Agencies Are Increasingly Reliant on Industry for Innovation

Report chronicles the need for better collaboration between government and the private sector.

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Do You Have What It Takes to be the Federal Government’s Chief Information Security Officer?


Officials say they hope to hire and onboard the new infosec chief in the next 60 to 90 days

Obama’s 2017 Budget Boosts Cyber Spending by 35 Percent, Adds Federal CISO


The funding and personnel adjustments come after a year of constant disclosures about agency hacks.


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Nextgov Be careful with those.

Video: These Simple Mistakes Could Cost You Your Gadgets

There are more ways to destroy your smartphone than just dropping it.


The Research Pirates of the Dark Web

After getting shut down late last year, a website that allows free access to paywalled academic papers has sprung back up in a shadowy corner of the Internet.

Nextgov "Jeopardy!" contest Ken Jennings, who won a record 74 consecutive games, refers to his opponent, an IBM's Watson

IBM’s Watson Should Run for President

it might be the perfect time for an actual robot to enter the race.

Nextgov Federal Chief Information Officer Tony Scott testifies before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, June 25, 2015, during a hearing on Federal Cybersecurity and the OPM Data Breach.

White House Wants to Give Agencies New Pot of Money to Upgrade Legacy IT

The $3.1 billion revolving fund would be situated at the General Services Administration.

Nextgov The CRAM robot coachroach from Berkley.

The Army Has Made a Robot Cockroach

Biologically inspired robot bugs could be the next big thing in intelligence collection.


Special Ops Wants Wearable Sensors Without Blind Spots

SOCOM is seeking a wearable system that can correct the error, known as “parallax,” which occurs combining visual feeds from offset sensors.


Should We Fear an AI Arms Race?

Five reasons the benefits of defense-related artificial intelligence research outweigh the risks—for now.


Video: This NASA Scientist Tracks the Dangerous Asteroids in Earth's Orbit

The first line of planetary defense is a physicist in California.

Even the Obamas Can’t Get Good Wi-Fi at Home

In addition, here are some of our tips to get your wireless internet as good as it can be.


What’s More Difficult Than Building Robotic Hands? Building Robotic Fingers.

These digits can lift fragile objects, even if they're heavy.