How Not to Win an AI Arms Race With China

A lawmaker’s proposal to curb Chinese investment in U.S. artificial-intelligence firms has more than a few critics.

Read more 9:45 AM ET Leave a comment Glenn Fawcett/ Customs and Border Protection

Agencies Are a Step Closer to Creating Their Own Siri


Siri, Alexa and Facebook chatbots might soon be handling common customer service roles in government.

Trump Asks Tech Companies: How Can Government Help You?


As "tech week" continues, companies selling drones and other emerging technology briefed the White House on their challenges.


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Government Transformation Starts With Employee Digital Experiences

Don't overlook employees when rethinking agency services.

Trump: There Are (Probably) No Tapes

The president admits he never had any recordings of conversations with James Comey, but his idle threat has already set off a catastrophic chain reaction.


4 Internet Crimes Trends to Know

The crime may be virtual, but the losses are not.


The Cyber Advice Tech Titans Gave the White House Behind Closed Doors

White House Cyber Coordinator Rob Joyce shared what private-sector tech executives told the American Technology Council.


Federal Websites Are So Unreadable, They Actually Break Laws

Few agencies have managed to master the craft of clear writing.


Is it Unethical to Design Robots to Resemble Humans?

The more we humanize chatbots, virtual assistants and machines, the more we in turn display human emotions toward them.

The Federal Bureau of Intelligence site ranked among the unintelligible at 27.

The Government’s Websites Are So Unreadable They Actually Break Their Own Laws

Government websites are violating the US Plain Writing Act with puzzling prose.


Deportation Is Going High-Tech Under Trump

The process began with Obama, but the new administration is using technology designed for tracking down terrorists to surveil immigrants more than ever before.


3 Human Traits We Must Bring to Big Data

Decisions based on bad data costs the economy $3.1 trillion a year.