The EB-5 Visa Program Allows Thousands of Wealthy Foreigners to Buy Citizenship Each Year

Each year, the government grants green cards to 10,000 rich investors, the vast majority of whom are Chinese. Is this program creating enough jobs to warrant its continuation?

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House Committee Mandates New DHS Cyber Strategy


The legislation comes two weeks after a watchdog report on the lack of coordination in the Department of Homeland Security’s cybersecurity efforts.

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California Lawmaker Wants New ‘Cyber Hygiene’ Standards from NIST, FTC


The act would require the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Homeland Security to develop a list of voluntary best practices to shore up cybersecurity in government and outside.

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For Years, the Pentagon Hooked Everything to the Internet. Now, It’s a ‘Big, Big Problem’

The Internet of Things is supposed to make life easier. For the Pentagon, the quintessential early adopter, it has made life much harder.

Nextgov NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover

Not Your Daddy's Dune Buggy: What We Can Expect From the Next Mars Rover

This vehicle will be similar to the Curiosity Rover -- but better.


DHS Gets Its Own Digital Services Team

A founding member of the U.S. Digital Service is leaving to stand up DHS' team, modeled after the White House version.


Review: Finally, a Better Inkjet Printer?

With printers, the technology pretty much hit a plateau and remained stable for years. Until now.


Federal Agencies Need to Demand Bigger Cyber Budgets

The unvarnished truth is that the government needs to spend a lot more on shoring up its defenses.

Nextgov The White House’s senior director for cybersecurity, Ari Schwartz

White House Cybersecurity Official Steps Down

After more than two years at the White House, Ari Schwartz has left his post.

Nextgov Former Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell

Former Intelligence Director: Law Enforcement Must 'Adapt' to Encryption

Mike McConnell, who has served as NSA Director and director of national intelligence, continues his new crusade for strong encryption.