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House Republicans Appear Willing to Accept Largest Federal Pay Raise in Six Years

Appropriations bill does not block Obama's proposed across-the-board increase for feds.

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TSP Board Still Seeking Lawmaker to Sponsor Its Proposal to Ease Withdrawals

Unions offer assistance in tracking down a legislative champion.

Lawmaker: Let D.C.-Area Feds Telework Due to Metro Disruptions

OPM says it is finalizing guidance to that effect to respond to year-long maintenance project.


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Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., is one of the lawmakers who introduced the bill.

New Bill Would Give 30K Feds Enhanced Retirement Benefits

Measure would fix "loophole" in current law, proponents say.

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House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy praised passage of the bonus ban.

House Votes to Ban Bonuses For Some Federal Senior Executives

The chamber on Thursday passed a major spending bill denying performance awards in fiscal 2017 to top career leaders at VA.

House Backs a Bigger Pay Raise for Troops Than the Senate

2.1 percent figure is at odds with the 1.6 percent boost the Senate is on track to support.

VA Secretary Bob McDonald would have broad power under the bill, but department officials say he already has adequate authority to claw back improper payments.

VA Secretary Moves Closer to Obtaining Broad Authority to Recoup Employees’ Relocation Benefits

The legislation, which the department opposes, now heads to the House floor.

2.1 Percent Troop Pay Raise Moves Ahead in House

Appropriators on Tuesday approved a military pay increase in the fiscal 2017 Defense spending bill, following the lead of the Armed Services panel.

USPS Supervisors Are Doing Work Reserved for Unionized Employees, Costing Agency Millions

Bargaining unit employees are collecting thousands of dollars for work they didn’t do.

Military Pay Raise, TRICARE Reform Bill Advances in Senate

Panel approves NDAA which also calls on Defense to reduce the Senior Executive Service by 25 percent by 2019.

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