The EB-5 Visa Program Allows Thousands of Wealthy Foreigners to Buy Citizenship Each Year

Each year, the government grants green cards to 10,000 rich investors, the vast majority of whom are Chinese. Is this program creating enough jobs to warrant its continuation?

Read moreSeptember 21, 2015Leave a comment Fernando Takashi/

White House Renews Bet on the Creativity of the Crowd


On the fifth anniversary of, the White House announced nine new innovation contests, open to the public.

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Why Are Federal IT Workers So Miserable?


Federal techies report being overworked, undertrained and eyeing the exits.

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Video: What is NASA Investing in to Get Us to Mars?

It will take more than just guts to get us to the Red Planet.

Nextgov FBI Director James Comey

FBI: ‘Dozens’ of Terror Suspects Have Used Encryption to Hide from Law Enforcement

“I’m surprised if it is only a couple dozen people,” says Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson.


House Inspector General: 'Everybody' Needs to Fight in the Current Cyberwar

The country is in the middle of a cyberwar and needs everyone's help, said House IG Theresa Grafenstine.


Researchers Are Developing a Test to Detect All Known Viruses in Your Body, Even at Low Levels

To develop the test, a research team indexed the unique DNA or RNA sequences of every known virus to affect not only humans but animals, too—some 2 million in all.

Nextgov Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors Inc.

What It’s Like to Interview at Tesla

It's a multistage process aimed at finding out how passionate you are about the company.


The Government Is Testing Military-Grade Technology to Keep Drones Away From Airports

With the agency’s final rule for commercial drones still more than half a year out, FAA is responding to an increasing number of “close calls” between airliners and drones.


How to Boost DHS Cyber Division Morale? Change Its Name.

The title -- National Protection and Programs Directorate -- does not jive with the division's purpose, explains Suzanne Spaulding, undersecretary of the ill-named directorate.


After USPS Phishing Hack, Audit Shows Postal Workers Still Click on Links

Aquarter of agency employees fell for a simulated email scheme, according to an internal watchdog.


CIA Social Media Team: We Use Twitter to 'Explain Our Mission'

The small team is more interested in using the platform to push out historical tidbits than having conversations with individual users.

NASA and ESA are Teaming Up to Prevent Armageddon

This will be the first real asteroid deflection test.