Securing the Future: Exploring Modern Application Development

Confronted with dynamic shifts in development environments and the emergence of intricate security threats, today's state and federal IT leaders grapple with a multitude of challenges in their pursuit of crafting advanced, secure applications for the benefit of the citizens and communities they serve.

Despite the abundance of tools for creation and deployment and a wealth of best practices at their disposal, numerous agencies find themselves at a pivotal juncture, wrestling with the strategic direction ahead. This encompasses the need for comprehensive education and training for their technology and management teams, as well as the establishment of precise success, security, and achievement metrics, all before commencing their ventures.

How can government officials collaborate effectively to navigate these challenges? What does a contemporary, secure software development process entail? And how should government agencies prepare for the journey towards next-generation DevSecOps?

In this episode of GovExec TV, we invite you to join GovExec and Veracode as they engage in a comprehensive discussion with industry leaders, exploring the path forward for the integration of modern AI capabilities.

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