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TSP Sees Some Improvement in April

April brought modest growth for most of the funds in the federal employee Thrift Savings Plan, though two slipped into the red. By

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Bill Bans Bonuses for VA Senior Executives

House version of the fiscal 2016 VA spending bill prohibits funds from being used for SES performance awards.

Obama Says Military Retirement Reforms Will Require More Study

The administration is ready to move forward immediately on a number of other January recommendations from compensation commission.


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Retirement Planning

When is a Windfall not a Windfall?

When it’s subject to the dreaded Windfall Elimination Provision, of course.

Feds Dodge Bullet in Budget Deal, But Sequester Cuts Still Coming

Compromise document does not specifically attack retirement benefits or mandate downsizing through attrition.

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Secretary of State John Kerry releases the 2015 Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review on Tuesday, along with Special Representative for the QDDR Tom Perriello.

How One Agency Will Use Sabbaticals and Rotations to Retain Employees

State Department plans major workforce initiatives to enhance flexibility and manage "people's entire careers."

Twice as Many Vets Now Are Eligible for Non-VA Care

Change to Choice program calculates distance between veterans' homes and nearest VA facility using the fastest instead of the shortest route.

“Let them know you are personally committed to hearing what they have to say ," OPM Director Katherine Archuleta told agency leaders.

Survey on Pay, Job Satisfaction Will Hit Employee Inboxes Soon

Feds have until early June to fill out the 2015 federal workforce viewpoint survey, and results will be announced in the fall.

Why Senior Executives Leave Government

Pay and politics top the list, survey finds.

Retirement Planning

How About Some Good News?

It’s not all gloom and doom in the federal retirement world.

House Panel Advances Military Retirement Overhaul

More troops would be eligible for retirement benefits under Defense authorization provisions.

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