White House: Don’t Ask Us About Hillary Clinton’s Email Use

Josh Earnest said Tuesday that it’s up to the State Department to handle how its employees use email correspondence to conduct official work.

Read moreMarch 3, 2015Leave a comment Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

How the State Department Is Defending Hillary Clinton's Personal Email Use

The former department chief is largely letting her former colleagues handle the controversy.

Rollout of New CIO Powers Could be 'Uneven,' DOJ CIO Says


At a recent conference, Justice Department Chief Information Officer Joe Klimavicz said some agencies will be quicker to enact the federal IT reform.


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Were Clinton's Personal Emails an Open Door to Hackers?

Beyond the transparency concerns, security experts wonder whether the former secretary of state’s emails were protected from foreign hackers.


Why US Officials Stopped Talking about 'Cyberwar'

A future awaits where countries share intelligence one minute, and hack and cyberattack each other the next.


What Clinton's Email Habits Reveal About Federal Records Laws

Federal regulations don’t outright ban the use of personal email accounts to conduct official government business.


Feds Say They Finally Have a Database of Every Cyber Job in Government

Federal cyberwarriors hail from more than 100 different job categories scattered across agencies.


Silicon Valley's Best and Worst Jobs for New Moms and Dads

A look at major differences in the tech industry’s approach to parental leave


Why Big Data Gets a Bad Rap in Government

Believe it or not, big data is not all fire and brimstone, surveillance and mass spying.

Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton working aboard a C-17 aircraft bound for Libya in 2011.

Hillary Clinton Not Alone in Using Private Emails to Govern

Government Executive survey shows a third of high-level executives see it done.


Hillary Clinton's Personal Email Use a Blow to White House Transparency Claim

It didn't take long for The New York Times report to take off Monday night.

Hillary Clinton checks her phone during a United Nations session in 2012.

Hillary Clinton Used Private Email While at State

Former Secretary of State didn't use account to conduct official business during her tenure at Foggy Bottom.

Nextgov A simple "Internet of Things" machine can tell where in the world is Barack Obama.

The Internet of Things Is So Easy, We Built Our Own

For less than $100, we built a Barack Obama Detector for your desk.