IGs Band Together for a Common Website to Share Results of Investigations

Project eases access to reports governmentwide while promoting watchdogs’ work.

Read more October 2, 2017 Leave a comment J. Scott Applewhite/AP file photo

Is Your Agency Ready to Solve Its Problems?


A Stanford faculty member says agencies need a specific infrastructure to support innovation programs.

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Survey: 42% of Feds Say Increasing Workloads Merit More Automation


More than 75 percent of respondents said they spend at least a quarter of their workday on tedious administrative tasks.

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Why the Russia Fake News Scandal Hasn’t Touched Snapchat

Snapchat is deliberately much stricter than other social media companies about which news outlets it partners with.


Twitter's Harassment Problem Is Baked Into Its Design

Many women recently boycotted the social network, protesting its failure as a public sphere where all voices are welcome.


The KRACK Security Flaw Affects Everyone. Yes, Even You.

All devices connected to Wi-Fi are vulnerable, a security researcher says.


GAO Denies Equifax Bid Protest on IRS Contract

In its ruling, GAO said Equifax’ contentions were “unreasonable,” allowing IRS to move forward on a contract with Experian.


DHS to Order Agencies Implement Email, Website Encryption Tools

Agencies must implement DMARC and STARTTLS within three months, according to the DHS order.


Using Technology to Aid the Opioid Crisis' Innocent Victims

Manual processes are holding back the way governments could support children and families in crisis.


A New Survey Reveals That Most Men in Tech Don’t Think Sexism Is a Big Deal

The results neatly follow the patterns seen in the perceptions of gender discrimination in society as a whole.


US Government Agencies Are Buying Ads on Facebook—in Russian

Basically everyone can buy ads on the platform to push their agenda.