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HUD Hiring Blitz Attracts Vets, Minorities

The department is on track to make 1,000 hires by the end of fiscal 2014 with an eye on diversity.

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Senator Wants to Ensure People Who Retaliate Against VA Whistleblowers Get Fired

Employees who punish whistleblowers can currently get away with just a reprimand, senator says.

House OKs Bill Allowing 1 Percent Pay Raise, Despite Obama Veto Threat

White House objects to cuts to IRS and its own staffers' salaries.


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Retirement Planning

Are You Afraid of Outliving Your Money?

You might want to consider a TSP annuity.

Pay & Benefits Watch

OPM Announces More Flexibility for Dental and Vision Coverage

Next month certain employees will be able to enroll for benefits or switch plans outside of Open Season.

TSP Officials Want You to Know the Consequences of Tapping Your Account for a Loan

Public service announcement looks at the costs and benefits of borrowing against retirement funds.

House Approves Changing TSP Default Settings to More Lucrative Funds

Bill auto-enrolls new feds in more diverse fund, rather than the lower-yield government securities offering.

Buyout Watch: Air Force and TSA Join the List

An inventory of the agencies that are cutting costs through buyouts or early retirements.

Air Force to Offer Separation Incentives to Thousands of Civilians

If necessary, service will resort to layoffs to reach sequestration budget caps.

A TSA officer briefs a passenger in Atlanta in 2011.

TSA Offers Early Retirement to Workers

Eligible employees must leave agency by Dec. 31 to take advantage of the incentive.

Rep. Stephen Lynch, D-Mass., said he plans to introduce legislation that would allow VA to take back bonuses it has paid to employees proven to have manipulated health records and to retroactively lower performance ratings.

Too Many Senior Executives Receive Bonuses, Lawmakers Say

Advocates say pay must be high enough to incentivize qualified professionals to join the SES ranks.

Retirement Planning

When to Seek Financial Help

Weighing whether to work with a professional adviser to manage your money.