Seth Harris

Seth Harris was Deputy Secretary and Chief Operating Officer at the Department of Labor during the Obama Administration.
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Here’s Something We Can All Agree On: Agencies Need to Deliver Results

March 14, 2017 These days, politics bombards us at the speed and persistence of the Internet, social media (including tweets from the president) and 24-hour cable news. As a result, we obsess over optics and outrages, while ignoring important questions about whether the federal government is producing results that improve Americans’ lives. It...

Op-Ed: Labor’s Moneyball Approach to Boosting Performance

January 14, 2014 FROM NEXTGOV arrow The recent Congressional budget deal is an important, if modest, foundation for economic growth and stability -- a far cry from the stopgap spending and shutdowns that have slowed our economy’s recovery since 2011. It assures greater certainty for federal managers struggling to carry out their agencies’ and departments’ missions...