Research Finds that Government Surveillance Has a Chilling Effect on Online Discourse

People are more careful when Big Brother is watching you on Facebook.

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‘Ticking Time Bomb?’ Congress Probes Obsolete Federal Tech


Some of the oldest systems in government are more than 50 years old. Spending on system replacements or new tech development has declined by billions in recent years.

Lawmakers Want Off-the-Clock ‘Cyber Protection’ for Some Pentagon Personnel


The Defense secretary would be authorized to identify high-risk positions and provide training and assistance.


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Official: Transition to New Could Be ‘Risky’

As a 10-year contract winds down, USDA and Interior are gearing up for a new version of the online booking portal.


Nextgov Discusses Federal Cybersecurity

What's wrong with it and how to fix it.

Nextgov Amazon's Echo Dot is designed to amplify the role that its voice-controlled assistant Alexa plays in people’s homes and lives.

Siri and Other Digital Assistants May Be Leaking Your Questions

AI helpers like Alexa and Siri are useful, but they’re not smart enough to keep your questions private—at least not yet.

Nextgov A six-foot-tall, 300-pound Valkyrie robot is seen at University of Massachusetts-Lowell's robotics center in Lowell, Mass.

Worried About Robots Taking Over? This Ethics Bot Might Put Your Mind at Ease.

The fear that our irresponsible creations might bring about the end of humanity is a common one.


Your Spare Computing Power Could Help Fight Zika

Scientists are using a network called the World Community Grid to process huge amounts of data in an attempt to understand how to tackle the virus.


Hey, Millennials: Your Grandparents Are Savvier About Password Security Than You

Just because millennials grew up with technology doesn’t mean they’re actually smarter about how they use it.


How Russia's New Facial Recognition App Could End Anonymity

The power to identify total strangers on the street is the advertising pitch for a new wave of startups hoping to capitalize on rapidly advancing facial recognition technology. But in Russia, it’s already a reality.

Nextgov Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald

VA Wants To Forecast Vets Benefits with Predictive Analytics

The department wants to understand how demand for benefits, and the VA’s ability to provide those benefits, affect individual veterans.

Nextgov Transportation Department CIO Richard McKinney, center, discusses FITARA.

What the T in FITARA Really Means

Teamwork makes a whole lot more sense than infighting and mass confusion.