Mattis on 2018 Budget: ‘We Have Got to Get a Bill Passed’

Congress is working up budgets that bust spending caps, with little evidence of a deal to avoid automatic cuts.

Read more July 17, 2017 Leave a comment Sgt. Amber I. Smith/Army

House Panel Passes Bills to Reorganize DHS Cyber Team and Collect Zero-Day Info


The bill still faces a gauntlet of jurisdictional disputes before reaching the House floor.

Border Walls Work in Cities, DHS Officials Tell Lawmakers


Lawmakers want a higher-tech border patrol, but a watchdog agency is concerned CBP isn't measuring how useful its technology is.


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U.S. Digital Services Co-Founder Leaves White House

Haley Van Dyck re-joined government in March.


Mainstays of GSA's OASIS Contract Office Take New Jobs

Federal Acquisition Service continues reorganization.


There Are More Programming Jobs Than Ever Outside of Silicon Valley

For decades, the software industry has been synonymous with Silicon Valley. That’s an increasingly dated concept.

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I Kicked My Smartphone Addiction By Retraining My Brain To Enjoy Being Bored

When we're bored, we're more likely to seek out inspired solutions to everyday problems.


The SEC Has Finally Weighed in on the Crypto-Token Frenzy, and Nobody’s Going to Jail—Yet

The agency found that the “initial coin offering” last May that kickstarted the current cryptotoken gold-rush was subject to U.S. securities laws.


Google Is Making it Easier for You to Only See What You Want To

Google’s latest update to its mobile search app may make such “filter bubbles” even harder to eradicate.

Nextgov Greg Touhill, former federal CISO

The Great Cybersecurity Bake Off: The Necessary Ingredients

The former federal chief information security officer offers a recipe for a successful cybersecurity program.


A Company Implanting Microchips in its Employees Says It’s Not to Track Them

The embedded chips allow employees to swipe into the building or pay for food in the cafeteria as if their hands were key cards.


Predictions for What Robots Will Do to the U.S. Workforce, Ranked From Certain Doom to Potential Utopia

No matter what you think, there’s probably a research-backed prediction that supports your view.


After a Series of Hacks, Cryptocurrency Issuers May Turn to Old-Fashioned Bank Vaults for Security

It's difficult to keep even the most sophisticated new technology safe and secure.