The Government Just Found the Funds to Give Firefighters High-Speed Internet Everywhere

The nationwide data network recommended by the 9/11 Commission will help responders talk to each other.

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Mobile Phone Metadata Could be a Lifesaver after a Disaster, but Privacy Concerns Linger


Unclear rules about sharing phone data with researchers hamper wider adoption.

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Here’s What the Rewrite of DOD’s Cloud Strategy Will Look Like


An update to the Defense Department’s cloud computing strategy aims to decentralize the process for purchasing commercial cloud solutions

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Bug Accidentally Shut Down Military Open Source Software Portal

Problems with a backup system are preventing Pentagon from recovering


Key Internet and Tech Concepts Still Mysteries for Many

Many Americans are puzzled by concepts that support the Internet and other technological innovations.

Nextgov Signs held by protesters during a rally against mass surveillance in Washington, D.C., on October 26, 2013.

Lawmakers Seeking NSA Reform Could Use the Patriot Act as Leverage

Stinging from defeat, some privacy advocates want to let parts of the Patriot Act sunset next year. But not everyone is ready to take the plunge.


Big Data Pitfall -- Too Much Organizing, Not Enough Analyzing

Through data virtualization, federal agencies can handle – and benefit from – all their data in a way that is efficient and secure.

Nextgov NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin stands beside solar wind experiment on the moon.

Infographic: NASA's Great Effect on Tech

Studies estimate that for every federal dollar spent on NASA, the economy is boosted by as much as $14.


Drones and Mistletoe: What Could Go Wrong?

Let us commence discussion on T.G.I. Friday's drone for holiday cheer and forced romance.


DHS Kills Dreaded Biometric Deportation Program

… and replaces it with a new controversial biometric deportation program.


Will Robots Replace Human Security Guards in Silicon Valley?

This five-foot, 300-pound robot features an autonomous technology platform that combines robotics, predictive analytics, and collaborative social engagement to predict and prevent crime.


New Space Mission: Leave a Time Capsule on the Moon

Lunar Mission One will launch in 2024—if enough backers fund the project on Kickstarter.


Even with the DATA Act, the Forecast for Transparency Remains Murky

Even after passage of the Data Act, it’s far from clear we’ll end up with the kind of transparency that matters most.