Gleb Tsipursky

Professor in History of Behavioral Science,The Ohio State University
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Here’s Why Your Gut Instinct Is Wrong At Work – And How To Know When It Isn’t

March 14, 2017 Let’s say you’re interviewing a new applicant for a job and you feel something is off. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you’re a bit uncomfortable with this person. She says all the right things, her resume is great, she’d be a perfect hire for this job...

Trump and Clinton Debate Strategies That Can Make Anyone a Better Public Speaker

September 24, 2016 Public speaking is an anxiety-inducing task for most us, yet it’s also a necessary one, whether you’re a corporate CEO, a high school teacher or a presidential candidate. And like the rest of us, candidates stumble when speaking in public. Donald Trump’s tendency to speak off the cuff, for example,...