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Play of the Day: The Nuclear Iran Playbook

November 26, 2013 There's a Butterball turkey shortage expected for the Thanksgiving holidays. But it should be fine: it's probably just a website problem. Plus, wondering how the Iranian nuclear deal went through? Late-night comics posit several theories, among them that President Obama promised Iranians that if they like their uranium, they can ...

Play of the Day: A Crack Team of Politicians

November 25, 2013 Florida Congressman Trey Radel steps down from office after his arrest for cocaine possession. The people of Toronto are really hoping Mayor Rob Ford will do the same... but chances aren't looking very good. Plus, CBS pollsters can't understand sarcasm. brightcove.createExperiences();

Play of the Day: Senate Go Boom, Nuclear Edition

November 22, 2013 Ancient cave paintings reveal the prescient intelligence of our early human ancestors. Even cavemen knew was doomed to fail. And get ready to hide out in your fallout shelter: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid detonates the nuclear option in the Senate. Though this probably doesn't mean what you think ...

Play of the Day: Congress Suffers Some Blowing Pains

November 21, 2013 These polls don't lie: Obama is incredibly unpopular right now. In fact, he's so down in the polling dumps that if the 2012 election were to be held right now, he'd lose out to Mitt Romney. Plus, the tea party's 'hip hop conservative' from Florida, Rep. Trey Radel, gets caught ...

Play of the Day: Wealth Division

November 20, 2013 Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and although Canadians don't celebrate the holiday, they have a lot to be thankful for. Like the fact that Toronto's City Council has finally voted to strip crack-smoking Mayor Rob Ford of his powers. And in the United States, Obama ignores the 150th anniversary ...

Play of the Day: Katrina the Healthcare Glitch

November 19, 2013 Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is struggling under a mountain of problems. Good thing he's turning to professional help. Plus, is anything like the crisis that was Hurricane Katrina? All the pundits seem to think so. brightcove.createExperiences();

Play of the Day: Curing Obama's Second-Term Blues

November 18, 2013 Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is going to be hosting his own television show. And now for the first time in history, Americans are asking: how can we get access to Canadian TV? Plus, President Obama is suffering from a case of second-term depression. Thankfully, Saturday Night Live has an extra-strength ...

Play of the Day: Obama's Sincerest Apologies

November 15, 2013 Obama's sorry. He's really sorry. Though apologies don't amount to much when hackers can't even get into, much less ordinary people. But nobody's perfect, right? brightcove.createExperiences();

Play of the Day: U.S. Drone Doctors

November 14, 2013 There are some places Mayor Rob Ford can no longer go, including Toronto's annual Christmas parade. But that doesn't mean the crack-smoking politician can't still star in the late-night comedy circuit. Plus, commitment can be a nasty pill to swallow-- just ask former President Bill Clinton, who has some choice ...

Play of the Day: Obamacare Is More Exclusive Than Harvard

November 13, 2013 The enrollment numbers are out for Obamacare-- and they're significantly smaller than the 500,000 the administration was hoping for. How much smaller? Let's just say it's a lot more difficult to sign up for a health plan than it is to enroll at the most exclusive Ivy League university. brightcove.createExperiences();