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Amid USPS' Calls for Pay Cuts, Unions Let Deadline Pass for New Labor Contract

Postal Service's negotiations stall with two unions representing 300,000 employees.

Read moreMay 21, 2015Leave a comment Toby Talbot/AP file photo

Generous Benefits for Feds Injured on the Job Could Be on the Chopping Block

Congress takes another stab at cutting workers’ compensation for feds by $360 million.

Air Force Trims Drone Ops to Get Workforce ‘Healthy’

The service is dropping five of its 65 combat air patrols so its overtaxed pilots and intelligence operators can catch their breath.


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Retirement Planning

How to Know When It’s Time to Go

Deciding when to retire from government is a more complicated process than it used to be.

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Who Wants a $10,000 Bonus?

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Rep. Don Beyer, D-Va., introduced the bill.

Lawmaker: Let Feds Invest TSP Savings in Companies With Female Leadership

Others in Congress want feds to put retirement funds in companies that don't pollute.

Legal Cases Could Give Feds More Overtime Compensation, Appeal Rights

Court strikes down multiple anti-fed arguments made by government.

Why Isn't the White House Touting Its Top Senior Executives?

The Obama administration has been somewhat mum on the Presidential Rank Award winners, probably because of the bonuses.

U.S. Army soldiers patrol the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan's Kunar province in 2009.

House Passes Major Bill Overhauling Military Retirement

The fiscal 2016 Defense authorization act automatically enrolls new troops into the Thrift Savings Plan.

Retirement Planning

The Difference Between a Supplement and Social Security

A look at a key benefit for some FERS retirees.

Ray Mabus speaks to sailors and Marines from units involved in Operation Tomodachi during an all-hands call in 2011.

Navy Looks to Make Changes to Cold-War Personnel System

Armed with an innovative plan for promotions, Secretary Ray Mabus wants to sink industrial-age HR policies and rig his fleet for the 21st century.