Many Feds Are Uncomfortable Communicating by Email

Employees are more afraid of retaliation by bosses than disclosure, survey finds.

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Pentagon Adds Social Media Whiz to Team


The new director for digital media and strategy will revamp DOD's communication via social media.

4 Things to Know about the Federal IT Budget Proposal


Big-ticket IT procurements and system modernizations provide a road map of agencies’ spending priorities in the year ahead.


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Attention, Cyber Pros: The Pentagon Wants You -- 3,000 of You

The military has been given the go-ahead to fast-track the hiring of 3,000 computer whiz civilians.

Hillary Clinton’s Tweet About Email Doesn’t Answer Security and Transparency Concerns

We don’t know if Russia or China hacked Clinton’s emails, and we may never know, security experts said.

Should There Be a New Federal Authority for Shared Services?

Partnership’s report stresses benefits of pooling IT, supply chain management.


GAO: CMS Isn't Doing Enough to Address Failures

After the botched rollout, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services haven't adequately improved itsIT processes, a recent report found.


Sorry Consumers, Companies Have Little Incentive to Invest in Better Cybersecurity

The actual expenses from the recent and high-profile breaches at Sony, Target and Home Depot amount to less than 1% of each company’s annual revenues.


How New US Net Neutrality Rules Are Shaping the Internet Worldwide

Supporters see FCC's decision as the first open-Internet domino, but critics are warning of darker possibilities.

Nextgov Former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, who is in Moscow, is seen on a giant screen during a live video conference for an interview with Amnesty International.

Does the Focus on Snowden Undermine Surveillance Reform Discussions?

Exaggerated headlines and narratives overshadow the importance of the Snowden leaks in understanding U.S. government surveillance.

Via Twitter, Clinton Says She Wants Emails Released

Under fire from Democrats, former State Department chief changes course.

Play of the Day: The DEA Warns Against Stoner Bunnies

Late night shows highlight a federal warning against unintended consequences of Utah's forays into medical marijuana.


Fallout from Clinton’s Private Emails: How Secure are Agency Email Systems?

Official government email accounts are no locked fortresses, and some shirk key federal security regulations.