Fidelis Network: Deep Visibility, Advanced Threat Detection and Response

Fidelis Network is an NDR security solution which offers full and deep internal visibility across all ports and protocols, with network traffic analysis and network behavior anomaly detection, which monitors for potential security threats, and signs of malicious activity.

This network detection and response platform works by automatically grouping related alerts to save critical time and provide malware analysis and improve threat hunting. Fidelis Network also provides sandboxing, network forensics, DLP (Data Loss Prevention), threat intelligence, and automated security rules in one unified solution.

This datasheet will tell you in detail about why you should choose Fidelis NDR. This includes:

- Threat Analysis
- Active Threat Detection
- Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
- Deep Session Inspection
- 20GB 1U Sensor
- Email Security
- Profiling TLS Encrypted Traffic
- Direct and Internal Sensors
- Threat Intelligence
- Flexible Deployment
- Integrated Deception

While Fidelis Deception can be used on its own, unifying it in the Fidelis Elevate® open and active eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) platform.

Download the datasheet now and discover the power of Fidelis Network.

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