Monkeys Can't Get a Copyright

The U.S. Copyright Office includes monkeys on a list of things that do not qualify for copyright protection.

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How Data Analytics Can Help Root Out Food Stamp Fraud


Advanced data analytics can help the Agriculture Department detect fraud early -- and even stop it from happening.

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Video: Innovation in Government is Not Going to Come From a Guy in a Suit

The new US Digital Service will fix up government websites.

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Hackers Taint the Caribbean, Smuggle Patient Data, and Bring Gaza to Delaware

Just another week in ThreatWatch, our regularly updated index of noteworthy data breaches.


Will Court Move Clear the Way to Mass Government Hacking?

A single warrant could authorize federal officials to inject malware into hundreds of suspects’ -- and victims’ -- computers.

Excellence in Government

3 Tips for Adapting Programs to Rapidly Changing Technology

Road mapping can help you make informed guesses about where to invest.

Nextgov Todd Park, federal CTO

Report: Todd Park to Step Down as Federal CTO

Park plans to move to Silicon Valley, where he will help recruit tech talent for government jobs.

Nextgov Deployed from USS Bataan and arriving in Afghanistan with a heavy backpack, a Marine with the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable), dons his backpack by laying his back on it.

Scientists Figure Out Why Grunts Groan

It’s the ever-increasing load, researchers at the International Congress on Soldiers' Physical Performance conclude.

Nextgov The guided-missile destroyer USS Higgins operates off the coast of Haiti.

New Navy Shipboard Net Key to Information Dominance

Upgraded network aims to automate cyber defense.


These Cute, Tiny Sensors Will Soon Be Watching You Everywhere

These beacons send unique Bluetooth radio pulses, which a mobile device can recognize.


These Are the 25 Most Popular Mobile Apps in America

This is an interesting slice of the App Store, as it highlights active usage, not just one-time downloads or recent popularity.

Nextgov United Parcel Service driver Marty Thompson starts his truck up after making a delivery in Cumming, Ga.

UPS Discloses Breach at 51 Stores

The Department of Homeland Security said a type of malicious software known as 'Backoff' is likely to blame.

Nextgov This is an aerial view of the aftermath of the first atomic explosion at Trinity Test Site, New Mexico, July 16, 1945.

Entire Manhattan Project History Declassified and Now Online

The final two volumes of A-bomb history became available in the past month.