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Demoted VA Senior Executives Still Eligible For Relocation Benefits

The department chose not to fire two top directors who misused their authority and received more than $400,000 in federal relocation incentives.

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Judge Says Fired VA Senior Executive Can Keep Her Bonus

The department failed to prove that Sharon Helman’s performance award was an administrative error.

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The Top 5 Most and Least Generous Agencies for Senior Executive Bonuses

The National Science Foundation and the Justice Department doled out the most money in individual performance awards in fiscal 2014.

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What You Need to Know about Health and Life Insurance

Planning ahead is critical if you want to avoid unpleasant (and potentially life-altering) surprises.

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Open Season Help, Bountiful Bonuses and More

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More Senior Execs Got Bonuses in 2014, and the Payouts Were Bigger

The average performance award increased from fiscal 2013 nearly $350 to $10,560.

House Passes Bill Capping Fiscal 2016 VA Senior Executive Bonuses

Companion legislation approved by Senate does not include language limiting VA performance awards for top career leaders.

Feds Petition for Paid Day Off After Thanksgiving

President has power to declare federal agencies closed, but generally reserves it for Christmas time.

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You Have TSP Questions; We Have Answers

Why you should do a dry run of your taxes before pulling the plug on work, and other tips.

New Defense Employees Will Be on Probation Longer

Legislation headed to the president would extend to two years the probationary period for new hires at the department.

Republican Presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, speaks at the Iowa GOP's Growth and Opportunity Party in October.

Ted Cruz Would Put 150,000 Feds on Notice and Eliminate Automatic Pay Raises

The five agencies (and many more subagencies) the GOP candidate wants to cut.

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OPM Has Sent Notifications to About One-Third of Hack Victims

Five percent of impacted individuals have enrolled in the suite of protective services available to them.