking Time Off to Campaign

House and Senate leaders ask agencies for data on employees taking leave for union activity.

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Route Fifty

What to Expect When You’re a Mayor Expecting Trump arrow“I did not feel that it was the right time to do this. It’s too close after ...

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Union Official Blasts Lack of Ideological Diversity on Mediation Panel arrowNFFE president fears the Federal Service Impasses Panel will be ...

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Trump’s Pivot on Afghanistan Follows Bleak Battlefield Reports arrowFour inspectors general describe scant progress against the Taliban.

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Excellence in Government

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic with Evidence and Innovation arrowHow Congress and the Health and Human Services Department can reduce ...

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How VA Turns Survey Data into Better Veteran Health Care arrowReal-time feedback could help the Veterans Affairs Department direct respondents ...

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OMB Steers Agency R&D Budgets Toward Security, ‘Energy Dominance’ arrowFiscal 2019 initiatives should be “budget neutral” and agencies should ...

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Excellence in Government

Google Memo Completely Misses How Implicit Biases Harm Women arrowEven after years of federal and state laws making discrimination illegal, ...

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Will Anyone Care About Trump's Barely-Different Afghanistan War Plan? arrowPull out. Stay in. Double down. It’s the military’s war until ...

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Analysis: Trump Staff Still Short on Relevant Experience arrowThe president has mostly avoided hiring aides who have worked closely with ...

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Play of the Day: Trump Experiences the Eclipse arrowThe president got a peek at the sun.

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