One Lawmaker’s Crusade to Green the Federal Fleet

A New York congressman has been fighting for years to prevent agencies from buying cars that run on regular gasoline.

Read moreJuly 18, 2014Leave a comment Carolyn Kaster/AP

Embassies Get Phone System Upgrades Thanks to New $275M Contract


The task order will provide secure communications to more than 30 diplomatic posts.

Evaluate Aspiring Cyberwarriors Using Gaming, Not Grades


Former Navy Secretary wonders why federal recruitment focuses on formal education, when computer security positions require on-the-job learning.


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Nextgov Ukrainian Emergency workers carry a victim's body in a plastic bag at the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

How Technology Is Unraveling the Clues of Flight MH17

A look at the technology helping piece together what happened to Flight MH17 in Ukraine.


Feds Join Lawsuit Alleging Symantec Overcharged Agencies for Software

The feds say the company failed to disclose discounts to agencies.


False Air Force One Crash Reported on Hacked WSJ Facebook Page

The newspaper’s official account described the disappearance of Obama’s plane over Russian airspace.


Did the White House Website Violate Its Own Privacy Rules?

A social-media firm used a new, persistent form of online tracking.

Nextgov Acting Veterans Affairs Secretary Sloan Gibson

VA Still Mulling Timeline for New Scheduling System

Agency IT officials are still hammering out details for the overhaul.


iPhones Have a Major Security Hole That Apple Installed on Purpose

If you use an iPhone or iPad, your photos, web history, and GPS logs are vulnerable to theft and surveillance via back-door protocols running on all iOS devices.

Nextgov Lois Lerner's emails were destroyed when her hard drive was destroyed, IRS has said.

IRS Seeks to Destroy More Hard Drives -- The Right Way This Time

Agency is also ‘refreshing employees’ awareness’ of existing policies, documents say.


The Most Valuable Data on Earth?

That’s a pun. Here’s the White House plan for Earth data.

Nextgov A man holds a sign which reads " MH17 Victims Rest In Peace" during a candlelight vigil for the victims who were on board the Malaysia Airlines jetliner.

Hackers Exploit MH17 Sorrow; Redirect Online Tributes to Malware

Fake Facebook pages set up for crash victims are driving traffic to pop-up ads on external sites.


New Surveillance Whistleblower: The NSA Violates the Constitution

A former Obama administration official calls attention to unaccountable mass surveillance conducted under a 1981 executive order.