Solving The Pain Points Of Traditional ITSM Upgrades

In this feature you’ll learn of the challenges faced by a Product Owner in upgrading a traditional IT Service Management (ITSM) system, and their subsequent exploration of Atlassian’s Jira Service Management as a more flexible solution for ITSM system upgrades.

Download this report to discover:

  • How the Product Owner encountered significant challenges when upgrading their traditional ITSM system.

  • Hear why many organizations are experiencing similar pains with ITSM system upgrades, with some opting to “reboot” legacy systems to mitigate the issues.

  • Discover why the Product Owner turned to Atlassian’s Jira Service Management.

  • Learn why one of the main benefits of Atlassian’s approach to Jira Service Management upgrades is that it follows an Agile methodology.

  • Find out how Jira Service Management offers continuous improvement through frequent feature releases, a loosely-coupled architecture for efficient code delivery/upgrades, and a true cloud product that scales easily and provides enhanced security and compliance.

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