FCC Unanimously Strikes Down NFL Blackout Rule

Commissioner calls the ruling a "victory for fans."

Read moreSeptember 30, 2014Leave a comment Charles Rex Arbogast/AP

Tangled Up in FOIA Requests, Agencies Turn to Technology


Think user experience to simplify back-end processes.

Read moreSeptember 30, 2014Leave a comment

VA CIO: Scheduling System Software Will Be Fielded by 2017, Not 2020


The department says a chart depicting a full rollout not until 2020 was outdated and it's committed to a two-year rollout.

Read moreSeptember 30, 2014Leave a comment

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Nextgov The Department of Veterans Affairs building in Washington, DC.

Veterans Benefits Administration Gets New Communications Chief

Seasoned public affairs director Boone started at VBA last week.

Nextgov Actress Jennifer Lawrence

Porn Purveyor Serves up Nude Celeb Photos and Lookalikes on Hacked Sites

Some of the compromised Web pages belong to schools and church groups.


Government, the Last Great Technology Skeptic

Aversion to technology remains an issue in all branches of government.


Does the Intelligence Community Really Get Hadoop?

Intelligence experts say the government needs to hire more data scientists to keep up with the big-data savvy private sector.

Nextgov NOAA's GOES-R Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) instrument arrives at Lockheed Martin’s Littleton, Colorado facility.

NOAA Taps New Head for Satellite Programs

Chief among new NOAA satellite guru’s priorities will be overseeing two new programs worth a collective $20 billion


Contractors, Expect 72-hour Rule for Disclosing Corporate Hacks

The military requires breaches of company systems holding technical data be reported within three days – and so might the rest of the government.


What We Know About Coming DATA Act Standards

The pile of data needed to track federal spending is an unwieldy, nonuniform mess.

Defense One

The Defense Industry Is Expanding the Use of 3D Printing

The Navy is still several years away from being able to print spare parts for ships and airplanes, but ‘that day will surely come.’ By Marcus Weisgerber


Fewer Cyber Pros, More Cyber Problems

The U.S. government does not have an adequate workforce to address the government’s growing and critical cybersecurity needs.

Nextgov A man takes a selfie with the White House in Washington, DC.

No More Selfie Elbow? Drones Could Soon Be Snapping Your Self Portraits

This device, now in development, introduces a new way to use drones.