Head of CDC's Scandal-Plagued Lab Resigns

The lab exposed workers to live anthrax and deadly strains of bird fly by improperly transporting them.

Read moreJuly 24, 2014Leave a comment Lauren Victoria Burke/AP

Agencies Still Plugging Gaps in Smart Card Security


An HHS audit detailed a total of six shortcomings with the agency’s handling of smart cards.


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The CIA Fears the Internet of Things

The battleground of tomorrow is everywhere at once.


If You Want To Be Rich and Powerful, Majoring in STEM Is a Good Place to Start

STEM education teaches creative problem solving, which is widely applicable and more necessary than ever today.

Nextgov A GOES-R Spacecraft System and Propulsion Modules in Lockheed Martin Cleanroom

Hacker Breached NOAA Satellite Data from Contractor’s PC

Watchdog says it's a bad idea for personnel to access NOAA systems using personal computers


EPA Doesn’t Know How Much It Uses the Cloud, IG Finds

The agency says it has 11 cloud contracts, but the IG doubts that number.


Hackers Probe Dominion Power Staff, Bankroll Pickpockets’ Airfare to London, and Raid a Charity

Just another week in ThreatWatch, our regularly updated index of noteworthy data breaches.

Nextgov A prototype of a tower for a virtual fence along the U.S.-Mexico border at a test facility in Playas, N.M.

Virtual Border Fence Project Halted After Raytheon Protest

GAO: DHS 'prejudiced' the contract during a botched competition for the $145 million surveillance project.

Nextgov The SpaceX Dragon capsule berths at the International Space Station

SpaceX Scores an Early Win in its Lawsuit Against the US Government

SpaceX had charged the government with violating fair contracting procedures in its lawsuit.


Amazon’s Cloud Price War With Google Is Starting to Hurt

Amazon Web Services, Amazon’s cloud-computing business, is now mature enough to affect Amazon’s overall numbers.


European Central Bank Blackmailed After Data Breach

Hackers obtained personal details of individuals who had registered for ECB events.