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Same-Sex Married Feds Already Have Access to Health and Retirement Benefits

Landmark decision will have little impact on benefits because a 2013 ruling opened up many to federal workers and retirees in same-sex marriages.

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Federal Employee Advocates Want Special IT Task Force to Handle OPM Hack

More than two dozen groups call on president to provide more information and protection to employees and retirees in wake of massive data breach.

Bill Exempting Some Feds From Retirement Tax Penalty Heads to Obama

Measure would allow law enforcement officers to draw from their savings at age 50 without paying 10 percent penalty.


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OPM Director Katherine Archuleta would not commit to a number of people affected.

OPM Breach May Have Exposed Feds’ Sex Lives, Info About Security Clearance References

After a week of congressional hearings, we still don’t know the full extent of the massive cyberattacks.

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Excellence in Government

The GS System Cannot Be Fixed

But there is a better way to ensure federal pay is fair and competitive.

Lawmakers Approve Bonus Ban For Bad Feds

Bill targets employees who could be fired or suspended for violating agency policy, or for committing a serious crime.

Unions to Uncle Sam: Extend Credit Monitoring, Cover Losses Related to Data Breach

Government has obligation to further help millions of employees affected by massive security lapse, advocates say.

Size of the OPM Hack Quadruples to 18 Million

FBI director reportedly provided the estimate to lawmakers in closed-door briefings.

Contractor Promises to Ramp Up Call Centers to Answer Questions on OPM Hack

CSID attributes problems to "higher than expected" call volume.

Washington-Area Feds' Salaries Actually Grew 3.6 Percent in 2014

The typical fed in the region took home $103,238 last year, report indicates.

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