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Is OPM's New Weather Policy the 'Natural Progression' of Telework?

Advocate urges careful roll-out of policy requiring remote workers to remain on the job during inclement weather.

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Many Lose Jobs After National Park Service Changes Interpretation of Seasonal Work Rule

Employees say a new policy barring people from working multiple seasonal jobs in a year is being applied inconsistently and retroactively.

OMB Chief Defends Pay Freeze, Pay for Performance

In House testimony, Mulvaney sets May time frame for release of agency reorganization plans.


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IG: OPM Needs Contingency Plan for Long-Term Care Insurance

The market of potential long-term care insurance providers has drastically shrunk since the federal program's establishment, auditors say.

The Chemical Safety Board, which is on Trump's chopping block, investigated the April 2013 fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas.

Employees At a Small Agency Trump Wants to Abolish Move Toward Unionization

Chemical Safety Board employees also seek to protect themselves against job title changes and telework cutbacks.

Trump Creates Task Force to Fix the Postal Service, Though Congress Already Has Its Own Ideas

Stakeholders welcome attention on postal issues, but major reform proposals are already well established.

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Where Retirement Benefits Came From

A brief history, from military pensions to Social Security.

Feds Make 32 Percent Less than Private Sector Counterparts, Salary Council Says

The Federal Salary Council recommends six new locality pay areas for 2019 in the group's first meeting since 2016.

House Speaker Paul Ryan announces he will not run for re-election.

Paul Ryan Will Leave Behind a Legacy of Hostility Towards Feds

The speaker's retirement could come as a relief to federal workers who feared Ryan would cut their compensation.

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